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Flower Spotlight: Heather

Summer is here and so are this season’s flowers! Heather is a beautiful and versatile evergreen shrub whose blooms look great in any arrangement. Here is a brief history about this lovely plant.

Origins and Symbolism

Colluna vulgaris, better known as Heather, is native to Scotland, Ireland, Scandinavia, Russia, and northern North America. In Scotland, however, Heather is one of the national flowers, growing across an estimate of five million acres of moorland and hills. Legend has it that Heather only grows on land where blood hasn’t been shed.

Heather is the flower of unbridled passion and protection. White Calluna is a symbol of luck and known to be very effective. Often it is said that Heather opens portals to the faery world and that Fae of this flower are attracted mostly to shy people.

Medicinal Properties

Heather isn’t just beautiful to the eye, but a very effective herbal medicine too! Here are some of its benefits:

  • Add the flowering tips to a bath to tone muscles and soothe rheumatic pain.
  • Heather has antiseptic and diuretic properties.
  • Treats nervousness and anxiety, cardiac palpitations, migraines, digestive issues, poisoning, blindness, arthritis, coughs and problems associated with menstruation.
  • Because of the diuretic properties, it serves as an internal cleanser and detoxifier.

Heather blooms in pink, white, lavender, magenta, purple, amethyst, red and many shades of green. Tones of copper, gold and silvery gray are not too common, but are also available. This shrub gives a boost of color to any wedding centerpiece. White Heather is commonly used by brides on their bouquets as a token for good luck.

Heather is one of those plants that does a little bit of everything! Head to your local florist and fall in love with the beautiful tiny blooms on this delicate plant.

What Are The Names Of The Flowers In My Floral Arrangement?

Ask the Plant Expert:  

What is the name of this flower bought from a florist? The blossom has many many petals. – Earl

Flower Arrangement Identification

Flower Shop Network Plant Expert Reply: Earl,

The big pink flowers are Protea neriiflora.  The long bushy looking stems with flowers are Scotch Heather (Erica malathera). The large yellow flowers are Asiatic lilies, and the dark purple foliage-like flowers are leucadendron or safari sunset.

Do you need to know the name of anything else? Please let me know if you need more information about any of the flowers.

Here is a diagram to help identify your flower arrangement:

Flower Arrangement Identification

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Have An Egg-cellent Easter — Don’t Forget The Flowers!

It’s a hip-hoppin’, egg-cellent Easter this year with festivities lined up for everyone to enjoy. Smiles shine brightly through each activity. Waking up to Easter bunny gifts, sunrise service on Easter Sunday, watching children hunt for eggs, and the delicious Easter dinner with the family — regardless of how the holiday is spent, it is a time for reflection upon the simple pleasures in life that make friends and family such important parts of life.

Meaningful Easter Gifts Means The World To Someone

Lily Easter BasketIt is always exciting to receive a gift, but a meaningful gift means so much more. Gifts with a certain meaning sent by a loved one express respect, honor, love, friendship and validation. When Easter comes around this year, celebrate your loved ones by honoring them with a meaningful gift, such as Easter flowers.

Easter flowers from a local florist mark the awakening of spring and the celebration of it’s most highly regarded holiday. Easter lilies are a standard gift during the Easter holiday and for good reason. Easter lilies symbolize purity and grace, which succinctly fit the meaning of Easter. Those beautiful, trumpet blooms outshine any other flowers when paired in an arrangement. Swing by your local florist on the way to the big dinner with the family and pick up a beautiful, Easter lily centerpiece. What better way to share the true meaning of the celebration with best friends than with a touching sentiment like these?

Making Easter Last With Potted Easter Plants

Easter Lilies (Lilium longiflorum)If you’d like an Easter gift that’s a little more permanent, sending potted Easter flowers is a great choice! Order potted Easter lilies, potted hyacinth or daffodils. Sending potted houseplants are a great way to share your love of Easter flowers with your someone special.

Sending flowers through a real local florist is the best way to send Easter gifts to loved ones far away. So, share some love with grandma, one state over, by sending Easter flowers through your local florist.

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