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A Halloween Without Flowers Would Be Terrifying

Halloween is almost here, but there’s still time to order flowers!

Whether you need them for party decorations or as a gift for your host/hostess, your local florist is ready to make it happen. So walk down to the corner flower shop or give them a call and let them make the prospect of planning your Halloween decorations a little less scary.

Spook-tacular FlowersSunny PumpkinOrange you Special

A Wellspring of Ideas

Your local florist wears many hats. They put together fantastic arrangements, provide knowledge of flowers and their care and they are also a near limitless wellspring of ideas if you are stumped on what kind of arrangement you’d like for your Halloween celebration.

Are you thinking of a Halloween themed fairy garden but not sure how it should look? Let your local florist sit down with you to flesh it out. Maybe you’re looking for a way to amp up the spooky atmosphere of your haunted house. Contacting your local florist will give you a flood of ideas and someone to help you implement them.

Let your Halloween decorations will take on new life. Contact your local florist for some fantastic Halloween themed arrangements.

Local Florists Build Spooktacular Arrangements!


It’s almost time for the neighborhood’s ghosts and ghouls to make their presence known, and that means it’s well past time to pick up your Halloween decorations! But don’t worry if you have yet to get what you need, your local florist has you covered.

Orange you SpecialHarvest MoonSpook-tacular Flowers

Flowers Make the Best Decoration

Looking for decorations that capture the Halloween theme? Want a certain color palette to match the rest of your scare-tastic abode? You need look no further than your local florist. Not only can they provide arrangements in the appropriate colors (even if that color is black), they can go above and beyond your expectations to provide handcrafted adornment you won’t find anywhere else.

Need dead flowers to go with your cemetery theme? Looking for dried roses for your skeleton bride? Your local florist will be thrilled to put something together to add the finishing touch to any display. They’re not called local artists for nothing!

Windy Autumn DaySunny PumpkinLeaves of Autumn

Get Exactly What You Want

One of the greatest benefits of buying local is that you get exactly what you want, when you want it. You get to walk into the shop (or call, if you’re in a hurry) and speak to an actual human being ready to discover all the nuanced touches you want added to your arrangement.

And even if you don’t know exactly what you want, there’s no beating the opportunity to consult with a designer who can help you build something magnificent. You can even peruse the cooler to see what kind of designs they’ve already put together to jump start your imagination. Or, if you see something you absolutely love, you can buy what’s on display!

Halloween is only as fun as you make it. Have a blast with a spooktacular arrangement from your local florist!

5 Best Reasons to Buy Flowers in October

Every month has great reasons to send flowers. Here are five for October we think you’re going to love. And remember, you don’t have to wait for one of these special days. You can send flowers anytime!

#1. Columbus Day – October 13th

The anniversary of Columbus landing in the new world is celebrated the world over. It became a federal holiday in the United States in 1937 and was officially set as the second Monday in October in 1970. Nothing like some lovely flowers to show your appreciation of the discovery of the Americas!

#2. Boss’s Day – October 16th

It’s the boss’s job to appreciate and value her workers on a daily basis. But when does the boss ever get a little recognition? Now you can let the head man or woman in your office know how much you appreciate them with a lovely arrangement or living plant. Who knows? There might be a raise in it for you!

#3. Sweetest Day – October 18th

Celebrated on the third Saturday in October, this holiday is a celebration of candy and all the delicious wonders it brings. It is traditionally celebrated by being sweet to someone you love. That has to mean flowers, doesn’t it? Well, if you want to stick with the candy theme, your local florist would be more than happy to set you up with some well designed and delicious candy baskets. Don’t forget the sweet this Sweetest Day. Send flowers!

#4. Mother-In-Law Day – October 26th

The 4th Sunday in October is reserved for Mother-in-Law Day. Yes, that means it is sometimes concurrent with Halloween. Thought that may seem apt to some of you, but the rest of us love our mothers-in-law and are excited to have a day to celebrate their contribution to the family. And even if your relationship with your mother-in-law is less than cordial, perhaps a lovely arrangement of flowers could be the first step in changing it!

#5. Halloween – October 31st

Is it quirky dress-up time yet? Oh yeah! It’s time to put on someone else’s clothes and throw a party! And what are some of the best party decorations ever discovered? Only a perfectly themed arrangement, centerpiece or wreath from your local florist. Don’t wait for the big day to place your order. Go in early and let them make something that will impress your guests!

(Canadian Bonus) Thanksgiving – October 13th

For those customers in Canada or who have relatives in Canada, it’s Thanksgiving! Is there a better gift to offer your host or hostess for the Thanksgiving feast than flowers? And if you’re the one hosting, floral arrangements make the perfect decoration. Contact your local florist and purchase something thematic and special to place in the center of your table or to beautify your dining room!

But those aren’t the only reasons to send flowers this October. Maybe you know someone with a birthday or just want to give a gorgeous bouquet to a prospective interest. Can you think of any other reasons to send flowers in October? Let us know in the comments below!

Happy Halloween From FSN!

