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Florist Helps Couple Celebrate 65th Anniversary

This incredibly sweet story was shared with us by Maryjane’s Flowers & Gifts, Berlin NJ.

65th Wedding Anniversary Dance

Being a florist is a very fulfilling job because you get to help people celebrate the most important and special occasions in their life. That was just the case for Sandra Hooper of Maryjane’s Flowers & Gifts in Berlin NJ. She was asked to help a couple at an assisted living center celebrate their 65th (no, not a typo!) wedding anniversary.

Original Wedding Photo Wedding Portrait

Sandra was given a copy of their wedding portrait and was able to copy the original wedding bouquet almost exactly. What memories that must have stirred up!

Wedding Bouquet Remake Beautiful Bride With Vintage Replica Bouquet

Here you can see the beautiful bride and her wedding bouquet remake of the original. “She said it couldn’t have matched it better!!!”
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Bingo! The Perfect Funeral Flower Memorial

Funeral Flower Tribute - Bingo!

Jean Everly of Heart to Heart Flower Shop in North Cape May, NJ shared with us the story of a recent sympathy tribute. Who says flowers for a funeral have to be the same? This lady loved her weekly bingo game. This beautiful floral memorial is a great way to lift spirits at such a somber occasion. It is a perfect conversation starter for reminiscing the best memories of the departed.

“She loved her Bingo game. Every week she was there until  her illness took her away. Her friends decided this was the only flower arrangement proper for her service.” – Jean Everly

Have an interesting story from your flower shop or about flowers? Share it with us!

Sandra Hooper of MaryJane’s Flowers

Flower Shop Network had a chance to find out what makes Sandra Hooper of MaryJane’s Flowers & Gifts in Berlin NJ tick and why she feels the floral industry is a fun and exciting profession.

We asked her a few questions and found some very insightful information.

Sandra Hooper of MaryJane's FlowersFlower Shop Network: How long have you been a florist?
Florist: We have been open as a flower shop for about a year and a half now…but my floral experience goes back over 30 years.

Flower Shop Network: When did open your flower shop in Berlin?
Florist: Our Grand opening was on my mother’s birthday January 29, 2009

Flower Shop Network: What are your floral specialties?
Florist: Not sure I specialize in any one area…I try making unique and different designs for any occasion.

Flower Shop Network: What is your favorite flower?
Florist: My favorite flowers are peonies…it is a shame they are so expensive I would like to work with them more often.

Wedding Bouquet- Berlin NJFlower Shop Network: What is your favorite wedding bouquet?
Florist: My favorite wedding bouquet would be a solid ball of roses in shades of pinks with stephanotis I did for a client.

Flower Shop Network: What would you say are the top flower trends in Berlin NJ?
Florist: Berlin isn’t really a “trendy” area…most people around here seem to be a little more traditional. Although with proms we are trying to introduce more things that are possible for corsages then what has been available around here.

Flower Shop Network: How have you used the North Carolina state flower in your designs?
Florist: Well New Jersey state flower is the violet…I do try to incorporate African violets into most of our dish gardens.

Flower Shop Network: What has been the best part of being a florist in New Jersey?
Florist: Doing what I love!! wouldn’t really matter what state or where I was but this is what I always wanted.

Flower Shop Network: Do you have a floral design philosophy?
Florist: Yes I believe in complete customer satisfaction…we like to treat our clients as family.

Flower Shop Network: What style do you specialize in — modern, traditional, romantic, etc.?
Florist: I try a little of all really. Myself I prefer the traditional romantic, but I think I was born in the wrong era :)

Flower Shop Network: What makes your arrangements better or different than anybody else’s?
Florist: I think what makes ours better is taking care of the flowers from the minute them enter the shop till the minute they leave the shop…It takes more time and work and sometimes a bit more money but the best compliment we get is how long our flowers last! As for different…people get their monies worth here, we don’t skimp on flowers to save costs and this also keeps customers coming back.

Flower Shop Network: Do you remember the first time you received flowers? Tell us about it.
Florist: I think the first flowers I ever received were from my grandparents…I had been very sick in the 8th grade with mono and out of school for at least a month and a beautiful bouquet came from them to try and brighten things.

Flower Shop Network: How did you get started in the floral business?
Florist: Actually was my first part time job at age 16 was in a flower shop and just loved being around the flowers. I feel I have a natural artistic ability when it comes to being creative which I feel goes hand in hand.

Flower Shop Network: Favorite arrangements or other designs you’ve done?
Florist: I love making bridal bouquets…but I also like just being creative so I thoroughly enjoyed FSN’s Design Challenge in which I took took first place!

Hotel Lobby Decor Not What It Seems

Hotel Lobby Decorations

Rare Creature Spotted In Hotel Lobby

  • Scientific Name: Brontoterodactylsaurus
  • Common Name: Green Flying Dinosaur
  • Behavior: Non-aggressive toward humans
  • Food Requirements: Drinks water only
  • Natural Habitat: Hotel Lobbies
  • Life Span: 1 -2 weeks

SEPT 23 — The photo above is a rare glimpse at the elusive Brontoterodactylsaurus in their natural habitat. These two were spotted by expert florist and amateur dino-photographer, Tom Kenison of Crossroads Florist in Mahwah, New Jersey. Tom reports that these two creatures truly enjoyed the time they spent in this hotel’s lobby.

Because they only require water for sustenance, hotel workers greeted them with open arms. “They were very friendly to all guests. Normally they would just strike a pose and blend in as lobby decorations,” says Kendra, a desk-worker for the hotel. “We had people from all around the state coming to see these rare creatures as they passed through our lucky, hotel lobby.”

