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June Flower Spotlight: Hydrangea

The hydrangea is a beautiful flower that can be found all over the US during the spring and summer months. It is native to eastern Asian countries such as China and Japan, but it grows well throughout the Americas. The hydrangea is normally a shrub growing about three to nine feet high with lovely blue, pink or even sometimes white flowers.

Two StylesHydrangea Purple Flower

It is possible to find two different styles of this flower. The first and most common type is known as the mophead. Mopheads have large round flower heads resembling a pom-pom or the head of a mop. The other is called a lacecap and has round, flat flower heads with a center core of flowers surrounded by outer rings of showy flowers. Both types can bloom from early spring until late autumn, so it’s possible to see them the majority of the year.

Flower Meaning

Hydrangea is composed of two Greek words: hydor, meaning water and angos meaning jar or vessel. This roughly translates to water barrel, thought to relate to the hydrangea’s need for lots of water as well as its cup-shaped flower.

It’s symbolic meaning, heartfelt feelings, comes from Japan, and can refer to both happiness or despair. However, there are other symbolic meanings that have been attached to the hydrangea over the years. Some believe it means vanity and boastfulness while still others claim gratefulness for the recipient’s understanding. It’s important to be aware of all of these meanings when gifting this flower to another so you can be sure and make it clear which symbolic meaning you intend. Of course, you may not intend any symbolic meaning other than that which accompanies all lovely flowers, but it’s important to make that clear as well.

The hydrangea is also the 4th wedding anniversary flower.

Don’t hesitate to contact your local florist and request this beautiful bloom. Even if they don’t have any in stock, they should be able to get them as part of their weekly shipment!

2 Reasons Lacecap Hydrangeas Won’t Bloom

Ask the Expert: Have a lace-cap hydrangea but no blooms. Help? My lace-cap hydrangea looks healthy with lots of deep green leaves but no flowers. Should I be fertilizing it? Elizabeth

Plant expert Reply:
There are 2 major reasons Lacecap Hydrangeas (Hydrangea macrophylla) cold damage or improper pruning. Since they form their buds August through September, the Lacecap hydrangea bloom buds are susceptible to frost damage. There is very little  you can do about this type of blooming problem except to use a variety that is a little more hardy.  However if pruning is the cause for lack of blooms, you have all the control over this problem.  Lacecap hydrangeas should be deheaded immediately after blooming and very little true pruning needs to take place.  If you must prune your hydrangea, follow the fantastic pruning instructions I found at Hydrangeas! Hydrangeas.

2 minor reasons hydranges don’t bloom: Not enough sunlight and insufficient nutrients.  Hydrangeas love morning sun and afternoon shade.  Also they will grow in shaier conditions, it does inhibit blooming.  make sure your hydrangeas get half a day of sun.  Fertlize your hydrangeas will a balanced slow-release fertilizer once or twice a summer.  May and july are good months to fertilize your hydrangeas.  Don not fertlize after August.

Hopefully the reason your hydrangea isn’t blooming will become clear and you will be able to correct the problem.

Lacecap Hydrangea Is The Plant In St. Paul’s Postman’s Park

Ask the Expert: Plant Identification

I spotted this plant in the ‘Postman’s Park’ near St. Pauls Cathedral. I find it’s unusual dual style of flowers very attractive and would like to acquire a sample for my own garden. I was wondering if anyone could kindly identify it for me?
Many thanks,


Variegated Lacecap Hydrangea