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Sweet Florals – FSN Member Lori Himes Featured in Florist Review!

Lori Himes featured in Florist ReviewCongratulations to Lori Himes, AIFD of A’Bloom LTD for her great floral designs recently selected for “Best Cake Decor” in the Picture Perfect Wedding Contest in the Florist Review – April Issue 2013.

Lori contributed floral designs for a wedding last fall at The Lodge at Blue Ridge Summit in Walkersville, Maryland, and was recognized for her excellent work when incorporating flowers into the wedding cake. She took a moment from the busy Mother’s Day order rush to talk to me about her featured flowers.

“I’ve known the bride and her family for a long time. She was very open to our ideas. When given that opportunity we like to do more of a natural style that goes with the season. Autumn colors are my favorite and I love to use what is available in this area like bittersweet vine. You have to know where to find it. We have a secret spot where we go collect our own so don’t tell anyone where it is. You have to be sure and get it before the first frost.”

The winning cake decor consisted of fresh ‘Orange Unique’ roses, red and orange spray roses, mixed spray chrysanthemums, sunflowers and miniature dahlias and hypericum placed directly on the icing.

The autumn colors beautifully set off all 3 layers of decadent white cake. Placed in front of a large mirror in the reception area, this towering delight was nestled on a tabled with a fabulous scatter of preserved oak leaves, colorful flower petals, and Lori’s own secret store of bittersweet vine.

Lori’s Expert Tips for Working with Cake Florals [Read more…]

2012 AIFD Symposium – An Unforgettable Experience

One of the florists in our network had the marvelous opportunity to attend the AIFD National Symposium in Miami and has shared her story with us. Lori Himes, AIFD, CFD from A’Bloom LTD in Walkersville MD tells us all about this once-in-a-lifetime floral experience.

AIFD Fun Arrangement Interesting Floral Design, AIFD 2012 Symposium

“Caliente means Hot, it was in Miami.. but it was hotter here [Maryland] than in Miami,” Says Lori.

“My first [symposium] was in California. And that was what… 5 years ago?” Lori has been hooked every since. And why not? The AIFD Symposium is one of the biggest floral design shows in the world. Lori not only attended this year’s conference, but also helped out behind the scenes.

WOW - AIFD Symposium

“We did probably $100k worth of decor before we were done. That’s something I’ll never get to help with again in my life. [Read more…]

Kids Are Customers Too! (Or Will Be Soon)

Young Girl Holding Flowers

This is a guest post written by Aut Fuller at Floral Expressions in Owings MD.

In my 35 years around this industry, it never ceases to amaze me how many business owners don’t like it when young kids visit. As a parent of 3 kids myself, there have been many times when visiting a store you get the evil eye for bringing the young ones.

Cater To The Kids

I  know, I know, all the breakable stuff, and the sticky fingers touching everything, but at our store we talk to the little ones and cater to them. We give them a flower (even when they say they don’t really like them, LOL) and tell them to just surprise someone with it. Once they see the joy of giving, they learn a valuable life lesson.

To keep their interest, we have a toy section to keep them busy while mom shops and we are constantly looking for cool, new things just for the kids.

Hard Work Pays Off

We have been located in the same store for 25 years now, and we are now doing proms, weddings and birthdays of the kids whose parents were kids 25 years ago. It is very exciting when the next generation of customers come in with Grandma to see their friend the florist. How cool is that?

What other business can say that anymore? I refuse to believe that customer service is dead. IT’S ALIVE AND WELL HERE!


A Christmas Blessing: Bowie Florist Is Back

The Christmas season is a time to reflect on life’s blessings and Bowie Florist has one special blessing to be thankful for – they are open for business.  After a long nine months of rebuilding due to a devastating fire, this Bowie Maryland florist is making up for lost time. The flower shop is buzzing with an assortment of Christmas items. Joy and her staff are busy creating and delivering Hanukkah and Christmas arrangements.  The phone is ringing off the hook as customers call to place their holiday orders.

“It feels good to be able to create holiday arrangements for our customers. Without their loyalty, I don’t know what we would have done.  Their support has been phenomenal,”  said Joy Wist-Thorpe, owner of Bowie Florist.

Now that the shop is back into the full swing of things, Joy and her staff are thankful for a wonderful Christmas season and are happily preparing for 2010.

A member of FlowerShopNetwork.com, Bowie Florist is located at 7418 Laurel Bowie Road in Bowie MD.

Maryland Wedding Flowers In May

Ask the Expert: May seasonal flowers in Maryland
What are some seasonal flowers for a May wedding in Maryland? I don’t want to pay extra to have flowers flown in, as it’s much more affordable. The wedding is May 9th. I really like color and the wedding will be held in a garden.
Any ideas or suggestions? Jessica


In today’s global world, most flowers aren’t truly “seasonal” any more. With the exception of really rare flowers like lilacs, most florists can get any flower any time with very little seasonal cost difference. With that said, Roses are more expensive during Valentine’s Day and peonies are less expensive during May and June. Cost is related more to the sources your local florist has available. I would make a list of the flowers and colors you like and consult with your local Maryland florist. The florist will be able to tell you what they bring in as a standard order and what they can order without charging a premium price. I would also discuss the fact that you are having an outdoor wedding. Using flowers that will not hold up well outside, no matter what the price, will lead to disappointment. Your florist will be able to determine what flowers do well based on your climate. I will suggest the use of gladiolus for outdoor receptions since they do well in these conditions. I would, also, suggest using a mixture of flowers for your bridal bouquet and bridesmaids bouquets – this will try into the garden theme of the wedding.  With mixed flowers you can get a lot of color.