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How to WOW With Flowers

If you are about to order flowers for a special occasion coming up, we have some advice for you! Your gift can truly leave a lasting impression with a little extra effort. Keep reading to see how you can really wow someone with flowers.

1. Make it a Surprise

Who doesn’t love a surprise? Have the arrangement delivered to their workplace or home when they would least expect it. Some people even send the flowers a day early to really catch them off guard! Also remember that flowers can be admired all day so have them arrive in the morning.

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Orchids and Allergy Sufferers – The Perfect Arrangement

Everyone adores a fresh cut bouquet in their home or office but the sight of big blooming flowers can cause a few to be apprehensive. Seasonal allergies are to blame. The body’s immune system overreacts to airborne particles that generally fail to bother others. But with a little help from a thoughtful and skilled florist, everyone can enjoy the beauty of a fresh arrangement.

Pollen Forecast

Flowers that produce airborne pollen are the main culprits for allergies suffers, but not all flowers pollinate this way. Many, like orchids roses and tulips, rely on insects to carry pollen from bloom to bloom. In these varieties, the pollen is too heavy and large to be carried by the wind. Creating stunning arrangements with these flowers are not likely to trigger any sneezing fits.


Orchids – No Sniffles Here

Orchids produce very little pollen, come in many different vibrant colors and are the safest flower for sensitive individuals. Not sure about a particular flower? Keep in mind that the more scent present in a flower, the more pollen it contains. Think those gorgeous lilies are going to make your eyes water? Not if the pollen-covered stamen in the center of the flower is removed.


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Showers Bring May Flowers, But If Not, Give Your Florist A Call

Colors of Spring Through FlowersIt’s impossible not to love the feeling of spring. That first day when you are able to go outside without a jacket is always wonderful. When you can enjoy the night air without your teeth chattering, you know your heart feels light and free. It’s simply human nature to bask in this glorious season.

There is a part of spring that makes it somewhat difficult, however, and that is all the rain. They say April’s showers bring May flowers, and that is definitely true. The spring saturation enables summer flowers to grow with gusto. There are many spring flowers that don’t mind the showers: daffodils, hyacinths, tulips and irises. These perk their colorful heads up as soon as they feel the slightest amount of warmth.

Enjoy Spring Flowers Inside (Without the Rain)

Spring rain might stop you from enjoying spring flowers outside, but there is still a way to enjoy the colors of spring indoors. Simply contact your local florist and order yourself a bundle of spring! You can order something from their large selection of spring designs, or ask them to create something special just for you using their freshest spring flowers. Either way, flowers are the best way to enjoy this wonderful season.

Everything Looks Better With Flowers… Even Winter

I don’t know about where you live, but it sure is cold here!!! I practically have to force myself to get up and stay active, and the long nights aren’t helping much either. It’s times like these when both my family and I could use a real pick-me-up. It’s time to buy some fresh flowers!

Radiant Winter Flowers

It’s been proven that flowers give off energy and really do improve moods. Why not order a beautiful arrangement of flowers today from your local florist and beat the winter blues by the weekend?! Improve your outlook, flowers make everything better… even winter!

Just remember, always always always use a real local florist when ordering or sending flowers!

How To Order Flowers And Get Exactly What You Want

Robbin Yelverton on How To Order Flowers

Today we’re going to talk about how to place an order for flowers and actually get what you’re ordering. This article is the transcript from the helpful video by our friend and pro florist, Robbin Yelverton.

Too much to read? Robbin explains it all in the video at the bottom of this post! Don’t miss the video!

Good Clear Communication

A lot of times things seem to get lost in translation. For example, there are 3 words that people use all the time when placing an order, which are: Flowers, Bouquet, & Arrangements. It’s funny how they will use those 3 words, and in a lot of cases think those words mean the same thing. These 3 words are not synonyms. They are not the same thing when you are talking to a florist.

Flowers From Local Florist

  • Flowers refers to the actual flower. If you are talking about tulips, that’s a flower.
  • Bouquet, often people will use the word bouquet in exchange for arrangement, but to us as professional floral designers, a bouquet is something you carry, like a wedding bouquet. In some cases, we refer to an arrangement of loose flowers gathered together and presented as a wrapped bouquet that someone then takes out of the wrap and places in a vase for arranging.
  • Arrangement or design. Now that implies that it is flowers arranged in a container and then sold together in the container.

