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Make the 4th Of July Sparkle with Flowers!

Fourth of July Flowers

The 4th of July is America’s favorite times to celebrate, and for good reason. It’s basically America’s birthday; who wouldn’t want to celebrate that?

How do we celebrate the 4th of July?

Fireworks and flying flags; grilling, pool parties, watermelon and trips to the lake, but it goes further than that. The Fourth is about sending time with family and friends; taking a break from the hustle and bustle of the real world to focus on what’s important in your life. The 4th of July is a renewing time to refresh our relationships with family, friends and loved ones.

Fourth Flowers For Hard-working Hostess’

This 4th of July when you are visiting family and friends, take them a simple gift of affection with flowers. Red, white and blue flowers make the perfect hostess gift for any Fourth celebration. Your hard-working hostess will feel appreciated and can use the flowers to decorate for the celebration.

4th of July Themed Flowers Red White And Blooms For 4th of July Red, White & True Blue - Patriotic Flower Arrangement

If you are looking for 4th of July flowers, always always always use a local florist.

Buying local is so important, but also connecting directly with your hometown flower shop guarantees you avoid deceptive middlemen and receive the full value of your order. If you need to find a flower shop in your area, use FSN’s handy Florist Finder.

Choose Your Colors For Game Day 2013

Game Day 2013 - Pick Your Side in Flowers!

Are you revved up for the Ravens or knocking for the ‘Niners? Maybe you don’t really care which team wins; for you, it’s all about the party! Either way, this weekend’s big game is one celebrated in the millions by sports fans and non-fans alike. Chances are, you’ve already been invited to several couch-gating parties to cheer on these modern-day gladiators.

A party just isn’t a party without decorations. While hardcore fans will obviously have a lot of swag to show off for their team, some of us are left with very little party decor for this event… but wait, there’s an easy cure — flowers! Now, I know what you’re thinking… “Flowers for a football party?! No way!” I’m here to tell you, “Oh yes way!” Flowers are an easy way to bring color and added energy to a very-masculine shindig.

Flowers For Game Day

Choose flowers in the colors of your favorite team. It might be an arrangement of all-purple flowers with black feathers. (Oh how gorgeous!) For Niners’ fans, choose red and yellow flowers with gold accents and ribbon. Your florist would be delighted to design something custom for your game day celebration. Below you will see an example of how this can be done simply using flowers:

Purple Flowers For Game Day Spirit Red & Yellow Flowers for Game Day Spirit

Ravens Purple Vs. Niners’ Red & Gold

Imagine how beautiful one of these (or perhaps something even more custom) would look sitting on your buffet of game day food. (More ideas for Game Day Parties on WPN »)

Hostess Gift

Not throwing the party yourself? Flowers make the PERFECT hostess gift. Especially if they are rooting for a rival team; you get to choose what colors to bring to them: your favorites or their favorites. You simply cannot go wrong with flowers.

Ordering Game Day Flowers

Simply give your local florist a call, explain to them what you want and what team you’re rooting for, and see just what they can create! Just remember, always always always use a real local florist when sending or ordering flowers!

Thanksgiving Is Just Around The Corner…

If you haven’t decided what you’re bringing to the family or friends get-together… your local florist still has you covered!

Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Click to see more ideas for Thanksgiving centerpieces, arrangements, and cornucopias.

Thanksgiving is the time of year for making family memories. What do you remember from early Thanksgivings with family? Grandma’s dressing and desserts, or was it the hustle and bustle of family coming together to laugh and love with each other? Probably a good mixture of both. These memories we make during Thanksgiving last for a lifetime. Make sure your extended family takes away special memories of food, family and the beauty of the fall harvest.

Whether this Thanksgiving is at your home, or at a family or friends, you can help share the beauty of fall through flowers – always tasteful. Flowers make a wonderful hostess gift to bring.

Your fall decor is a tradition from long ago when our ancestors where still closely connected with the changing of seasons and a bountiful Thanksgiving meant security for the upcoming winter. Celebrate what you have to be thankful for; all of the bounty in your life.

Just remember, show your thanks to your community by shopping local this holiday.


Thanksgiving Flowers – Always Tasteful!

Thanksgiving Day FlowersWith Thanksgiving on the horizon, most everyone’s thoughts this November are on the tasty, tasty food we will enjoy on the 22nd. No matter if it’s a extravagant get-together with extended family, or just a small gathering of friends, Thanksgiving is a very special time of closeness.

