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Halloween Flowers

Halloween Flowers

Halloween is probably the holiday no one ever thinks of as a good reason to send flowers, but why not? Flowers are a wonderful way to celebrate any occasion, and on Halloween, your local florist can customize them to fit with the spookiness of this day. Want to try it out? We’ve got a few ideas to spice up your floral piece!

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Flower Spotlight: Marigold


For those of you who didn’t know, the stunning golden marigold is the birth flower of October. This gorgeous garden bloom is bright and full of meaning! Here’s everything you need to know…

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Card Messages: October Edition

Autumn Leaves

Are you one to have a difficult time expressing the emotions you feel in writing? Well, let me tell you something…you’re not alone! There are so many people that rather express what they feel in actual spoken words, but sometimes having that little unexpected note makes the occasion even more special. So, here are a few card message ideas you can use to accompany the floral piece you choose to send this month!

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

As many of you may know, October is the official month of Breast Cancer Awareness. Unfortunately, this horrible disease is said to affect 1 in 8 U.S. women in the course of their lives. If you know someone personally that suffers from breast cancer, or any type of cancer, you know that it is an extremely difficult burden to carry. Not just for the person physically affected by it, but for the family as well. Be sure to show up and let them know that you understand their struggle and are available to assist in whatever they may need. A helping hand is always highly appreciated.

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5 Reasons to Send Flowers in October

Every month brings new opportunities to send flowers to the people we love. Not saying that we need to have a reason to send fresh blooms, but it’s always good to commemorate a holiday or special occasion with something that gives happiness and comfort. Below are 5 reasons to inspire you to send flowers this month!

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October Floralgram 2016

capture 1


What’s Blooming Now? October Flowers in Season

When we think of flowers blooming our minds typically go to spring and summer, but now it’s time to trade in those blush and pastel tones for rich reds and lively orange hues. In their vibrant blooms and pleasing scent, the flowers of fall portray the warmth of the season.

Choosing flowers that are in season come at a more affordable price because they are easily available. Whether you are looking for the perfect wedding flowers or simply want to spruce up your home, here is a list of ten beautiful flowers that are in season this month.

1) Alstromeria

2) Gerbera

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You Can Make a Difference!

Did you know that 1/8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime? Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer among women and is claiming the lives of 40,000 women each year in the United States alone. These numbers are staggering and show the need for change. October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and there are many things you can personally do to join the fight.

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October Card Messages 2016

A thoughtful card message along with your gift of flowers will touch the heart and leave a lasting memory. Here are some examples to help you find the right words to say for the holidays in October!

Boss’s Day

“You are the first boss I have truly looked up to. Thanks for being a great example and wonderful boss.”

“Happy Boss’s Day to the person whose job I never, ever, ever, ever want.”

“You are a great leader and I’m lucky to be on your team. Thanks for leading us with integrity and fairness.”

“It takes a special person to be a great boss and you are doing excellent.”

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FSN October 2015 Newsletter

We are getting closer to the chilly winter weather, but that doesn’t mean the fun stops here! Halloween makes way for the end of the year celebrations and gets us ready for time with family. Check out these top posts for October 2015 from the Bloomin’ Blog!

Fall Flower Foliage

It’s October and our friends at the Society of American Florists know the best in fall flowers! Here is a great article coming from SAF’s blog, aboutflowersblog.com.
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Halloween Arrangements

It’s the month of Halloween! Looking for gift ideas or Halloween decor? Here are some arrangement ideas that you can get from your local florist!
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 Wedding Trends: Flower Crowns

Looking for a different kind of bridesmaid bouquet, flower girl accessory, or something a little extra floral for your wedding day outfit? Well, we may have just the thing you are looking for!

Here are some trending flower crowns:

Tiny Blooms– a variety of small florals mixed with beautiful greens

Color Pop– consider a color that pops to add a unique wedding look.

Grand Florals– choose big blooms with some touches of foliage.

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Petal It Forward

Our friends from the About Flowers Blog held a fantastic event called Petal It Forward! Read about how they went to New York City and brought on the smiles with flowers!
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Flower Spotlight: Wheat

Wheat is not only good for making bread, but can also be used for decoration. Here is a brief history and ideas for making beautiful fall arrangements using this grain!
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To Look Forward To Next Month:

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