So most of the time when people call in to order flowers, they’re really calling to order an arrangement. So remember to be clear.

The thing about ordering flowers, it’s sorta like playing the game of 20 Questions. You have to provide enough information that the person taking the order understands what you’re saying and then is able to transfer this information to the designer to make sure it gets created the way you wanted, and then gets delivered to the person it’s supposed to go to correctly.

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Celebrate Life With Flowers

Flowers To Celebrate Life

It’s hard to lose someone who has been a regular part of your life, which is why funerals are usually somber occasions. This is exactly why flowers for funerals are so important. Words are sometimes hard to find when a friend or loved one passes. Often, flowers better express the sympathy we feel for the family and our lost friend.

Flowers do so much more during a funeral than just be beautiful:

Types of Funeral Flowers Available

Flowers also set the tone of the occasion. Instead of ordering traditional white sympathy flowers, order what you think the departed would have enjoy the most.

  • Beautiful sympathy tribute in all their favorite colors, either in an urn, vase or easel.
  • Custom funeral tribute themed for their favorite hobbies or occupations.
  • Patriotic themed flowers for passionate patriots or military veterans.

No matter what you choose to send, always use a real local florist when placing your order.

The Colors of Spring

Spring is just around the corner and I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait! Nothing is better than warm weather and being outdoors! If you want to get a jump start on spring, order a big bouquet of spring blooms — either for yourself, or as a gift! Here are some great spring flower inspirations based on color to get you started:


  • Yellow is the cheerful color of sunshine; the color of bees and many spring flowers.
  • Yellow spring flowers include: Tulips, Daffodils, Alstroemeria, Callas, Freesia
  • It’s color compliment is purple.

Yellow Spring Tulips Daffodil Spring Flower Yellow Spring Flowers


  • Pink, sometimes referred to as “the color of love,” is associated with youth and femininity.
  • Pink spring flowers include: Gerbera daisies, Anemones, Asters, Tulips, Heather, Lilies
  • The name pink actually is from the name of a flower, pinks, a type of dianthus.
  • It’s color compliment is bright green.

 All Daisy Flower Arrangement Cherish Spring Flower Arrangement  Suddenly Spring Flowers

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Recharge After The Holidays! Time To Treat Yourself!

Time To Treat Yourself!

Well, it’s over! After months and months of shopping, decorating, planning and preparing, the hardest part of the holidays is finally over. Now it’s time to settle down, relax and welcome the new year. Whether you’re still amped up on sweets or  fighting to stay awake, you need to make a little time for yourself! You worked HARD this weekend, why not treat yourself with a little reward?

The easiest way to reward yourself this week is by ordering winter flowers for yourself, and here’s why:

  • Flowers are scientifically proven to improve moods.
  • You can’t help but smile when looking at big, beautiful blooms.
  • The heavenly smell is an instant pick-me-up!
  • When you order flowers for yourself, YOU get to pick out the style and colors.
  • YOU can choose your favorite flowers to really put you on Cloud 9.
  • Flowers are a treat with no calories. (Something we all could use this time of year!)

But what is the best part of treating yourself with flowers?

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Valentines Day Tips From Those In The Know

One of our florist friend’s daughter published a fantastic article to Yahoo called, Valentine’s Day Flowers: Demystifying the Experience. It was so good, we just had to mention it on the Bloomin’ Blog!

Tips For Sending Valentines Day FlowersRachael Priest is a freelance writer and daughter of Paula Wagnon, owner of Buds ‘N Bows Flower Shop in Crawford, Georgia. Growing up in a flower shop gives her plenty of insight into the craziness of Valentines Day from a florist standpoint. Her tips are best for easing the stress of sending flowers.

Rachael gives excellent tips for consumers who are planning to order flowers for Valentines Day. Whether you are ordering flowers online or over the phone you can use these tips. There is even a section for sending custom flowers and under special conditions, such as sending Valentines Day flowers to your child at school. These tips are good practices to use when ordering flowers, even if they are not for Valentines Day!

What was Rachael’s key to ordering flowers? ORDER EARLY! It’s always best to order flowers early for the freshest flowers and on-time delivery. This is especially true when ordering custom or specific orders.

So before you order your Valentines Day flowers, make sure to read Rachael’s article!

Great article, Rachael! Thanks for the mention as well!

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