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5 Jaw-Dropping Holiday Centerpieces

Add a beautiful and festive touch to your home for the holidays with a stunning floral centerpiece. Whether you are looking for sparkle and glam or natural and earthy, your local florist can make your vision come to life. Find inspiration from some of our favorite holiday centerpieces!

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Holiday Party Decorating Ideas

Getting together with friends and family is tradition for many during the holiday season. With the holidays quickly approaching, now is the time to start preparing for your holiday party! Keep reading to learn the latest decorating trends and tips this holiday season. From D.I.Y. custom card holders to show-stopping centerpieces, these festive decor items will wow your guests!

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A Floral 4th of July


Friday July 4, 2014 marks 238 years since the signing of the Declaration of Independence. It’s a day of celebration for all Americans that normally involves a grill, some delicious food and a whole passel of fireworks. But however you celebrate, there’s one thing without which no party is complete, flowers!

 Red White & BeautifulMade in the USARed White & True Blue

Making It Patriotic

The best and most versatile of decorations has to be an arrangement of flowers from your local florist. Because flowers come in all colors, (and any they don’t can easily be dyed) they can be used to match any style or theme. And what’s more, your florist can create a design worthy of your Independence Day celebration. These local flower artists have the talent and desire to put something together you are sure to love!

So don’t let this Fourth of July pass without stopping by your local florist shop. They’ve got everything you need to make your decorations POP!

Happy Kwanzaa!

Flowers for Kwanzaa Celebrations Flowers For Kwanzaa "Ruby Red Regalia" Vase Arrangement

Make your Kwanzaa celebration beautiful and memorable this year with a special flower arrangement in the traditional Kwanzaa colors of red, green and black. Kwanzaa celebrations last 7 days; observed from December 26 to January 1 each year.

Kwanzaa Decor

Celebrating Kwanzaa means focusing on family and community, so you know there’s going to be food involved. Why not decorate your food table with a beautiful arrangement of Kwanzaa flowers? Talk to your florist about ways to interpret the Principles of Kwanzaa (Nguzo Saba) for the arrangement. For instance, you might have a candle with two or more wicks to represent Unity (Umoja).

Celebrating Kwanzaa

Kwanzaa is a unique celebration that really bonds a family and community together. During the week of Kwanzaa, observers light candles for each of the 7 days. The candles are displayed in a candle holder called, Kinara and are usually surround by 7 symbols. The main colors of Kwanzaa are derived from the Pan-African flag. However, all bright colors are welcome. No matter what your race, religion or background, the principles of Kwanzaa are values we can all support. They not only are building blocks for ourselves, our family and community, but serve to reinforce and enhance them.

For more information on Kwanzaa: the principles, colors & symbols, click here.

Creative Flower Shops And Their Latest Christmas Floral Designs

I have to admit, probably my favorite part of this job is looking at all of the beautiful pictures of flower arrangements posted on our Facebook wall every day. I am always astounded at the creative and out-of-the-box methods florists use to create incredibly unique holiday arrangements every year. No two are ever alike! The way florists keep it fresh every year stems from their creative abilities. I love these beautiful holiday flowers, and I know you will too…

Silver Ball Christmas Flowers Cranberries & Popcorn With Lilies Festive Green & Yellow Holiday Arrangement

The three pictures above are all from the talented Tom of Crossroads Florist in Mahwah, NJ. Tom decorates the lobby of the same hotel every week, and it always looks outstanding! These three are the holiday designs he’s created this year, and we LOVE how creative and unique they are! Instead of going with the traditional red and green, Tom has chosen small details of the season to highlight. The white and silver for winter; the cranberry and popcorn as hints of Christmas tree garland traditions, and the green tree ornaments mixed with mesh and star-like orchids. Fabulous work, Crossroads!

Blue Christmas Tree

We can’t leave off this beautiful BLUE Christmas tree also shared with us by Tom at Crossroads Florist. Done for a large corporate lobby, this uniquely hued tree is sure to catch everyone’s attention! The blue used is so vibrant and vivid; we love it!

Calla Christmas Centerpieces With Red Ornaments

We love these festive, holiday centerpieces created by the talented designers at The Enchanted Florist in Asheville, NC. These designs feature the elegance of sleek, curved Calla lilies, mixed with the traditional Christmas cedar and a various of red ornaments. Janet, owner of The Enchanted Florist says, “Christmas Centerpiece doesn’t always have to be the same ole thing.” And she’s definitely right! These were for a corporate Christmas party in her city.

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Fresh Flower Holiday Centerpieces — It’s NOT too late! (but getting close)

It's Not Too Late To Order Holiday Centerpieces!

THERE IS STILL TIME to order your holiday centerpieces. Most florists are still accepting orders for Christmas delivery, but don’t wait order now! (Call ahead to make sure, all florists are different.)

Flowers make a great last minute gift — they always fit! Pick up a holiday centerpiece on your way to grandmas for a fantastically-festive hostess gift. Here are a few holiday centerpiece inspiration to get you started, and if you’re too late for Christmas, New Years celebrations are right around the corner!

Floral Christmas Centerpieces

White and Gold Holiday Centerpiece Traditional Holiday Centerpiece Red and White Holiday Centerpiece Green Holiday Centerpiece Red and Green Holiday Centerpiece

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FSN’s Top 10 Best of Christmas

We’ve written tons of Christmas articles over the years, here at Flower Shop Network. This season, we are bringing you are top 10 favorites!

10. At Christmas, All Roads Lead Home — Don’t Forget To Bring Flowers!

Fun Christmas Flower ArrangementThis Christmas, take home a gorgeous flower arrangement, in a style everyone will love! Whether it’s for mom, the wife, girlfriend, family or friends — everyone is sure to love Seasonal Style. This is our hands-down favorite for this month! It’s unique colors and shiny Christmas ornaments make this a holiday flower arrangement you won’t soon forget!

