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Teacher Appreciation Week Is Coming Up!

Teacher Appreciation WeekGrowing up, we all had those few special teachers that inspired us to do more and be more. Nowadays, teachers like these are hard to come by, and when your kid has a favorite teacher, you should do all you can to encourage this. Show your gratefulness by participating in Teacher Appreciation Week, May 1-7th.

National Teacher’s Day is May 2nd (Monday) and really kicks off the week-long celebration. Show your appreciation for all that they do by sending gifts.

What Are The Best Gifts For Teacher’s Day?

Flowers – You just can’t go wrong with flowers! Flowers brighten our day and moods like nothing else. Sending flowers is a great way to kick off Teacher Appreciation Week! There is nothing like having fresh flowers on your desk for the week! Your local florist will be able to make your job easier and deliver flowers straight to the school. Flowers for teacher are just one click or phone call away!

Chocolate Lovers Gift BasketGift Baskets – Gift baskets come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and styles. Don’t think you have to order a gift basket as big as the teacher’s desk. There are a lot of smaller-type gift baskets available. Try a candy and soda gift basket — perfect for an afternoon snack for teacher. How about a candy-lovers gift basket for a teacher with a sweet tooth. Nothing better than an apple-themed gift basket for a teacher — especially one who is more health-conscious.

Perhaps you had a teacher who was a great influence on you in the past. If you still keep in touch, don’t forget them during Teacher Appreciation Week!

As you can see, a local flower shop is a great place to turn when looking for the best gifts for Teacher Appreciation Day!

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Houseplants For Earth Day: Reminders To Use The 3 R’s!

Earth Day is a special holiday which we celebrate our wonderful Mother Earth. Everything we are, we owe to the earth and it’s resources. The wood that’s in our houses, the metal in our cars, the glass in our windows, even the plastic in our water bottles are made from resources we’ve mastered here on earth. This is why Earth Day is such an important celebration; to remind us to be thankful of what we have and to practice the 3 R’s (reduce, reuse, recycle!) to ensure our resources for future generations.


English Ivy HouseplantA great way to celebrate Earth Day is to bring the wonderful creations of earth indoors. A houseplant is a great way to remind yourself to practice the 3 R’s daily around the house! Getting into a habit of earth friendliness is always a good thing. In addition to their eco-goodness, houseplants are a beautiful addition to any indoor space. By the use of color and texture you can instantly change the look and mood of a room!

How To Select The Perfect Houseplant

When selecting your houseplant, consider the conditions of the room or area they will be growing. What type of lighting does it have? How is the humidity? All are factors needed for your plant to be comfortable and thrive. You should also consider how much care and time you have available to give to your houseplant. Some plants are happy as they are and require very little supervision, but some require much more care. When buying a houseplant from a quality source, such as your local florist, explain to them what you can offer your houseplant and they will suggest the perfect new plant just for you!

FSN also offers a great resource when it comes to houseplants. Our Houseplant Care & Information page has many of the common houseplants listed with their care and information explained by our experts.

Houseplant Toxicity – Be sure to consider your pets when buying a houseplant. Many common houseplants are toxic and harmful to pets. Check out our houseplant toxicity list before buying your new plant.

Here Are 3 Main Types Of Houseplants
Green Houseplants
| Tropical Houseplants |
Flowering Houseplants

Green Houseplants Tropical Houseplant Flowering Houseplant

Flower Shop Network is an advocate of local florists. All flowers and plants listed in our store will connect you to your local florist, anywhere across the US and Canada! Support Local!

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Make YOUR Week At The Office Extra Special With Flowers

Unless Monday is your day off, it’s rare anyone ever looks forward to heading back to work after the weekend. Working an 8 to 5 job, it’s easy to get a case of the Mondays every once in a while. Do you know what the best cure for the Mondays is? Why, spring flowers of course!

Spring flowers lift spirits and put you in a good mood, plus their beauty is extraordinary and will enhance your desk and office like nothing else.

Having flowers delivered is always a fantastic and memorable occasion, no matter who sends them. Flowers don’t have to always be sent to us by our other halves; there are NO rules that say we can’t send flowers to ourselves. What better way to treat yourself than enjoying flowers for a week at work?

So whether you are rewarding yourself for a job-well-done or simply pampering yourself like the diva you deserve to be, flowers are the perfect start to a great week ahead!
Here are some beautiful spring choices to get you started:

Spring Flower Arrangement Cherish Spring Flower Arrangement Blooming With Admiration Bouquet
Find More Spring Flowers

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A Very Merry FSN Christmas!


If you’ve followed FSN on Twitter or Facebook you should know one thing – the people of Flower Shop Network like to PARTY!

Maybe it’s one of our 5 trees, and 40 different stockings? Or it could just be the giant disco ball we have over all the offices? Whatever it is, I am glad this is my work home. It really feels like a family here and I think that’s why I love it so much! The Christmas lights all throughout the building give the entire atmosphere a festive glow you can only find during the holidays, and if I can’t be at home I am really glad I am here. I’m sure you will see it to when you take a look at these photos!

Find more FSN Christmas pictures in our Facebook Album.