Skip the Casserole, Bring Flowers

If you’re attending a Thanksgiving party, you can’t arrive empty handed. Sure, you can bring another green bean casserole.. but why not something always tasteful — fall flowers!? They are a great way to say ‘Thanks!” to your hostess for all of her hard work. You’ll never have to worry about bringing the same dish as someone else..

Remember To Buy Local!

Just remember, before you head over to Grandma’s, stop by your local flower shop and pick up a beautiful fall bouquet as your dish to pass. Fall flowers – always tasteful for Thanksgiving dinner.

Halloween Hostess Gifts

Halloween Mum

If you’re attending a Halloween party or other spook-tacular event, don’t forget the hostess gift! But, what type of hostess gift do you bring?

You might be surprised at just how creative local florists are getting with their holiday specials, and Halloween is a great time to try out-of-the-box styles. Florists enjoy creating hauntingly beautiful creations for you to use for Halloween parties and decor.

Halloween Topiary with orange lilies, mums and mini pumpkin Hocus Pocus Halloween Floral Design "Boo!" Flower Basket

Whether you’re going to a themed Halloween party, or just a good old-fashioned costume party, you’re local florist is able to create Halloween flowers especially for you.

Scare Up A Smile With Halloween Flowers

Scare Up A Smile With Halloween Flowers

Halloween is just around the corner. Need a quick way to scare up a few smiles for this fright-filled holiday? Look no further than your local florist. They can create something specifically for you. Using purple and black for your Halloween colors? Your florist can create a spook-tacular design to match! No matter what your theme or style, flowers can be creatively adapted to add a special uniqueness to your decor.

Let your boo-tiful flower arrangement bewitch your entry way as trick-or-treaters stop by. Easily become the most festive house on the block with flowers from your local florist. Halloween flowers also make great gifts! If you are attending a Monster Ball or Zombie Bash, spooky flowers for a hostess gift is sure to make her howl with delight!

Halloween is not complete without a trip to your local flower shop!

Don’t know your local florist? Use our handy local florist finder to find yours today!

Decorate for Super Bowl 2012 – Order Red, White and Blooms!

Decorating Ideas For Super Bowl 2012

It’s that time again. The time when our whole country, and much of the world, sits down to watch present-day gladiators battle it out in a game of strength, skill and determination. Whether you enjoy watching football or not, chances are you’ll be watching the big game on Sunday, February 5th.

Who’s In The Super Bowl This Year?

New England Patriots
Commonly called the “Pats”, the Patriots are a strong team, based in the Greater Boston area. The team has 3 Super Bowl Championships under their belt, from 2001, 2003, and 2004. Will 2012 be their Super Bowl comeback? We will see!

  • Team Colors: Red, White Blue, Silver.
  • Team Mascot: Pat Patriot
  • Team Coach: Bill Belichick
  • Quarterback: Tom Brady
New York Giants
The Giants are another, based in New Jersey who represent the greater New York Metropolitan area. This team has also won 3 Super Bowl Championships, 1986, 1990, 2007. Will they take home another in 2012?

  • Team Colors: Red, White, Blue, Gray
  • Team Coach: Tom Coughlin
  • Quarterback: Eli Manning

Red White And Blooms For Super Bowl 2012 DecorDecorating for the Super Bowl

Decorating for the 2012 Super Bowl is going to be super easy — both teams have the SAME colors: Red, White, Blue and Gray. Time to pull out those Fourth of July decorations!

  • If you’re cheering on the Patriots
    Use red, white and blue decor that includes flags, stars, and anything patriotic.
  • If you’re cheering on the Giants
    Use big blocks of color, mostly blue.

Flowers for football??

I know it sounds crazy, but flowers make decorating so much easier. Order a big bouquet of red, white and BLOOMS from your local florist! Have these sitting on your game-day buffet as a little pick-me-up for whoever should need it at the time. Because both teams use the same colors, it only takes one arrangement to make everyone happy! You could even draw numbers or play a game to see who takes home the flowers at the end of the party!

If your home is strongly for one team over the other, think of creative ways to make your flowers represent your team. You might add stars or a flag to a New England Patriot-themed arrangement. Maybe an all-blue arrangement for Giants fans.

Need A Hostess Gift?

Attending a Super Bowl party, but don’t know what to bring? Flowers also make a great hostess gift! Especially if your hostess has planned out all of the game day food and festivities, don’t go empty handed, bring flowers!

