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Help! My Moonflower Seedlings Are Wilting

Ask The Plant Expert:

It’s only been about a week now since I transplanted 3 seedlings to a hanging basket (2 moonflowers and a morning glory; they had only first set of leaves.) Now they are withering and drooping. The soil in the basket is well drained and was able to make a morning glory thrive last year, until I killed it by just not paying attention to watering. I’m not sure, but need to ask did I do a bad thing when transplanting to have watered with B-1, to prevent transplant shock? What if i did not have it diluted enough? Bad idea all together?

Also, could me moving them around while planting maybe do this? Live in SoCal it’s been pleasantly warm since they have been out. They starting drooping about 3 days after transplant. I have some new seedlings now at a bit further stage in a south facing window inside. I don’t want to repeat this mistake with the new ones. I’m concerned , cause I want to put in that same basket if the ones now have any chance of being saved? Would I have to flush it out well? Is there a better time in growth stage to place out? I’m new to this and disappointed I did something too eager that did this to them. Please help.

Moonflower Seedling Moonflower Seedling

Flower Shop Network Plant Expert Reply:

Most likely you transplanted the seedlings too early.  At our garden center, we don’t transplant anything until it has an established root system and true leaves, not the very first set of leaves.  The more established the root system before you transplant it, the less likely it will have issues.

If you are trying to place the seedlings in with established plants, that could be a problem since each will have different water requirements.

My recommendation is to let the seedlings form a couple sets of leaves and a good root system before your transplant them.  I would not transplant them in to containers that do not already have established plants in them.  If you must transplant them into a container with established pants make sure your seedling are fully rooted and have some size to them.  Using B1 is fine, just be sure to dilute it properly for the size and age of the plants.

Good Luck and let me know how things turn out.