At Flower Shop Network, we never let a day of fun and entertainment pass us by! This Halloween is no different, and we had quite a few people participate in our annual costume contest. From pop culture to historically hilarious, high brow to powerfully pun-y, we pulled out all the stops! Scroll on down to see the hordes of insanity invading the FSN halls!

Flower Shop Network Logo

No, that’s not a man with pipe-cleaners growing out of his face. It’s an extremely hairy FSN logo! Excellent costume, Kier!

photo 3

Cookies and candy. Does it get any deader, I mean better, than this?

photo 3

Hulk Hogan AND Wolverine? Wow, not sure one post can handle so much machismo. THAT’S JUST CRAZY, BROTHER! [Read more…]

A Halloween without Flowers? Spooky!


Halloween is the best time of year for scares, but trying to celebrate this annual homage to fright without mood-setting florals? That’s downright spooky! Flowers should be an integral part of any Halloween celebration, and I’m going to give you three exciting reasons to head out to your local florist right now!

mumkin-pumpkin3 Reasons to Find a Florist for Halloween

The ‘Mum’kin – That’s right folks, a living pumpkin filled with mums. Or, for the slightly more daring florist, a living pumpkin covered with mums!

Once you’ve seen it, you’ll realize that no Halloween party can be complete without one of these floral masterpieces. And if you’re attending a Halloween party, the mumkin makes the perfect hostess gift!

Set the Dark and Scary Mood – Flowers are not only capable of providing that spooky visual decoration we all crave on Halloween, they can also provide a distinctive scent to titillate the nostrils!

Your local florist will know exactly what flowers to provide for the look and smell you’re trying to achieve. Want flowers that look dark and brooding? Can do! Need some blossoms that smell musty or dry to set off your haunted house? With enough notice, even that is possible! There is no end to the exciting effects you can achieve with a little desire, creativity and a phone call to your local florist!

Orange you specialHalloween Themed Fairy Garden – For those of you who only use florists on Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Easter, you may be unaware of your local florists ability to create artistic and amazing arrangements unconnected to those holidays. One of those creative arrangements is called a fairy garden.

This can be achieved in a variety of ways, but the most common is to use a potted plant and arrange small furniture and other items under the leaves so that it appears fairies use the plant for a garden. Think of it as a type of diorama. Now imagine using tiny tombstones, wispy, cotton ghosts and a miniature iron rail. Oh yeah, Halloween party gold!

Halloween is full of candy, laughs and all-around fun. And if there’s one thing that florists know, it’s how to help their clients have fun! So when going over your Halloween party list, don’t forget to contact your local florist. They will have some spooktacular ideas to ensure you have the best decorations in town!

Not sure where to find your local florist? Click here and we’ll help you find one!


Halloween Hostess Gifts

Halloween Mum

If you’re attending a Halloween party or other spook-tacular event, don’t forget the hostess gift! But, what type of hostess gift do you bring?

You might be surprised at just how creative local florists are getting with their holiday specials, and Halloween is a great time to try out-of-the-box styles. Florists enjoy creating hauntingly beautiful creations for you to use for Halloween parties and decor.

Halloween Topiary with orange lilies, mums and mini pumpkin Hocus Pocus Halloween Floral Design "Boo!" Flower Basket

Whether you’re going to a themed Halloween party, or just a good old-fashioned costume party, you’re local florist is able to create Halloween flowers especially for you.

2011 Halloween at Flower Shop Network

Flower Shop Network Celebrates Halloween

Halloween is one of our favorite times of year here at FSN headquarters. Our readers should know, the Flower Shop Network crew loves any excuse to celebrate! Just check out the fun, scary, beautiful and even a little spacey costume’s we’ve come up with this year. Lots of really creative ones this year!

[Read more…]

FSN’s Best of Halloween

Best Halloween Flowers

1. Best Halloween Flower Arrangement

First off, the Hocus Pocus flower arrangement (pictured above) has been a favorite ever since it was created! The color palette used in this is such a stark contrast to the normal orange and black we usually associate with Halloween. The bright green and dark purples, mixed with the painted-black pumpkins definitely reminds one of a ghoulishly-grand witch. This floral design would make THE PERFECT hostess gift for any Halloween party.

2. Best Halloween Hostess Gifts

"Boo!" Flower BasketFlowers aren’t typically frightening sights for sore eyes, but they are a tried and true gift. That’s right. Even Halloween is touched by the boo-tiful grace of flowers. If you’re heading to a Halloween party this year, remember to take flowers along for the host or hostess. You can jazz-up Halloween flowers to match everything from a haunted house theme to an informal dinner party for adults. It’s all in the flowers.

3. Best Halloween Card Messages

Local florists spend Halloween like everyone else except they get to deliver their best Halloween flower arrangements and watch how happy this type of celebration makes people. They are always coming across new and clever card messages to accompany their arrangements, so it seemed only natural to ask for some of their favorite Halloween card messages.

[Read more…]

Vamp Up Halloween With Blood Red Roses


Ever heard of Twilight, True Blood, or The Vampire Diaries? Ever read Dracula or The Vampire Chronicles? Welcome to the current world of pop culture, my friend.

