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New Baby Flowers: What You Need to Know

A couple instantly realizes that their lives are forever changed once a new baby is born. The responsibility of caring for a new life is exciting and overwhelming. During this transitional time it’s important that you show your support and love to the new parents!

Flowers serve as a wonderful gift of encouragement. Their refreshing scent and beauty bring joy and happiness! Here is everything you need to know about sending new baby flowers.

When should I send a new mom flowers?

Since you won’t know the exact date of delivery, many people choose to wait until they have heard the news that the expecting mother is going into labor to order an arrangement. Ask your local florist what flower options there are for same-day delivery.

Some people suggest sending the flowers to the home of the new mother so that the parents have less to transport from the hospital. Choosing to have the flowers delivered to their home gives you the option of ordering the flowers in advance.

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New Baby Flowers

Nothing is more exciting than a baby entering into the world! The new parents have spent countless hours preparing the perfect baby room and making sure that they have thousands of diapers and everything they will need. There is so much joy in this special time but there is also a new set of challenges. Being the caretakers of a newborn is a heavy responsibility. Sleep is lost and adjusting to a new routine is hard. This time of transition is a great opportunity for you to send your love and support to the new parents.

By now the new parents have plenty of diapers and baby wipes and really just need some encouragement! A fresh flower arrangement is a great way to send your love. Picture their delighted faces when they receive your unexpected gift. They will feel relieved and thankful knowing that they have your support. Every time the parents walk past the beautiful blooms they will be reminded of your kind and loving heart.  [Read more…]

Delivering Good Cheer Isn’t Just For The Stork

New Baby Flower Delivery

A new baby and the celebration of birth is always a delightful occasion. Friends and family come from all over just to pinch those new little cheeks. If you’re going to meet and greet a new little life, don’t show up empty handed — bring flowers! Flowers have been used in celebrations for centuries and are a great representation of growing life. They are also an especially great gift when you are too far to welcome new baby in person, you can trust a local florist to deliver them right to the new mom and dad.

Choosing The Best Flowers For New Baby


Traditionally, flower colors for baby girls are pastel pinks and for little boys, baby blue. Although these colors are still loved and accepted,  these days you can choose almost any color for new baby. Many new parents are choosing "Congratulations Son" New Baby Flowersout-of-the-box colors for baby showers and nurseries. If you know what color the nursery is, or just want to send something different, don’t hesitate!

Trendy Baby Colors Include:

  • Lime Green
  • White
  • Pastel Purple
  • Bright Purple
  • Pastel Yellow
  • Bright Yellow
  • Cream
  • Teal

Flowers for Baby

Traditionally, new baby flowers are mostly roses, daisies and carnations. Again, now you can pretty much choose any type of flower. It may be a good idea to choose flowers that don’t cause allergic reactions and don’t have a strong smell. Choose flowers with heavy, large pollens, since it’s unlikely that such big, heavy pollens will find their way into anyone’s eyes, mouth or nose, such as: hydrangeas, roses, daisies, snapdragons, sunflowers, and daffodils. Talk to your florist about any concerns you may have.

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No New Baby Flowers? You’ve GOT To Be Kidding Me!

My brother’s son was born on June 22nd. It was a bit earlier than we’d expected but we were all happy to finally have him here! I left work and raced to the hospital about an hour away. I found out their room number and walked in. I was expecting “New Baby” flowers, balloons, baby gift baskets, etc. Something! Anything! What did I find?? Nothing!


I was surprised, a little embarassed because I hadn’t been able to call ahead for a gift delivery, and quite unimpressed with the calibre of friends who would just show up empty handed for no reason! My sister had already been there and brought lunch. My other brother wanted to wait til they made it home to visit. All sets of parents were acting like normal grandparents. I showed up with camera in hand and expected to have to push away gifts to get a shot of the baby. Unfortunately, no. Ugh.

There is a happy ending. I moved an hour and a half away on the baby’s one week birthday. Not wanting to leave without seeing my nephew, I visited him and his parents the day before. Come to find out, their house was filled with baby stuff and baby gifts. Much to my surprise, a bouquet of new baby flowers was on the kitchen counter. I was shocked and appalled that no one had considered baby gifts when we were at the hospital. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that someone had taken the time to have new baby flowers delivered with a stuffed animal. It was adorable!

I know for sure that the next time one of my friends or family has a baby, I will call ahead and have flowers delivered. I do NOT want to repeat that experience.

Celebrate New Babies With These Great Gifts!

My sister-in-law is having a baby boy this month. Another friend of mine is expecting a daughter around the same time. Not wanting to show partiality, I’ve decided to feature two flower arrangements this month.

Spring seems like baby season to me. The birth of new flowers coincides with the birth of precious little arrivals. I love children so these new baby flower arrangements stood out to me when I first came across them. After a second and third glimpse, I could no longer pass up sharing them with you.

Ok, I’ll stop stalling.

"Congratulations Daughter" New Baby Flowers

"Congratulations Daughter" New Baby Flowers

"Congratulations Son" New Baby Flowers

"Congratulations Son" New Baby Flowers

Baby Caleb is going to make me Aunt Brynn for the first time. I can hardly wait! Because I’m partial to little boys anyway, his gift has to be extra special. What I love about the “Congratulations Son” arrangement is that it’s a cool gift for both Caleb and his parents. There’s flowers for mom and a toy for baby! Plus the toy becomes a really sweet keepsake that he can keep for years. I can just hear him now. “This was the toy that I came home with from the hospital on the day I was born.” Ah, to know that I sent that gift warms my heart.

While I will not be “Aunt Brynn” to my friend’s little girl, I’ll definitely be a big part of her life. Her mother and I have been friends for years and will stay that way until we die. I can’t just let her go through child birth without a gift! I love the “Congratulations Son” arrangement so much that I was super excited to see the “Congratulations Daughter” flowers. What a treat for me because I know that both baby and momma will smile when the gift is delivered.

Ahhhh. Welcome, Spring.

Decorate Your Baby Shower With Fresh Flowers!

Summer is the time of weddings and babies. Both special occasions seem to center around this time of year which is why I’ve decided to include baby shower decorations in the fresh flower decorating tip this month. Whether celebrating Mommy’s first child or fourth, you can use fresh flowers to create the perfect occasion. Here’s how!

Tips For Decorating Baby Showers With Fresh Flowers

  • Use fresh flower petals of tulips or roses to decorate the gift table. This adds color and uniqueness.
  • Put a New Baby flower arrangement on a pedestal in the middle of the gift table or food table. (Gift table is probably best.)
  • Present each guest with a rose boutonniere. The “can’t say baby” game is so much more fun with rose petals! Plus, the remaining rose petals or a spare rose is (when dried) a great addition to the baby book.
  • Have each guest bring a single flower stem. Use these as a fresh flower bouquet during the party. When the baby shower has ended, have the flowers preserved or dry them old-school style (inside a thick book) for use in the baby book.

Fresh flowers are a quick and simple way to cheer up everyone in the room. Preserving these flowers helps Mommy remember the kindness of her friends when she needed them most. Whether they’ll be a memento or just a way to liven up the room, decorating with fresh flowers will take your baby shower up a notch–but you’re planning it so it will already be great!

How did you use flowers to decorate for a baby shower? Are you planning a baby shower in the future? Let us know what you think is a great idea! Just place your comments in the comment section below.