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Mother’s Day Style Guide

Mother's Day Gift Guides

Still debating on what gift to give to mom this Mother’s Day? Don’t miss this amazing Mother’s Day Style Guide to get you on the right track for sending flowers. This style guide will help you choose the perfect flowers for your Mom based on her personality and style. Personalized gifts mean so much more because it really is “the thought that counts” when it comes to tokens of affection. Just remember to always, always, always use a real local florist when sending flowers!

Mother-In-Law Day Is Oct 23rd — Say It With Flowers

Mother-In-Law Day -- Send Flowers!

We all celebrate Mother’s Day in May, but what about Mother-In-Law Day? Well, it’s coming up so now’s your chance!

Mother-In-Law Day is October 23rd. Just like Mother’s Day, this holiday is all about showing your spouse’s mom just what she means to you and your family. Express your feelings with a beautiful flower arrangement from your local florist. Effervescent Blooms Bouquet, pictured above, is a sweetly-scented garden-style arrangement any mom is sure to love. (You might also browse our Mother’s Day flower arrangements for something more fitted for her unique style.)

Your Mother-In-Law will be delighted you were thinking about her on this special day.


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Forget Mom On Mother’s Day? It’s Never Too Late To Send Mom Flowers!

If you somehow let Mother’s Day pass you by without sending Mom anything special, don’t fret — it’s never too late to send Mom flowers!

For all of the wonderful things Mom has done for you over the years, she deserves some recognition on her special day. Perhaps you were out of town or working too much last week and let Mother’s Day pass you by? Sending a gift to mom has never been easier! Simply give your local florist a call and have a spectacular bouquet delivered today, straight to her door — at work or at home!

Mother’s Day or not, she won’t care if they’re a day late, she will be overjoyed to receive a symbol of your love and admiration.

Here are a few arrangements to get you started!

Fresh Mothers Day Flowers Happy Mothers Day Flowers Traditional Mothers Day Basket

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Local Florist’s Mother’s Day Build-A-Bouquet Workshop A Big Success

Mother's Day Build-A-BouquetAfter a stroke of brilliance last year, Sarah Ekberg of Lazy Acres Decor & Floral in Wakefield, NE, tried something a little different for Mother’s Day. She created a unique, “Build-A-Bouquet” Mother’s Day workshop for children to make their own floraldesigns for their moms.

“Anyone can come into my shop and point to a design, but to make one for your own Mom is priceless,” says Sarah. “My daughters, age 5 & 7 came up with they idea. They said they have so much fun making me flowers, they wish all their friends could too, and so it began.” Sarah advertised the Mother’s Day workshop in their local paper and on the radio. The kids had their choice of starting design packets in $15, $20 and $35, plus small add-ons available. “I had set aside time slots for kids to sign up on Friday. I had originally expected little girls from 3-10, but I was blown away by the response. Kids of all ages (3-19) and just as many boys as girls! The feedback from the Moms and Dads was amazing too! They are already asking about reservations for this year!”

“This year we are going to incorporate a Polaroid picture of the child making the design for Mommy too!” As Sarah put it, “[when it comes it Mother’s Day] I can make something beautiful, but you can make something exquisite.”

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This Florist Has A Special Connection To Mother’s Day

Every florist looks forward to Mother’s Day rolling around, but for this Berlin NJ local florist, 2010 Mother’s Day holds a very special meaning.

Sandy Hooper and her mother, MaryJane, ran their flower shop, Plum Point Gifts, together from 2003 until just last May. “We were doing OK, but not the best,” said Hooper. “For some reason, last May my mother told me to close down. We didn’t know why. We thought maybe she wanted more time.”

Soon after they closed the shop, MaryJane took a turn for the worse, and in September, MaryJane passed away at age 74.

But the story only begins there, Sandra was able to open a new flower business, just four months ago. The name of the shop? MaryJane’s Flowers, in honor of her mother.

Business has been thriving in just those short months — with Sandra’s close connection to Mother’s Day, its no wonder! Sandra created the beautiful, personalized Mother’s Day bouquet (seen above) in honor of her mother and since it has been featured in our April Newsletter, as well as written about in her local newspaper.

Congratulations, Sandra, on your new shop, and for inspiring all of us to do something great to honor our moms this Mother’s Day.

Top 5 Mother’s Day Favorites!


