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May Birth Flower: Lily of the Valley

Each month of the year has its own dedicated flower to represent those who were born during that month. The official birth flower of May is a delicate, sweetly-scented bloom called the Lily of the Valley. Learn more about its history, meaning, and some interesting facts below: [Read more…]

Flower Ideas For May Birthdays

You can never go wrong sending flowers to someone on their birthday. Gazing at beautiful flowers will create sweet birthday memories to hold close to heart. Especially if your recipient works at a desk job. There’s nothing better than having your beautiful birthday gift greet you with it’s vibrant colors every morning when you walk into your office. It’s like celebrating a birthday week instead of just a birthday!

April showers bring May flowers, so for a May birthday, flowers are especially sweet. With all of the storms we’ve had in April, May birthday-babies are in need of something bright and cheerful! Send a bouquet of warm summer flowers to brighten their day.

So how do you send flowers for a May birthday?

May’s official flower is lily of the valley, although it’s not always carried by florists in their everyday supplies. If you want to send your sweetie a gift of lily of the valley, be sure to order in plenty of time to have them special ordered. Sure it may take some extra planning, but if you’re a romantic, it’s well worth it!

You can also choose May flowers based on birthstone color, which is Emerald for May. Green flowers are unique and beautiful, and are sure to be appreciated by your Taurus hunny.

Green Flowers for May Birthdays

Houseplants are also a great gift for May birthdays. Their beautiful Emerald leaves will always remind them of what a special friend they have in you.

Green Houseplant Peace lily Green Chinese Evergreen Houseplant Green Houseplants

There are also specific colors depending on the birthday week your friend was born.

May 1st – May 14th – Blue

May 15th – May 24th – Gold

May 25th – June 3rd – Cream

You can use any one of these, together with emerald green, to create a personalized May birthday flower arrangement that is sure to please any May baby. Don’t forget a great birthday card message!

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Hanakotoba: The Japanese Language of Flowers

"Noble Wealth"

"Noble Wealth"

In the Victorian Era, flowers were used as a means of communication. Each flower had it’s own, particular meaning and bouquets were used to send coded messages. People today still send flowers chosen specifically for their flower meanings.

Not only did the Western world have its own coded, flower language, the East had one as well— Hanakotoba, the Japanese language of flowers. Although, obviously not as popular today as it once was, Hanakotoba is still used in many Japanese movies and animations.




アマリリス Amaryllis Shy
アネモネ Anemone (white) Sincere
椿 Camellia (red) In Love
椿 Camellia (yellow) Longing
椿 Camellia (white) Waiting
カーネーション Carnation Passion
Cherry Blossom Kind/Gentle
黄菊 Chrysanthemum (yellow) Imperial/Elegant
白菊 Chrysanthemum (white) Truth/Self-Esteem
水仙 Daffodil Respect
天竺牡丹 Dahlia Good Taste
雛菊 Daisy Faith
勿忘草 Forget-Me-Not True Love
フリージア Freesia Immaculate
梔子 Gardenia Secret Love/Pure
紫陽花 Hydrangea Pride
アイリス / 菖蒲 Iris Noble Heart/Good News
白百合 Lily (white) Purity
百合 Lily of the Valley Sweet/Promise of Happiness
鬼百合 Tiger Lily Wealth
マグノリア Magnolia Natural/Love For Nature
雛芥子 Poppy Comfort
紅薔薇 Rose (red) Love/In Love
薔薇 Rose (white) Innocence/Devotion
桃色薔薇 Rose (pink) Trust/Confidence
黄色薔薇 Rose (yellow) Noble
チューリップ Tulip Charity/Trust

Contact your local florist today and ask for an arrangement using your favorite Hanakotoba flower meanings.

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Why Aren’t Stephanotis and Lily Of The Valley Used in Bridal Bouquets?

Ask the Expert: Are lily of the valley used in bridal bouquets. Back when I was married (in the 50s) lily of the valley and also stephanotis were often used in bridal bouquets and they are beautiful but I never see them anymore. Any reason? Carolyn

Rose and Stephanotis Bridal Bouquet

Flower Shop Network‘s Flower Expert Reply:
Every generation has it’s favorite flowers. In the 50’s, it was most likely stephanotis and lily of the valley. ‘Casa Blanca’ lilies or callas are probably the flower of choice for today’s brides.

That doesn’t mean stephanotis and lily of the valley aren’t or can’t be used in wedding bouquets. The rose and stephanotis bridal bouquet in the picture was a recent creation by MaryJane’s Flowers for a wedding in Berlin NJ.

Now that wedding flower options are not necessarily contingent upon seasonal availability, brides have more choices. They are no longer bound by what is considered a “wedding flower”.  Today’s brides have the freedom to choose any flower (depending on their budget) for their bridal bouquets and wedding flowers. As a result, brides are interjecting their personalities into their wedding flower choices and designs.

So it just maybe that the brides whom weddings you are attending are choosing more trendy flowers. However, I am confident that stephanotis and lily of the valley are still being used in wedding bouquets. They really are beautiful flowers and should be considered a wedding flower option.

Send an Arrangement Your Mom Will Remember Using Birth Month Flowers!

Mothers love anything that reminds them of their children–including flowers! Harness the deep meaning of flowers this year to create a personalized Mothers Day Bouquet with a bloom to represent each of her children. Similar to the popular mother’s ring, these gorgeous bouquets are a wonderful Mother’s Day Gift that hold special meaning and brighten Mom’s day!


Sweet Pea Represents April Birthdays!

Work with your local florist to choose blooms that represent the birth month of each of your siblings and design a bouquet to send on Mother’s Day. These creative, colorful bouquets will touch Mom’s heart and include all of your siblings in showing her how much you care. Here’s a quick guide to finding your birth month flower:

  • January – Carnations or snowdrops (Colors:  black, dark blue or red)
  • February – Violet or primrose (Colors:  violet, sky blue or yellow)
  • March – Daffodil or jonquil (Colors:  white or light blue)
  • April – Daisy or sweet pea (Colors:  yellow, red and colorless)
  • May -Lily of the Valley or hawthorn (Colors:  yellow, red and green)
  • June – Rose or honeysuckle (Colors:  light blue, white and cream)
  • July – Larkspur or water lily (Colors: green, russet and red)
  • August – Gladiolas or poppy (Colors: orange, red and light green)
  • September – Aster or morning glory (Colors: brown, deep blue)
  • October – Calendula or cosmos (Colors: white, yellow and varied)
  • November -Chrysanthemum (Colors: dark blue, red and yellow)
  • December –  Narcissus or holly (Colors: indigo, green, greenish blue)

As you can see, there are few options per month, making it easy to create a beautiful Mother’s Day Bouquet! It’s that simple! Call your florist, tell her your chosen flowers and let her work her magic!

This is also perfect for Moms who live far away. Locate a local florist near you mother and tell her your brilliant idea! Your mom will appreciate the extra effort making her Mother’s Day one to remember!