This pair of lobby decor dinos only stayed at the hotel for a couple of weeks and have moved on. Will we ever see these creatures again? Your guess is as good as mine, but keep your eyes peeled next time you’re in a hotel lobby. You never know what elusive creatures might be hiding in plain sight.

When Tom submitted this picture on our Facebook page, I knew I had to share it with all of our readers! It’s just way too cool and creative. This hotel lobby design was made by Tom and his staff at Crossroads Florist. They typically do a new floral design for this hotel’s lobby every couple of weeks. I always enjoy seeing them because Tom really find ways to be creative and think outside of the box. This is the type of floral design that really turns heads and gets noticed! It would also make a great design for event decor.

“Well sometimes you just have to have fun… I was hiking in the woods and came across a bamboo patch… I cut some down and started playing.. I made the bamboo stands and was just going to put an arrangement on top, when the vision of “legs” came to me… and it developed from there… “

Keep up the GREAT work, Tom, and we love seeing your pictures on our Page!

Florist: My Title, My Way Of Life!

In the hectic week before Mother’s Day, a glance at the day in the life of a florist seemed to be an appropriate topic for this month’s newsletter. Georgianne Vinicombe of Monday Morning Flower & Balloon Co. details the ups, downs and wonders of a day in the life of a florist.

I’ve noticed that what I love most about my job is something that an average person usually hates. What is that, you wonder? It’s diversity, change, constant evolution and sometimes even chaos. The day in the life of a florist is anything but boring or mundane.

Geogianne Owner of Monday Morning Flowers

Georgianne Owner of Monday Morning Flowers

I’ll bet if you asked someone what they thought it would be like to be a florist for the day, most would answer with cliché. The most common one I’ve heard over the years is “It must be fun to play with flowers all day”. Play? Who said anything about playing. Last time I looked it was my job to be a florist, not my hobby.

Another personal favorite is “It must be so calm and relaxing being surrounded by all the flowers”. Ok, anyone that says this has not been standing knee deep in floral debris with a pile of orders in front of them to be designed, with a delivery driver rushing you to hurry up, and all 6 of the phone lines are ringing at once. Ah… stress is holding me together! What would I do without it?

Is it always that hectic at a flower shop? Of course not, but the truth is that most people never experience that side of our industry. The day in the life of a florist is much more complex that anyone would imagine. There are flowers and supplies to be ordered, windows and coolers to be cleaned, balloons to be inflated, flowers to be prepped and arranged, plants to be watered, payroll, bills and taxes to be paid not to mention invoicing along with credit and collections. Orders and customers don’t just fall in our lap. There are marketing and advertising dollars to be spent wisely, websites to be updated, bridal consultations and proposals to be typed, phones to be answered and the list goes on.

Prepping Flowers At Monday Morning Flowers

Prepping Flowers At Monday Morning Flowers

Now, down to basics. There are certain tasks that get done day in and day out at a flower shop. First thing in the morning the flowers arrive, fresh from the wholesaler. That’s when the floral fun begins. Boxes and boxes of fresh flowers from all over the world are delivered to our door. Lots of buckets of fresh water are lined up as flowers are unpacked and inspected. A quick cut on the chopper and the flowers are placed into water for hydrating. I love this part seeing all the flowers lined up waiting to take their place in the cooler!!

Processing of fresh flowers happens everyday at my shop and it’s a revolving door of flowers in and out. Now we get to the fun part – flowers are artfully arranged in pretty containers of all shapes and sizes. Foliage, accent and focal flowers combined in various ways and then very carefully loaded onto one of delivery vans for a quick trip directly to the recipient! There’s nothing like receiving flowers, hand delivered by a uniformed driver. I don’t get to do it often but I still love delivering flowers. It’s fun to see peoples reaction!

“Why send flowers?” you may wonder. Flowers create memories. They attack all the senses at once. Color, fragrance and sentiment on a card. I’ve been in the business so long that sometimes it’s hard to think like a consumer or even a recipient of flowers. But when I do, in an instant, I am 5 years old again. It was my first dance recital and my mom had given me a sweet little nosegay of carnations and babies breath, tied with a pink bow. If I close my eyes, I can still smell those flowers and I feel instantly happy at the memory.

Monday Morning Flowers Staff

Monday Morning Flowers Staff

It’s finally my wedding day. The smell of the flowers, the carnations, the roses, the stephanotis… It’s funny on that day they remind me of what it felt like to be a little girl because the smell transported me back. Now, almost 24 years after my wedding day, the smell of carnations, roses and stephanotis reminds me the day that I truly became a woman. How did that happen, when did I grow up? Even though I didn’t know it then, I was born to be a florist.

Back at the shop, the fun continues as the designer hands are flying, support staff sweep up and the sales staff assist customers who need floral advice. Flowers in and out, phones ringing, computers spitting out orders and brooms constantly moving. Ah, the signs of successful flower shop!

What I love most about my days in the flower shop are the things that most people probably would avoid. No two days are ever the same. I never know what the day will hold. Maybe an old friend from high school will walk through my doors and ask me to do her wedding flowers or maybe the White House or a Celebrity will call with a flower order. Sound crazy? Those things have happened to me within the last six months. It’s what I love, the diversity of each day! The Life of a Florist – it’s not always a bed of roses but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Georgianne Vinicombe is the owner of Monday Morning Flower & Balloon CO. in Princeton NJ and Yardley PA.  Not only is she an accomplished florist, Georgianne is a avid blogger as well.  On her blog Georgianne’s “Smile Blog”, she shares the challenges, inspiration and sheer joy of being a florist.

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