To get into the mood of Mother’s Day we’ve compiled a list of top 5’s for Moms! These are great little things you can do throughout the day for your mom on Mother’s Day.

Top 5 Songs For Mom

Believe it or not, mom’s listen to music too! These are great songs you can play for your mom on Mother’s Day.

5. Baby Mine – Bette Midler

4. Through The Years – Kenny Rogers

3. You And Me Against The World – Helen Reddy

2. Mama – Il Divo

1. Because You Loved Me – Celine Dion

Top 5 Mother’s Day Food Ideas

Quick little treats you and your mom can enjoy together.

5. Decorating cupcakes or cookies

4. Rice Crispy Treats with peanut butter and M&Ms

3. Pizza with Mom’s favorite toppings

2. Smoothies

1. Breakfast in Bed

Top 5 Places To Take Mom on Mother’s Day

You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to treat mom to a great day! Try one of these easy, local places to take mom.

5. To The Park For A Picnic

4. Shopping!

3. For A Great Massage, Manicure or Pedicure

2. Local Zoo

1. Favorite Cafe

Top 5 Mother’s Day Quotes

5. A mother is not a person to lean on, but a person to make leaning unnecessary. -Dorothy Canfield Fisher

4. All that I am or ever hope to be, I owe to my angel Mother. – Abraham Lincoln

3. My mom is a never ending song in my heart of comfort, happiness, and being.  I may sometimes forget the words but I always remember the tune. -Graycie Harmon

2. God could not be everywhere and therefore he made mothers. -Jewish proverb

1. Hundreds of dewdrops to greet the dawn,
Hundreds of bees in the purple clover,
Hundreds of butterflies on the lawn,
But only one mother the wide world over.

-George Cooper

Top 5 Flowers For Mom

Moms love flowers… all girls love flowers.

5. Tulips

4. Roses

3. Lily

2. Daisy

1. Iris

Top 5 Flower Arrangements For Mother’s Day

Heather Trellis Plum Crazy Garden Greetings From The Garden

Fragrant Memories Victorian Roses

More Mother’s Day Arrangements

Image Credit: Mubina H on flickr
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How To: Personalize Your Mother’s Day Bouquet

No one knows you better than Mom, and the inverse rings true, too! Our moms are special, wonderful people whose personalities have been with us since the beginning. So, why not include a touch of Mom’s personality when sending a floral arrangement this Mother’s Day? It’s amazingly simple to add a touch of personality for a Mother’s Day bouquet that says, “Mom, I got this for you.

To get started, contact your local florist to discuss your options. Adding something special to your mother’s arrangement can be as small as adding her favorite candy or getting creative with the container. Here are a few ideas:

Mother’s Day Collectible Gifts:

Is your mom an avid collector? If so, you and your florist can come up with a great way to incorporate any number of things, from brooches to tea pots. A skilled florist can find a way to mix in small items or arrange flowers in unconventional containers. For example, for a mother who collects tea pots, you can ask your florist to build their arrangement inside a lovely tea pot. Imagine how thrilled your mother would be to receive a stunning bouquet, as well as an addition to her prized collection!

Stamps, thimbles and countless other trinkets can be added with ease to a variety of arrangements. Collaborate with your florist to find the perfect idea for your mom! Trust me, the extra effort will be worth it!

The Perfect Color For Your Mother:

This is an easy one! What is your mother’s favorite color? My mother likes red, so naturally, I would choose red flowers and accessories when designing my arrangement. Add colored beads, ribbon and other details to add some pizazz to your arrangement. Don’t be afraid to go monochromatic: it’s modern and chic! The variety of textures in a monochromatic arrangement captivates the eyes in a new and exciting way!

Another great idea is to choose birth month flowers to represent each of your mother’s children. Follow this handy birth month flower guide to create a custom arrangement to represent those lucky enough to call your mother, “Mom.” Consider adding a card that explains the flowers and who in the family they represent. This colorful bouquet will be a exquisite reminder of how much your mom means to your family.

Mothers Adore Photos:

Adding family photos to bouquet is another wonderful way to personalize your Mother’s Day bouquet. Bring a handful of your mother’s cherished photos to your local florist and ask her to incorporate them into the arrangement. Include photos of your kindergarten graduation, your brother’s childhood toothless grin or photos of your entire family. You know your mother better than anyone, so choose photos you know matter most to her. You really can’t go wrong!

