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What Type of Poppy Is This?

Ask The Plant Expert:

I found this in my neighbors garden and love it. I bought tons of poppies before so, I was wondering what kind this is. The leaves aren’t fuzzy, but look more like a succulent. We live on the coast of Maine, and they followed the sun the day I took the picture. This was around 6 am; at around 10 am it was fully open. – Emily

Red Poppy

Flower Shop Network‘s Plant Expert Reply:


I think it is a type of Papaver somniferum (Opium poppy). It is hard to tell from the picture. Do the leaves have a slight blue-green tint to them? Has it produced any blue-green seeds pods? The blue-green leaves and seed pods are a good indication that it is a type of Papaver somniferum.  Papaver somniferum is hardy in Maine. Some states and countries may prohibit the growing of this poppy. You might want to check with you state extension service to see if it is ok to propagate it in Maine.

Hope this information was helpful. Please let me know if you help with anything else.

What Is This Pink Flower With Grey Green Leaves

Double Flowering Poppy

Double Flowering Poppy

Ask the Expert: What is this flower?
It is a 2.5ft high plant with grey green leaves and cerise pink flowers with pendulous buds which straighten as the blooms open.  Joane

Plant Expert Reply:

This interesting flowers looks like a Papaver somniferum – an Opium poppy.  Most of these poppies have single blooms (meaning the flower has only a single row of petals).  This one is a double flowering poppy – multiple petals.  Blue-green seed pods will follow the flowers.  These seed pods can be dried and are fantastic additions to dried flower arrangements. Be careful not to ingest any part of this plant – it will cause stomach upset.

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Be careful With This Orange Poppy



Ask the Expert: any idea what this flower is? Is it child safe? I found this at a farm pond in ohio. I have never seen one like it and can’t find it in any of flower identification. It was tough to get a good picture, but the pedals are wrinkled looking, and the plant is prickly and has pods on long stems. Not sure if the attachment worked please let me know. Michael

Plant Expert:

From the picture it is a little difficult to tell, but I believe you have some kind of poppy (Papaver). The blooms seems to be what they call double which are a little different from what we normally see in a poppy.  It could be a Papaver somniferum, Papaver lateritium ‘Fireball’ or a Papaver rupifragium.   All poppies can be toxic if ingested.  However, only the Papaver somniferum contains opium.  This plant can be poisonious for some animals as well.

If you really need a definitive identification, take a bloom, a seed pod and a leaf to your local extenstion service.  They should be able to identify it.