Read more about bringing flowers home for Christmas.

9. Christmas Card Messages That’ll Have You Dancing Around The Tree

Ever feel like the right Christmas message is on the tip of your tongue but you can’t seem to get it on the enclosure card? Local florists have the holiday spirit wrapped up. After seeing hundreds of Christmas card messages over the years, they have a pretty good handle on how to send the right message along with beautiful Christmas flowers.

Continue reading for the best in Christmas Card Messages.

8. The Many Uses of Christmas Flowers: Gifts, Tips, Decorations & More!

Christmas Flower ArrangementRed poinsettias, ‘Casa Blanca’ lilies, and the scent of fresh Christmas greens are the basis for many Christmas decorations.  Sure flowers make great decorations, but what about sending flowers as Christmas gifts?  Flowers are a fantastically appropriate gift for Christmas and other religious holidays. You won’t have to worry if they are the right size, shape, or color.  You can rest assured they won’t already have one.  Whether you use flowers for decorations or as a gift, now is the time to explore the world of Christmas flowers. [Read more…]

Florist Tips: Even YOU Can Use Videos To Increase Holiday Sales

Piquing the interest of potential customers is the key to increasing sales for the holidays. Sure, we send out the usual holiday mailers, set up vibrant displays in our shops, even run ads on the television or radio — but there’s got to be more, right?

Videos are the key to increasing sales this holiday season! With the rising popularity of YouTube, many retailers are turning to videos as a way to increase interest in their products and services.

“But I can’t afford a video camera…

Now, I know what you’re thinking, a video camera is completely out of your budget. Believe it or not, they’re actually pretty inexpensive these days. In the September article, Give A Flip: Videos Made Easy, Floral Management recommends the Flip UltraHD. This is a great buy for it’s HD video, built-in rechargeable battery, easy-to-install software, and much more — all for around $160-180. The camera we use here at FSN is the Cannon FS200. It’s very small and records standard-definition video and photos to an SD card, also for around $200. There are tons of other great, inexpensive options out there, so there are no excuses!

“What in the world would I make a video of?”

Example Of How A Christmas Video Will Look

Flower Arrangement Showcase
Since we are talking holidays, show off your amazing holiday decorating skills! Take before-and-after video of that boring living room you transformed into a winter wonderland. Show off your Christmas centerpieces in the grand dining rooms you create them for.

You’d be surprised how many people don’t realize their florists can decorate their homes for the holidays.

Take close-up video of all of your holiday flowers or just holiday-colored flowers. Even if they have not been arranged, they will put viewers in the mood for Christmas. Show off your holiday centerpieces and flower arrangements. Tease viewers with sneak peeks of your new holiday products and decor!

Design Videos
You know those hit TV shows all about people’s jobs? There are cake designers, chefs, interior designers, fashion designers — do you honestly think a florist’s job is any less entertaining? People love seeing creative designers take ordinary materials and turn them into something magical.

Set up the camera to film yourself in action! Give your viewers a feel of what it’s like to be a floral designer. Explain: Why you choose the flowers and colors you do. What types of design elements and contrasts you are using in your arrangement. Show them fantastic techniques only a florist could do with holiday flowers. It’s all about enticing the viewer to want flowers from YOU! Anyone can bunch some flowers together in a vase, but it takes a true floral professional to come up with the amazing designs from your shop!

Video example courtesy of Belvedere Flowers

Weddings! Take video of your wedding decorations. Show future-brides exactly what your flower shop can do for them! Take your video the night before the wedding to ensure there will be no people, so viewers can focus solely on your wedding decor. Show the beautifully designed reception tables and centerpieces in all their glory!

How-to Videos
Show customers how to use fresh flowers as holiday decorations. It can be as simple or elaborate as you would like… or maybe a mix of both!

How-to give hostess gifts: Sure, WE know flowers are the best hostess gifts, but show it on camera! Write out a little mini-movie: {Scene 1} Have a party with your friends. Set up a few decorations, but nothing too elaborate.. just a small, pot-luck style party with friends. {Scene 2} Have a friend arrive with a beautiful arrangement of holiday flowers for the hostess. Be sure to show the hostess’ surprised/elated face when she realizes they are just for her! {Scene 3} Show a scene of the party afterward with the arrangement decorating the buffet table. What a difference flowers make at a party!

TIP: You don’t have to know a lot about editing movies to create one. At the end of a scene, pause or stop recording, then begin again when it comes time to shoot your next segment. This way there is no need for major editing.

There are unlimited possibilities when it comes to how-to videos! You could do anything from “How to keep flowers fresh in vases” to “How to use fresh flowers to decorate your mantel for the holidays.” Just use your imagination!

Okay, I’ve made my videos, now what??

So, you’ve made your videos, now you’ve got to promote them! (I promise it’s easier than you think!)

First of all, play them in your shop if you can. Pick your favorite videos and play them on repeat in your shop. This will catch your customers’ eye instantly and give them a little insight on the services of your shop. You can either have a computer monitor set up to replay the video. If you are planning to do a lot of videos, you might consider investing in a digital photo frame. These are easy to use and great for setting up in your shop or store front.

YouTube makes it easy to spread your videos around the web. After uploading your videos, YouTube gives you an easy link to share on your website or Facebook. Send the link in your email campaigns. You can even embed the videos into your website. Facebook also allows you to upload videos to your shop’s Business Page!

Be sure to let us know when you post your videos online, we’d love to see them! Just paste a link in the comments below.

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