Another interpretation of this trend is creating a generational bouquet with flowers of your mother, her mother and your great-grandmother. This honors all the cherished mothers in your family and reminds your mother of the important place she holds.

Adding photos is a great way to personalize an arrangement if your mother lives far away, as photos can be sent to local florists all over the country. The extra effort will go a long way when letting your mother know how much you appreciate all that she has done for your family.

mothers-day-arrangement-with-candyMoms Love Candy:

Adding candy or other edibles to an arrangement is a growing trend in floral design. By adding your mother’s favorite candy to an arrangement, you’re creating a bouquet to please all of the senses! Your florist will know the best way to incorporate candy bars, apples or whatever else your mother may like.

Use this as an opportunity to get creative! For example, for mother who is a teacher, incorporating apples into a bouquet would be a charming way to pay tribute to her profession while sending a one-of-a-kind bouquet to make her day.

Trust your florist to incorporate your ideas in a way that is pleasing to the eye. There are many ways to make your creative ideas come to life! However, this isn’t a last minute call. Take the time to plan ahead to ensure your Mothers Day bouquet worthy of the one who has done so much for you.

Mothers’ hobbies vary as much as their personalities. You know your mother better than anyone. Choose one thing to add to an arrangement that speaks to who your mother is and what she means to you. Taking the time to personalize a Mother’s Day arrangement will let her know how much you love her for her.

Teapot picture courtesy of Creative Commons

Photo Bouquet courtesy of Mary Jane’s Flowers and Gifts in Berlin New Jersey

Did You Receive This Mothers Day Gift From A U.S. Soldier?

If you have someone serving overseas in the military, you know how much your heart skips a beat every time you receive a card, letter, e-mail or phone call. You also know the lonely pangs when these gestures don’t come. Being a military mom is one of the hardest roles to play.

Feeling the pain of military moms, MariEllyn Donnellan of A Dykstra Florist developed an idea to help deployed soldiers share a special moment with their moms for Mother’s Day. She decided to make it possible for soldiers from her town, Spring Valley New York, to send their mothers flowers. Each mom received a single rose. Many received their roses surrounded by baby’s breath inside a vase. A small American flag served as a patriotic reminder of the person serving overseas.

The response was amazing among local moms as well as other florists in New York state. Many New York state florists participated in the program which helped mothers across the state fall into appreciative tears at the simple but inexplicably significant gesture of everyone involved.

When it comes to Mother’s Day gifts, this is likely the best gift ever for many of these moms. As they pray for their children’s safety and safe return, they can rest at ease knowing that their children are thinking of them as well. Part of why it’s great to be an American is because of the good people who make it possible to connect mother and daughter/ mother and son on such important occasions. Many thanks to MariEllyn Donnellan and other florists who participated in this phenomenal surprise.

Are you one of the moms who received a rose for Mother’s Day from a New York florist? We would love to hear your story!

Break Away From Red Flowers For Mother’s Day–Show Lavender Love Instead!

"Lavender Love" Mother's Day Bouquet

"Lavender Love" Mother's Day Bouquet

Ever tried to express lavender love? I would guess not. Red is the color usually associated with passionate love, but that’s not what I want to show my mom for Mother’s Day. My mom deserves something else. Something better. Something more representative of the sweet and nurturing nature of a mother and her child. That’s why I chose the “Lavender Love” bouquet as this month’s featured flower arrangement.

Since we don’t live in caves we all know that Mother’s Day is just around the corner. It’s time to start looking for the best gift for mom this year. The “Lavender Love” Mother’s Day bouquet jumped out at me when I was peering through the fresh flower photo gallery. It’s gorgeous! It has height, style, depth, color, softness, personality–it’s everything I would say about my mother. Well, I’m taller than my mom and I only stand 5’4″ but the rest is true.

Chances are that your mother is totally different than mine. That’s fine! That’s great, in fact, because it provides a dozen new reasons why someone else will like the “Lavender Love” bouquet for Mother’s Day. It’s unique in that it appeals to so many different types of people.

