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Decorating Your Home with Christmas Flowers

There are many different ways to get excited about Christmas, and one of our favorite festivities is decorating! We’ve put together some decor ideas to get your home ready for the holidays, and they all have one thing in common—flowers! [Read more…]

Need To Spice Up Spring With Flower Decorating?

You see it all of the time in books and magazines, so why aren’t more people decorating their mantlepieces with flowers? The truth is that many people don’t consider it or put other items there. There is nothing wrong with family photos and mementos on the mantlepiece. However, decorating a mantlepiece with flowers is a great idea for those needing a flower decorating tip for spring and summer months.

Photo Credit:  Petals A Florist in Atlanta Georgia

Photo Credit: Petals A Florist in Atlanta Georgia

I know that it seems odd to think about the mantlepiece during the spring and summer. After all, it’s definitely a winter fixture in the home. But you know, who wants to look at a boring empty mantlepiece all spring? Spice it up!! Add flare to it with flowers from your local florist. From a home decor perspective, here are two reasons why you will be glad that you chose flowers to enhance your mantlepiece.

Decorating the mantlepiece with flowers adds color to the room. Colorful flower arrangements are eye-catching no matter where they are placed. Setting them on the mantle surrounded by votive candles, family portraits or unique mementos will quickly draw the eye in this direction.

Flowers help draw attention to the fireplace and that side of the room. If the theme of the room centers around that fireplace, why not play it up all year round? Decorating it with flowers will help during the spring and summer months.

You can’t go wrong when you decorate with flowers. The beauty of decorating your mantlepiece with flowers is that you get to enjoy their beauty while giving life to the fireplace for more than just three or four months out of the year. When it’s time to put out the fire, light up the room with flowers from your local florist.

Interior Decorating Ideas with Flowers

Flowers and plants, naturally enough, bring a sense of warmth and vitality to any interior decorating plan. People respond positively to the energy that flowers and plants emanate. Even silk flowers, or permanent botanicals as they are more properly called, can add life to a room if they closely resemble their living counterparts. A room devoid of flowers is sterile and dull, even uninviting. But just a few well-placed blossoms or a handful of green foliage can do wonders for the personality of any interior space.

Good as Gold Flower Arrangement

Flowers For The Entryway

The first place to start is at the entry, where visitors may be greeted by a bouquet of cheerful flowers placed on a credenza in the foyer. It makes no difference whether the arrangement is simple or elaborate; the message is the same: “welcome.” Other interior decorating ideas for the entry include placing vines of artificial ivy over a mirror, or flanking the doorway with wall sconces overflowing with foliage. Of course, the entry experience begins outside the front door, where a seasonal wreath or a floral swag creates an inviting statement.

Choosing Flowers For The Home

Within the interior of the house, use flowers to adorn the coffee table, dining room table, or end tables. Choose colors which complement the decorating scheme of the room. However, don’t be locked into the idea that the colors of the flowers must match those of the upholstery or draperies, especially if they are colors which do not normally occur in nature. Permanent flowers will always be more pleasing, and they will never go out of style, if they are realistic and botanically accurate. For example, you’ve never seen a turquoise rose growing in a garden. Placing one in your living room would seem contrived and unnatural, and you would soon tire of it even if your sofa was that color. Better to use a flower in a peach or coral hue, which is the direct chromatic complement to turquoise and a naturally occurring color for roses. Choosing the complementary hue allows the flowers to stand out as a lovely accent to highlight the room.

Using Garland & Greenery Effectively

Use cascading vines for decorating the top of a bookcase or an armoire; they’ll soften the angular edges of the furniture. A garland of magnolia foliage lends grace and elegance to a mantle. A free-standing houseplant brightens a dark corner. The breakfast table is brightened with a sunny bouquet of daisies.

A novel interior decorating idea is to tie a bunch of realistic permanent flowers into a casual bouquet, using a distinctive, wire-edged ribbon. Choose flowers with natural looking stems and foliage. Arrange the flowers so that the bouquet is flat on the back. Tie the bow with long, flouncy streamers, and place the bouquet on the edge of a table or dresser for a spontaneous and understated look.

Your local professional florist has lots of other ideas for interior decorating with flowers. Stop in for a visit today, and bring samples of colors, fabrics, and wall coverings from your rooms, so that your floral designs can be artistically customized to your living environment. And remember… no turquoise roses!