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Plants for Pest Repellent That Actually Work!

It’s summer and the bugs are out! Sure, we’ve all heard of using cedar for moths and citronella for mosquitoes, but what other natural remedies out there actually WORK? Here is a list of common pests and their all-natural, plant-based repellents. Natural plant-based repellents are safe to use around kids and pets, and can be a handy addition in a flower shop where pesticides can damage flowers.


It can be impossible to get rid of fleas. If your inside animal gets into them, they’re pretty much everywhere, but here are some natural repellents to get fleas under control.

fleabaneCitrus – for natural flea control. Slice a lemon into 4 pieces. Score the skin to release more essential oil. Pour a cup of boiling water over your lemon and allow to sit overnight. Sponge onto your dog and spritz around your house. Sponge yourself before leaving the house to prevent bites.

Cedar – Cedar and cedar oil are natural flea deterrents. Create sachets or use oil to keep fleas away. Commercially made cedar dog beds are also available.

Fleabane – One of my favorite wildflowers, fleabane is a weed you may want to keep around for flea control. (Pictured right)

Eucalyptus – Use the scent of eucalyptus leaves to repel fleas.

Tansy – a colorful flower to grow in your garden, the tansy also works for flea control.

Lemon Grass or Citronella – also good for mosquitoes, growing this plant will keep your fleas away.


The south is definitely mosquito country, and the FSN headquarters just so happens to be very near the Rice Capitol of the World. This means we are near many… mannnnny fields of standing water. Which also means mosquito central, we understand the need for this type of pest control!

Rosemary – burning rosemary is a great way to combat mosquitoes. Throw a few springs onto your BBQ grill and enjoy the delicious flavor and a bug free environment! [Read more…]