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Personalities & Flowers: The Entrepreneur

The Entrepreneur tends to be energetic and action-oriented, making up about 4 percent of the population. Looking for the perfect flowers to send an ESTP? We know just the ones! [Read more…]

Hey! What’s THAT Flower?

We’ve all gotten flowers before and tried our best to guess what kind of flowers they are. Roses, lilies, carnations… those are the easy ones. What about the more-rare flowers that florists use? Have you ever received an arrangement with a unique flower that made you call your florist just to ask “Hey! What was THAT flower?”

We polled our florists on Facebook and they told us which flowers gets the MOST curious attention from their customers..

Red Protea Pincushion Pincushion Protea – This unique flower always has heads turning. “What flower is that?” Pincushions are native to Zimbabwe and South Africa. They grow naturally in sparse forests and mountain slopes. They are available year-round in colors of red, red-orange, orange and yellow. More about Pincushions
Green Trick Dianthus Green Trick Dianthus – You might be surprised, this is a cousin of the common carnation we all know so well. These super long-lasting, furry flowers that add interesting texture and form to any floral arrangement. So far, these are only available in shades of green to blueish-green. (Unless you florists know otherwise, let me know in the comments below!) Green Tick & Other Green Flowers [Read more…]

What Is This Purple Rimmed White Flower?

Ask the Plant Expert: which flower is this?

Hi, A florist brought in these beautiful flowers into our office today. My colleague and I are trying to figure out what kind of flower it is. Could you help us identify it? Thanks! Poorvi

Purple Rim Lisianthus

[Read more…]

Need Flowers That Express Condolences?

"Magenta Sunset Urn" Funeral Flowers

"Magenta Sunset Urn" Funeral Flowers

Though no one likes to think about the moments for which we’d need sympathy flowers, it’s best to be prepared for when the moment arrives. This means being prepared to discuss sympathy and funeral flower options with your local florist.

A few cut flowers have very significant meanings that will help convey your sympathies. When speaking with your local florist, discuss flowers such as poppy, cosmos, forget-me-nots, geraniums, larkspur, jasmine, lisianthus and zinnia. The flower meanings of each represents a very special sentiment. If desired, include a small statement about why these flowers were chosen.

The meanings of these flowers are:

  • Poppy = Consolation
  • Cosmos = Peaceful
  • Forget-Me-Not = “Remember Me Forever”
  • Geranium = Comfort
  • Larkspur = Beautiful Spirit
  • Jasmine = Grace and Elegance
  • Lisianthus = Calming
  • Zinnia = Thoughts of Friends

Your local florist will be able to discuss which flowers are appropriate, their seasonal availability, and other important details before sending a sympathy arrangement. Whichever flowers you choose, the recipient will know just how much you care.

Know Someone Needing A Dramatic Gift?

They’ll flip when you send them a bouquet featuring lots of amaryllis.

So how did I get from dramatic to amaryllis? Easier than you’d think. The flower meaning of amaryllis is “dramatic”. Now while I wouldn’t recommend sending this to a drama queen as they may get offended and cause a storm of entertaining evenings, this is a really fun gift for someone who has been going through a rough or trying time and needs a pick me up.

The unique flower meaning of amaryllis also makes it easy to recognize that someone has been struggling to have an “even keel” day once in a while. Something always comes up or they never catch a break. I know plenty of people like that, my sweetheart and mother included. Both work their tails off to please and provide for other people with little gratitude in return. If I want them to know what I’m thinking, I’ll make sure amaryllis helps me say it.

Other flowers with special flower meanings that will go well with amaryllis are:

"Melody of Flowers" with Alstroemeria

"Melody of Flowers" with Alstroemeria

  • Pink carnations (gratitude)
  • Black-eyed Susan (encouragement)
  • Cosmos (peaceful)
  • Gardenia (joy)
  • Gladioulus (strength of character)
  • Lisianthus (calming)
  • Pansy (loving thoughts)
  • Star of Bethlehem (hope)
  • Pink tulip (caring)

There are many other flower meanings as you might have imagined. These are just some of the beautiful flowers that represent a special sentiment that will help cheer up your friend or loved one. A sweet card message mentioning their meaning will be a sweet reward for someone very deserving of positive attention. When you contact your local florist for a pick-me-up treat for your friend, ask about using flowers with special meanings for an extra special, meaningful bouquet.