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Add A Taste of the Tropics To Your Summer Luau With Tropical Flowers

Summer is finally here! Time for block parties, grilling, BBQs, pool parties and summer luaus. Who doesn’t love to get together with friends and eat food?! Summer luaus are always a huge hit! Don your grass skirt, break out those coconuts, crank up the Hawaiian music and you’ve got yourself a good time!

If you want your summer luau to be talked about for years to come, step up the decor and add some fresh tropical flowers!

Tropical Flower - Bird of ParidiseTropical Flower - Anthurium Tropical Flower - Protea Tropical Flower - Orchid

Tropical flowers are always so unique compared to the flowers we are used to from our gardens. Tropical Flower CenterpieceTheir intensely-colored blooms are sure to set off any summer luau centerpiece. Plus, cut tropical flowers generally last much longer than traditional flower arrangements.

Keep in mind, not all florists carry tropical flowers in their every day supplies (although a lot do!). Don’t fret, they can special order them just for your luau. Contact your florist at least 2 weeks ahead of your party, and they will be able to help you pick out the best tropicals to make your party a huge success.

Go beyond centerpieces and order fresh-flower leis. If you’ve never worn a fresh-flower lei, you don’t know what you’re missing! The heavenly smell of flowers never leaves your nose, and the colors rival anything plastic you can buy. You may think leis are only made in Hawaii, but your local florist might just surprise you with incredible lei-making skills of their own — just ask!

3 Great Ideas For Summer Entertaining

Backyard BBQs, pool parties, picnics — you name it, it’s happening now! Summer’s here and EVERYONE’S outside enjoying the sun!

The Patriotic-Themed Summer Party

Just because the 4th will come and go, doesn’t mean you have to put away your patriotic decor! You’ve got the perfect party theme! Decorate your porch, yard or rented pavilion with everything red, white and blue. Find 4th of July themed party supplies like hats and glasses to force everyone into the festive spirit! (Once the 4th is over — think: clearance, clearance, clearance!)

For food, think traditional American — hamburgers, hot dogs, and anything else that cooks on a grill! Adorn your desserts with fresh strawberries, cherries and blueberries on top of white icing for a delicious red, white, and blue treat!

A party just isn’t a party without beautiful table decor. Ask your local florist to create a patriotic floral centerpiece for your guests to enjoy, just like this one by one of our great members, Hart Floral.

Summer Garden Party

Yellow Aglow - Garden Party CenterpieceGardening has quickly regained it’s status as a favorite pastime all over the world. Between you and your friends you are bound to have at least one garden, flowerbed, or … well, just a tree will do. Use a simple card table with a nice table cloth for your focal area, garden parties tend to be fairly small.

Pick a color palette to stick with when decorating for a more ‘designer’ look. It can be all one color or several. Also, it’s a good idea not to mix and match bright colors with pastels. For decoration ideas, browse through an aisle in your garden center. You could use terracotta pots, mason jars, or watering cans as containers for your party snacks and finger foods. Kid’s shovels could be used as serving utensils.

Your garden party menu should be light, finger food-type entrees. You could even do garden-themed foods, like mudslide pie or cupcakes with cookie crumb ‘dirt’ ontop. (Depending on the age of your guests, use gummy worms!)

Ask your local florist to create a garden themed centerpiece for your party. Be sure to tell her what your color scheme is! You just can’t have a garden party without FLOWERS! Your local florist can hook you up with all sorts of summer flowers to use in your garden party decor!

Transform your garden party into a grown-up tea party.. or invite the kids to join. Decorate your table in the girliest way possible — think: beads, feathers, pearls, jewels. Find inexpensive china or other dinnerware from your local thrift stores. Doesn’t match? Not a problem, just gives it character! The possibilities are endless!

Our sister site, Wedding and Party Network, did a post all about garden parties not too long ago, check it out: Candle-lit Garden Party On A Budge

Hawaiian Luau Party

Aloha! Hawaiian Luau Parties are great for hosts with pools! Encourage everyone to don their grass skirts and coconuts! For luau decorations, think beach and tropical, tiki masks, torches and Hawaiian leis

Luau food is easy! Have a fruit tray with lots of tropical and citrus fruits. Set up a make-your-own-shish kabob table and let everyone customize their own kabob for grilling. If you’re really brave, go for a whole hog cooked in the ground.. (Hey, I said you had to be brave… I know I’m not brave enough!)

The key to a Hawaiian Luau Party is a good lei! Contact your local florist and ask about fresh flower leis, they look great, smell great and will be memory you will never forget!

Violence In Bangkok Affecting Orchid Shipments

Bangkok, Thailand has long been known for it’s high-quality orchids. It’s tropical climate is the perfect environment for native and introduced, non-native orchids to thrive. Bangkok orchids dominate the local flower mart and can be spotted everywhere, from high-class restaurant tables to the most modest of apartment windowsills.

But currently, Bangkok is in a state of civil unrest. As reported by the Huffington Post,

…the Red Shirt protesters began their latest campaign to oust the government in March, saying it came to power illegitimately and is indifferent to the poor. In several rounds of violence since then, 43 people have been killed and more than 1,400 wounded, according to the government. The casualty toll included 16 killed and 157 wounded in the latest violence.

These horrific acts of violence are taking place in crowded downtown areas like luxury hotels and shopping malls causing the city to call for a strict curfew. Orchid growers who normally operate 24 hours a day are having to comply to the 9am-5pm curfew, cutting orchid production down by 30%.

According to KITV News in Honolulu, Hawaiian florists expect orchid shipments to “trickle in” or just completely stop over the next few weeks. This is bad news for Hawaiian florists who use the flowers heavily in their graduation leis.

Giving a lei to a graduate is an extremely popular tradition in Hawaiian culture. Friends and relatives line up to present their leis to the new graduate and by the end of the night the grads are covered in mounds of beautiful flowers. Orchid leis are by far the most popular of the Hawaiian floral leis… but unfortunately may be pretty rare this year.

Bangkok fires photo by adaptorplug on Flickr.
Post is brought to you by Local Honolulu,Hawaii Florists.

Summer Flowers Create Marvelous Memories

Some of our fondest memories of summer stem from our love of flowers. This month, we are taking a look at three summer flower favorites! Who can forget their childhood summers spent sipping tiny drops of nectar from honeysuckles? What about the colorful flowers that attracted the first hummingbird you saw? Or the moment your first real-flower lei was draped over your shoulders? Get into the spirit of summer early this year with this first look at sensational summer flowers.

It’s Not Summer Without Honeysuckle Flowers!

Who can forget the childhood wonder of their very first taste of honeysuckle nectar and the sensory abandonment that accompanied the moment when the sweet scent of this summer flower’s blossoms wafted over you and the sugary taste of the syrup as the first drop hit your tongue? Many children have undoubtedly spent hours of their summer vacations laboriously collecting teeny droplets into mason jars, believing themselves to be business savvy entrepreneurs who could “get rich” selling the sweet ambrosia.

While those dreams never came to fruition for most of us, the honeysuckle remains a great source of nostalgia and continues to bring joy to those who find pleasure in its many uses. Many people unfairly deem honeysuckle an invasive pest with a penchant for overtaking everything in its path. Because of the resilience of the honeysuckle vine, it remains an ideal candidate for creating borders in the yard or around garden areas. The honeysuckle vine will climb a trellis or a fence and create a beautiful natural perimeter when well pruned.

Outdoor dinner parties on the patio hosted near its fragrant blooms create an [Read more…]