No matter what you choose, always always always use a real local florist when ordering flowers. Flower Shop Network is an advocate of real local florists. If you don’t already know your town’s flower shop, use our handy florist finder to find yours today.

Greet The Summer Sun With Sunflowers

Sunny Day GreetingsCan you believe summer is already here?! The first day of summer starts June 21st! What better what to greet the hot, summer sun than with beautiful golden sunflowers?!

It’s oh-so easy to tell how sunflowers got their name. Their round, disk centers and petal rays give them a gorgeous sun-like appearance. Now you can bring the summer sun into your home with a bundle of beautiful sunflowers.

Sunflowers For Summer Parties

Use Sunflowers to easily decorate for your summer parties and get-togethers. Use them as your main centerpiece, buffet table decor or simply use them as an accessory for your home. Their bright, vivid colors will glow in any room!

If you are attending a party, take a bouquet of sunflowers as your hostess gift! Sunflowers look great and give a summery feel to any space.

Sunflowers At The Office

If you need a little pick-me-up around the office, have a bright and cheery sunflower arrangement delivered. Why not treat yourself to a little luxury once in a while, and bringing summer inside to a sometimes dreary office can make a world of difference.

No matter how you use them, sunflowers create an instant smile. Be sure to order yours from a real local florist!

Ring In The New Year With Flowers

Your New Years Eve party is not complete with out a gorgeous bouquet of flowers. Flowers remind us of bright and happier times ahead, and will set your New Year off on the right foot! Choose a New Years flower arrangement to match your party theme, or go with the traditional New Years colors of silver and gold.

Circles are also a traditional New Years symbol, signifying the year has come full circle. Use this theme while planning your party decor and food. Hang up wreaths with fresh flowers, silver and gold ribbon. Stars are also a great symbol to use at New Years. For one, it’s a midnight celebration and what better represents night than stars? But also stars have traditionally symbolized guidance, and more recently hopes and wishes.

If you are attending a New Years Eve party, stop by your local florists and pick up a beautiful New Years themed centerpiece for your hostess. She will be tickled pink, and you will all reap the benefits of having fresh flowers at your New Years party.

So here at FSN we WISH you a HAPPY NEW YEAR! May the next year bring you happiness and fortune!

White and Gold Holiday Centerpiece

What Are You Taking To The Thanksgiving Dinner?

If you aren’t the greatest chef in the world you can still bring a cool hostess gift to a Thanksgiving dinner. Thanksgiving flowers are a staple at the dinner table and around the home. What could be more festive than giving thanks for ALL of the harvests (flowers included) by bringing along a fall bouquet?

Now there are many types of flower arrangements that you can bring to a Thanksgiving dinner or party. To know which is right when talking to your florist, consider two things. First, consider the nature of the event. For instance, an elaborate dinner party may be beautifully decorated for fall. A simple “thank you” Thanksgiving bouquet will be a lovely reminder to the host and a good display for other tables throughout the home.

Next, consider the personality of the host/hostess. If they like opulence, over the top is better. Are they more contemporary or traditional? These things will help your local florist create a beautiful arrangement perfect for the occasion.

Want a visual idea to show your florist? Take a gander (bad pun-sorry) at these Thanksgiving flowers.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

“Bountiful Cornucopia” pays homage to the traditional decorations of Thanksgiving. Cornucopias represent abundant bounty, good fortune, and blessings. In other words, perfect sentiments for your host or hostess.

Over the top Thanksgiving gatherings deserve the “Orange Opulence” flower basket. This simple but beautiful arrangement fills the room with the warm, earthy colors most associated with fall.

For some reason, contemporaries seem to gravitate to the “Contemporary Thanksgiving Flowers” arrangement. Go figure.

It may not be a waterfall but the “Cascading Splendor” Thanksgiving arrangement lives up to its name. It is contemporary beauty and style in a simple glass vase.

What’s Thanksgiving without a candle wreath? Aside from a cornucopia, fall flowers surrounding warm colored candles are at the top of the list of popular Thankgiving flower arrangments. The  “Abundant Beauty” fall centerpiece puts a modern spin on the classic and is perfect for any table.

The “Amber Sky” of fall is one of its most glorious features. As a tribute to the splendor of the heavens, the “Amber Sky” fall flower arrangement reaches out with warm rays of sunshine through the whole meal.