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5 Reasons to Send in May

May is nearly here and with it comes new opportunities to send flowers! There are several different holidays this month that deserve to be celebrated with a lovely bouquet. Here are some reasons you should send flowers in May: [Read more…]

Flower Spotlight: Stargazer Lily

Bold, beautiful, dramatic! These are just a few characteristics of the stunning Stargazer lily. Their exquisite scent and elegant look make them the perfect gift for any occasion! Want to learn more about this amazing bloom? Keep reading!

Symbolism & Origins
Stargazer lilies are a combination of Oriental and Asiatic lilies. They were named by Leslie Woodruff, a lily grower and breeder, in reference to the way the blooms of this flower point towards the sky. Stargazers have only been around for a couple of decades but have quickly gained popularity.

Stargazers are believed to symbolize innocence and purity but the meaning changes with the color of the flower. For example, a pink stargazer lily symbolizes prosperity and abundance. Yellow stargazers express joy and of course, white stargazers signify purity and innocence. Other meanings for this good-looking flower are success and determination, commitment, passion and the fulfillment of dreams.

To Consider
This stunning bloom is highly toxic to cats. If eaten, they can experience vomiting, kidney failure, lethargy and even death. Make sure not to leave this stunning bloom near children or pets!

Stargazers bloom from early summer through mid summer and can last from 14 to 20 days. They need full sun exposure, nutrient soil and well maintained water levels. This stunning flower comes in white, pink and yellow. They are perfect for birthdays and anniversaries, specifically 30th year anniversaries since they too symbolize the everlasting love between the couple. They are the ideal gift to say “I’m sorry” and also to express sympathy.

Stargazer lilies are not only beautiful but also packed with meaning! Head to your local florist and surprise the ones you love most with the world’s most elegant bloom!

Card Messages May 2016

It’s always nice to have a thoughtful message going hand in hand with an arrangement of stunning blooms. Below are card message ideas to inspire the act of giving and the writer in you!

I Love You
My love for you is indescribable! Words are not enough to express the way you make me feel.
I hope these flowers work transcribing my never-ending love for you.

The most wonderful moments in life have been with you by my side.
Rest assure knowing you’re the one and only love of my life.

[Read more…]

5 Reasons To Send Flowers May ’16

When we think about May, Mother’s Day is the first holiday that comes to mind. Today, I want to share other days of the month that also give us the opportunity to share the beauty of flowers with loved ones. Keep reading to learn about these other wonderful reasons to send flowers in May!

1. Military Spouse Appreciation Day – May 5th
This day was created by President Ronald Reagan in 1984. The President’s intention was to “raise awareness on the importance the spouse’s commitment has in helping military personnel get through the worst of times.” Today, give that military wife or husband in your life a reason to smile! Make them feel loved, assure them that they are not alone on this journey. Delicate blooms always show love and appreciation! Know that in the darkest of times there still is sunshine.

[Read more…]

FSN May 2015 Newsletter

As we head into the summer season, we wanted to recap the best May 2015 posts that can make your summer one of the best! Check out these top posts from the Bloomin’ Blog!

Home Arrangement Guide

An arrangement can be part of your home decor or a beautiful piece of design for your Sunday brunch table. Check out this quick guide!
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Instagram For Florists

You may be wondering  “what the heck is Instagram?”  and how can you market yourself through this platform when you aren’t much of a photographer? We have the answers and more!
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Wedding Trends: Bridesmaid Bouquets 2015

When choosing the bridesmaids blooms, there are many options to choose from.
Here are some trending bridesmaid bouquets for 2015:

Rustic Garden– fairytale, hanging blooms.

Just Picked– wildflower look with mixed greens.

Bridal Mini– miniature version of bridal bouquet.

Single Stems– modern shapes with long stems.

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Facebook Do’s and Don’ts

Facebook has become a universal social media platform for many flower shops. Here are the top Do’s and Don’ts for Facebook!
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Flower Spotlight: Chamelacium

While single blooms are very popular, flower clusters make beautiful bouquets. Chamelaucium is a great example of these flowering shrubs!
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To Look Forward To Next Month:

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Card Messages: May 2015

Sometimes words are not enough to express what we feel for our loved ones. With Mother’s Day just around the corner, we put together some simple card messages that could help express what you feel for the beautiful ladies in your life.

For Mom

Mother, words cannot express my feelings for you. Your unconditional love and support have made me better and stronger. I am who I am because of you. I love you!

For A Friend

Happy Mother’s Day to a truly wonderful friend!

For a Child

We are happy and proud to see what a wonderful mother you have become. Happy Mother’s Day! P.S. Keep ’em coming!

For A Sibling

Not only are you the best sister I could’ve asked for, but a wonderful mother as well! I love you! Happy Mother’s Day!

Visit your local florist and surprise a loved one with an exquisite flower arrangement paired with your message. Check back with the Bloomin’ Blog for more great gift ideas!

Cinco De Mayo Flowers ’15

The beginning of May marks a very festive holiday that contains hispanic roots. On May 5th, put together a fiesta for Cinco de Mayo and celebrate the Mexican culture with flowers.

Rose Arrangement
Need a centerpiece for your fiesta? Consider a rose bouquet with red and white roses that represent the Mexican flag colors.

Flor-allure Bouquet
Surprise a friend with colorful blooms that match the theme of the holiday. It will brighten up their day!

Simple Card Messages
Need writing help? Here are some simple card messages for Cinco de Mayo!

Have a sizzling Cinco de Mayo!

Hope these flowers spice up your day! Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Some lovely flowers for a Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Head to your local florist and get a colorful arrangement for your happy fiesta! Cinco de Mayo is Tuesday, May 5, 2015.