These iconic series, books and movies are sweeping all generations and creating a bloodthirsty craving for all things vampire. This Halloween, you can guarantee that at least one person on your block is throwing a vampire halloween party. If that person is you, here are some flower decorating tips that will really vamp up your halloween decorations.

First, remember that most dark colored flowers need to be special ordered by your florist. But hey, knowing that someone else is taking care of that planning tip will ease your mind and free up time for the other details. When talking with your local florist about which flowers to order, consider these:

  • Peppermint Carnations mimic the flower on the cover of the New Moon book (Twilight Saga book two)
  • Chocolate anthurium are perfect inside a werewolf flower arrangement (Twilight Saga)
  • Chocolate cosmos, a favorite fall flower, also accent werewolf colored arrangements (Twilight Saga)
  • Taboo or Black Beauty roses along with red roses give a black and red theme to Vampire flower arrangements
  • Twisted willow is just creepy enough to be perfect for Vampire or Werewolf inspired flower arrangements
  • Oak leaves are readily accessible foliage that look awesome beneath punch bowls filled with blood red brew

Next, think about the characters that your party will focus on. Are you throwing a True Blood party? Think Southern with an edge of vampire. Throwing a Twilight party? Romance is the name of the game so play up the rivalry between vampire and werewolf. Half of the room can be Vampire inspired (fun to say) while the other half howls werewolf. If you’re jamming at an 18th century vampire party, get a little scary and pick flowers that lend to your spooky ambiance.

Send Blood Red Roses In A Red or Black Vase

Twilight party flowers don’t have to be dark and scary. Bella says that blood smells like rust and salt. Try a rust colored arrangement like Autumn Vibrance. Bella is also from Phoenix. She’d love the Phoenix Flame flower arrangement at a party inspired by her. Unique containers make the flowers look great so red or black vases with dark roses or other flowers will light up the night. Think of the Richly Rosey bouquet when picking flowers for the Cullen family.

Also for Twilight party flowers, remember that the werewolves in the books were different colors. You have russet brown, almost silver and several other colors. Playing to the werewolf side will give you a lot of creative leeway with the color of flowers you choose.

If you’re throwing a True Blood party and need flowers, pick flowers with scary names. Your local florist can tell you which are in season, in stock, need to be specially ordered and which have names that make your blood run cold. Since True Blood is more “adult” than Twilight, pick flowers that perk your adult “spidey senses”.

And yes, there is another series on television called The Vampire Diaries. Bram Stoker’s Dracula books have been around for generations. With the blood lust in full effect, you can walk into any bookstore and find a vampire story that will get your party planning mind in gear. Take those ideas to your local florist and watch the magic happen on the spookiest, creepiest night of the year.

One Florist’s Halloween Haunted House Adventure

I have to say that I think the world of Corinne Galarneau of Artistic Petals & Scents in Hanna Alberta. Though we’ve never crossed borders to shake hands, Corinne keeps us entertained and awed. Everyone at Corinne’s trendy Hanna AB flower shop is always a step ahead when it comes to implementing creative ideas like the haunted house they do each year for Halloween. It’s a clever idea in many ways, but I’ll let Corinne tell you more about it.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Fun Florist’s Halloween Haunted House:

This was last year (08) which was our first year. There were 150- 175 people that went through in two nights (30th & 31st) We are in a very small town pop. 3000…

As I stated in the post to Flower Shop Network post we do this free of charge, just ask for a donation to the local food bank. No one is turned away and everyone gets a goodie bag at the end of the scares and screams :-)

Again we have the opportunity to utilize our seasonal garden center at the back of our store but this could easily be adapted to either a store front or a rental space…or something a business could do as a community event… arena? community center? etc….

I act as the ‘Tour Guide’ dressed as the Grimm Reaper.. and my business partner is my surgery victum… We ask our families and friends to assist us in the haunting. We have spooky music, fog machine and things popping out from nowhere. As I walk in the back door I announce the presence of ‘young ones or older kids’ We take care not to really scare the young kids.. just enough to make it fun.

As you can see from the pics, we have ghouls hiding in corners, under tables, in coffins and what you don’t see is the goblins hidden under all the leaves… they all reach , grab legs or move slowly (depending on who is going through). We have an 8 foot spider web with a bunch of spiderlings as well as a 3 foot momma spider. Also as I walk from one room to another there is a 4 1/2 foot helium filled balloon spider that I reach over and grab her leg and have her float down in front of the kids… we complete the effect by adding in ghosts, bats, fun lighting, intestines (chowmein noodles dyed red) ‘eyeballs (water pearls) carved watermelon ‘brain’ , styrofoam tombstones, dead trees and plants and lots of fun things. The possibilities are endless. And the cost is very minimal… as much as you want to put into it.. lots of the items can be made at home. (bonus!)

Last year it was a ton of fun…. everyone had awesome feed back.

And if that weren’t enough, here’s a little spoiler. There’s also a town festival in July that is a huge hit. People from towns more than 300 miles away visit for this event. Want more info on that tasty morsel for promoting summer sales and fun? Check the Bloomin’ Blog again soon!

Artistic Petals & Scents is a proud member of Flower Shop Network. Want to contact your local florist? Flower Shop Network makes it easy.