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FSN at the 2013 Louisiana State Florists Convention

Flower Shop Network booth at the Louisiana Florist Convention

Recently, Flower Shop Network had the wonderful opportunity to visit the Louisiana State Florist Association Convention for 2013! What a great show it was — the theme was Journey to Oz and you could definitely follow the yellow brick road to some absolutely stunning floral designs!

Louisiana Florist Convention - Wizard of Oz LA Wizard of Oz Convention LA Convention Yellow Brick Road

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FSN at the Louisiana State Florist Convention

Flower Arrangement at Louisiana State Florist Association

Two from our FSN team had the chance to attend the 2012 Louisiana State Florist Convention. They had a blast and met a lot of great florists from Louisiana and the surrounding areas.

Ken from FSN and Tommy from Tommy's Flowers, Lafayette LA Flower Arrangement at Louisiana State Florist Association

The above flower arrangement was designed by Tommy (also pictured above in the light blue shirt) of Tommy’s Flowers in Lafayette, LA. And what an impressive design it was. The top portion included some of the biggest lilies and hydrangeas you’ve ever seen! There was also a small arrangement built inside the vase for added interest. All-together it was a stunning piece of floral art. Thanks so much, Tommy!

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Mesmerizing, Majestic Magnolias; The Louisiana State Flower

I have a beautiful magnolia tree in my front yard so I’m especially attached to the Louisiana state flower. In case you haven’t guessed it yet, the Louisiana state flower is the magnificent magnolia. The flowers that bloom on a magnolia tree are beautiful, large, creamy white and richly scented. Even as the petals fall, there is beauty to behold. Watching magnolia flowers fall from a tree is like watching snow dance across the yard in the middle of June. There is very little to dislike about magnolias, so it’s easy to see why Louisiana legislators would choose the magnolia as their state flower.

Photo courtesy 50states.com

Photo courtesy 50states.com

Like most state flowers, the magnolia is not one that you will find in arrangements from a local flower shop. Instead, these are beautiful flowers that are found on magnolia trees all across the south. It’s probably why you hear so many Old South impressions that include the phrase “like a beautiful magnolia” or “my little magnolia.” Having never seen the movie, I can’t tie Steel Magnolias into my southern theme but it says a lot for the magnolias to be in a movie title! That’s one distinctive flower!

Louisianans can be very proud of their state flower. The magnolia is a credit to any yard that the magnolia tree graces. As the flowers begin to bloom a very sweet aroma is released. You can tell it’s spring when you step onto your porch and smell a light, airy fragrance laced with sweetness. One look at a magnolia tree in bloom and there is no doubt what kind of tree it is. Magnolias are remarkable and unmistakable. Louisiana florists are not the only ones who get to witness the beauty of magnolia flowers. No, this is a bloom that florists everywhere can enjoy even if it’s just a photo. They are that special!

Join Louisiana Florists For “A Wedding Extravaganza” Convention

Florists from across the nation will enjoy the Louisiana State Florists Association Convention and Trade Show and Louisiana State Florists Association 2008 Convention and Trade Show. Join Lafayette, Louisiana florists at the River Oaks Convention Center on July 26 and 27, 2008 for what is destined to be “A Wedding Extravaganza.” The annual LSFA Convention, Design Show, and Trade Fair is always the premier floral industry event in Louisiana. Florists young and older come together to learn, meet new people, network, and grow their businesses. If having a great time while getting your name known in the floral industry sounds like fun, this convention is for you!

Take advantage of booth space this year by setting up a booth of your own. Interested parties may contact the River Oaks Convention Center for more information about amenities or visit the LSFA Convention website for exhibitor information. Why not go for it? This is a fantastic opportunity to really intrigue fellow florists, floral designers, and trades people who have gathered together for the same reasons. Stand out in the crowd. Make a bold statement. Whatever you call it, take advantage of the incredible opportunity to really draw attention to your business. Mark your calendars now to join fellow florists at the 2008 LSFA Convention.