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FSN at the Great Lakes Expo 2011

This year’s Great Lakes Floral Expo was a big hit! Flower Shop Network had a fantastic time meeting many of our Northern florist friends.

In the above video, Loranne Atwill of Flower Shop Network interviews Rod Crittenden, executive vice president of the Michigan Floral Association. Rod tells FSN followers all about the incredible show they’ve set up this year. Florists enjoyed an amazing design contest, 7 design workshops and an all-day workshop by J. Swanke. There were 10 business sessions, 6 stage design shows, and more! (View video on YouTube)

As a florist, it’s so important to stay on our heels when it comes to business. Attending these floral conferences is the best way to stay ahead in this industry.

We can’t wait to see YOU at our next convention!

Marketing Ideas From The Top At Tennessee State Florists Convention

At the Tennessee State Florist Convention, FSN had the great chance to interview two great marketers in the floral industry, Rick Rivers and Ryan Freeman. They give us ideas on how to expand our ‘ponds’ or online customer base. Also ideas on promoting your shop both on and offline.

Rick encourages florists to build a pond around their customer pool and keep those customers for yourself. You can’t let your competitors fish your pond out! To build this pond, florists can use a multitude of service platforms like social networks, reminder services, great customer service, and staying in touch all year long.

Ryan recommends having your own website, and promote this through other platforms. You can’t put all of your resources into a third party site, like Facebook, because you never know how things are going to change. Use services on and offline to promote your website.