  • Does your mom love Spring? Pastel spring colors and a few vibrant, bold ones pop up in this arrangement.
  • Is your mom the leader of the household? Soften her up a bit with a sweet flower bouquet like this one.
  • Does your mom a real social butterfly who loves hosting parties and get-togethers for the ladies? Give them something to look at during their Mothers Day teas by sending flowers like this gift to your mom’s home. Impressing her friends is a happy side effect of this.

No matter what your mom is like, she’s a great woman who deserves a gift. Right? If you’re in the mood for some Mother’s Day gift ideas, stop here. Take a peek at the “Lavender Love” fresh flowers bouquet and see what you think. Even better, think about what your mom will say when it is handed to her by a local florist with a sweet Mother’s Day card message attached.  Happy Mother’s Day!

Did you send this bouquet for another holiday? Getting ready to send it for Mother’s Day? Let us hear your stories! We want to know what your mother or friend thought of the “Lavender Love” bouquet!

Mothers Day Flowers For Every Type of Mom

Want a gift that speaks volumes about your mom’s personality? Mothers Day flowers are great gift ideas for this holiday, but take it  a step further with these cool flower arrangements. Each one is a reflection of a different personality type that your mother may have. Is your mom vivicacious and feisty? Is she personal and traditional? How about reflective and into the arts and crafts? No matter what type of personality your mom has, I suggest these beautiful flowers when you’re looking for Mothers Day gift ideas.

"Touch of Class" Mothers Day Flowers

"Touch of Class" Mothers Day Flowers

Mom “The Contemporary”

She’s hip. She’s cool. She’s into modern things with contemporary flair. She probably likes interior design, is well aware of design techniques and tricks, and doesn’t tune the tv dial to retro shows very often.

This is one cool mother and she deserves a cool gift. Try the “Touch of Class” Mothers Day flowers. They’re perfect for a contemporary office space (send flowers to mom at work) or a home decorated in the trendiest style (send flowers to mom at home or present them to her at lunch).

"Remember Mom" Mothers Day Bouquet

"Remember Mom" Mothers Day Bouquet

Mom “The Traditionalist”

She’s perfect in your eyes. She may not have the latest addition of Interior Design Monthly but you can bet that Family Circle is somewhere in the house. She’s settled but not boring. She’s all about her children (even if grown) but makes time to have fun. She loves a good book or a good movie and will not pass up the opportunity for a relaxing Mothers Day brunch with her daughters and granddaughters.

This mom is awesome. She is selfless and deserves a sweet reward for  her exhausting dedication to her family. For this mom, send the “Remember Mom” bouquet.

"Lasting Love" Mothers Day Basket

"Lasting Love" Mothers Day Basket

Mom “The Old School Sweetheart”

This is for the mom that is very likely a grandmother by now. She’s young at heart with an old soul.  She’s seen a lot in her life and has the wisdom and bearing to prove it. She probably spends a lot of time gardening, relaxing with friends in the Red Hat Society (or is a purple hatter), and has been an empty nester just long enough to still not be completely ok with it.

This mom is precious. She is a giver who has watched many incredible things pass. Her most prized moments though? Moments with you. Why not bring along the “Lasting Love” Mothers Day basket to your get-together this year?

"Lavender Love" Mothers Day Bouquet

"Lavender Love" Mothers Day Bouquet

Mom “The Spritely”

This mom is as active as you are. She’s always here or there doing something with someone. She’s up and about and loves living life to the fullest. She’s charming enough to be everyone’s favorite mother. When your friends wanted a sleepover, they wanted it at your mom’s house.

This mom is perky. She needs something as bouncy and happy in her life as her personality reflects. For the mom who is a constant fount of energy and happiness, give the “Lavender Love” bouquet for Mothers Day.

"Mother Nature's Expression Bouquet"

"Mother Nature's Expression Bouquet"

Mom “The Candid”

(This is my mother and grandmother!) She’s a pip to be around because she always has a witty retort or a wise saying in the form of a wisecrack. She knows her stuff and makes sure that you know that about her. You rarely catch her without an expressed opinion but you’ll never hear her admit that it may be wrong. She’s the life of the party because you want to know what she’s going to say next. No one laughs at this tough cookie though. She’s a very respected mother.

This mom is blunt. She doesn’t fool around with nonsense and expects the same from other people. If your mother is like this (and mine is), send flowers like the “Mother Nature’s Expression Bouquet” because it’s hard to dislike. Just like your mom.