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Please Idenitify This Plant And Is It Poisonous To Cats

Ask The Plant Expert: Hi Jamie, I came across your info via google and was wondering if you could possibly help me identify two plants that we have at our house.

I am ultimately trying to find out if they are hazardous to cats but have not had any success at identifying the names. I would sincerely appreciate any help and have attached pictures.


Flower Shop Network Plant Expert Reply: What you have are Chamaedorea elegans also known as parlor plams, Neanthe bella palms, or table top palms. They are not poisonous to cats or dogs.

What Is Causing Brown Leaf Tips On My Parlor Palm?


Parlor Plam

Ask the Expert: care of little parlor palm tree doesn’t seem to grow, a few of leaves turn brown, Mary

Plant Expert Reply:

Parlor plams (Chamaedorea elegans) are plants that thrive in low-light, so exposure to bright light sources can scorch the leaves.  Lack of moisture can also cause brown leaf tips in a parlor palm. Since parlor plams like humid enviornments but not soggy soil, you will need to mist the air around the plant every so often.  Keep the soil moist but not soggy.

For the parlor palm to thrive rather than just live, you need to fertilze it with a balance fertilzer.  You can do this on a monthly basis or every time you water it. You will need to use a very light fertizer solution if you do it every time you water.

You might want to read the our parlor palm care instructions for more detailed suggestions.

Good Luck.  I hope this information has been helpful.

Is This Palm Tree Looking Plant Poisonous?

Ask the Expert: What is my plant and is it poisonous?

It looks like a tiny palm tree with various stems.
It is a house plant. Janelle

Parlor Palm

Chinese Evergreen chinese evergreen

Dumbcane Dumbcane

Schefflera schefflera

Dieffenbachia (Photo From Berneckers) photo from Bernecker’s Nursery

Plant Propagation for Golden Pothos and Parlor Palm

Ask the Expert: how and where do you snip the flower for replant  one is a golden pothos, other is a parlor palm i want replant.