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Why I Pine For Norfolk Island Pine

Send A Holiday Norfolk Island Pine

Send A Holiday Norfolk Island Pine

Until recently I did not realize the impression that norfolk island pine houseplants can have on someone. I decided to visit Aunt Cathy one day and stepped into her office for some chit-chat. In a corner of the room stands this incredible plant that towers over a small file cabinet. It certainly adds a grand atmosphere; that’s for sure!

Well there are many reasons why Norfolk Island Pine (Araucaria heterophylla) plants are so popular, especially during the holiday season. You can place these plants in an office, a corner, or in brighter lights. The room can be slightly cool, normal, or warm. Norfolk Island Pine thrives in all of these environments.

Bright fluorescent lights of an office work just as well as the incandescent bulbs of a home or the natural sunlight of a patio. It’s a pretty versatile plant. Most people wanting to send the gift of a houseplant gravitate toward Norfolk Island Pine for this reason.

Caring for Norfolk Island Pine is a breeze compared to plants of similar stature. I was rereading some plant care information about Norfolk Island Pine houseplants and had the following reactions:

  • “Keep the soil surrounding the plant evenly moist.” Uh huh. Can do.
  • “Norfolk Island Pine requires ample light but never direct sunlight.” So you mean I don’t have to keep transferring it inside and outside of my house to make sure it has enough light? Score!
  • “Another unique use for this popular plant is for bonsai, the Asian art of sculpting miniature trees.” I’ve been needing a new hobby. And short trees. I definitely need short trees.

Because Norfolk Island Pine houseplants come in a variety of sizes, these plants make excellent gift ideas. If your friend needs a colorful way to decorate an office nook, send them a Norfolk Island Pine plant. If your loved one wants to fill out a sunroom with more greenery, give this plant.

Another great thing about this plant (as if these weren’t enough reasons) is that it has a lot of great qualities that people look for in a holiday gift idea. Norfolk Island Pine plants are easy to care for so you are not putting a burden on your loved one with these plants. You’re lightening up their scenery. You can find these plants in many sizes. In this way, it’s easy to satisfy the recipient whether the plant is for an office, an indoor living space or somewhere else. Because I’m a bit quirky, my favorite thing about sending houseplants for Christmas is that you can wrap a pretty red bow around the baskets of the green plants. Now you’re talking quick and simple gift wrap in Christmas colors.

Let’s review:¬† 1) Caring for Norfolk Island Pine doesn’t require much effort. 2) You can’t get more simple but appropriate with the gift wrap. 3) This plant thrives in many environments. 4) Big enough or small enough for most homes and offices.

What’s not to love!?