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Don’t Hate Me. “Twilight” Piques My Interest

Hi, my name is Brynn and I’m a “Twilight” addict.

I know. Since I’m certainly not a tween and other stories in this genre are unappealing to me, it seems strange that I would like the books and movies but I do. I really, really do.

I was thinking about what to do before “New Moon” releases and it made me think of florists. Go figure, right? I knew that I would be hosting a Twilight themed party at my house before leaving to see “New Moon” in theatres. I started thinking about the decorations and it dawned on me. Flowers!

So in my many hours of dedicated thought–ok, like 15 minutes–I decided that I would have one of my local florists create a few Twilight themed flower arrangements for my party. I even thought of a few tips for making it more Twilight-y to share with my florist. If you’re interested in the movie or your children are (more likely), think about having Twilight themed flowers delivered to your home for a pre-screening party. You’ll be the coolest parent in school. That’s for sure!

  • Use a black or brown vase. These are the colors of Edward’s eyes *hint hint*
  • Use white flowers  with red edges or dipped in something red. There is a flower like this on the cover of the “New Moon” book.
  • Think Vampires. Halloween flower arrangements often have the elements needed for a Twilight themed flower arrangement.
  • Mix up the colors. Many dark flowers and many light flowers. These are to reflect the constant mood changing of Bella and Edward.
  • Attach a Twilight mylar balloon or an apple mylar balloon (Twilight book cover) to the arrangement.
  • Create a werewolf themed arrangement for the group of fans that are on “Team Jacob.”

There are many other cool things you can do to inspire the right mood for watching “Twilight” followed by “New Moon”. These flowers are also great for a Twilight themed birthday party, Twilight book party, or even a girls-only sleepover consisting of tween-age Twilight fans. Your florist will have fun creating something so unique and different. Just give them plenty of tips and have fun!

My First Time Receiving Housewarming Flowers

I had plans to move in July. Things started going sour in June but I eventually made it into the new place! A little bit of everything happened during the moving process but it was all made right when I walked in the front door that first night.

My parents helped me move what was left of my stuff at their house. My father and brother did most of the heavy lifting so it seemed only right to take them all out to eat after we finished. Of course, my sweetheart has his own set of keys. He had said that he was going to pick up his daughter and would see me later, preferably after a shower. Yes I know, his humor is something else. I never suspected that what he was really doing was buying me my first housewarming gift!

Now I’ve lived in many different places over my short life. My first apartment was only an hour from my parents and a few miles from my love but apparently “my first apartment” wasn’t significant enough to merit any sort of housewarming gift. Well, mom bought me a load of groceries. Does that count?

But I digress. I put my key in the lock and fiddled with it for a second until it opened. When I finally got it open, I saw a small bouquet of flowers on my makeshift dining room table. There was a card beside it that said “Welcome home.” I could’ve bawled at that point but not being a cryer prevented that embarassment. I decided to call him after my shower so I went to my bedroom to get what I needed. I looked at the bedside table and saw what DID make me tear up. A can of carnation milk and a picture of us together on our first Valentines Day sat beside the framed pictures I have of the three of us.

If you don’t remember, I’ll let you know why this meant so much. On our first Valentine’s Day together, he remembered my favorite flower but couldn’t remember my favorite color of that flower. He wound up picking up a can of carnation milk which has three colors on the front. They happen to be my three favorites (though pink is my true favorite). He didn’t have a picture of us from that day so he had to go through mine to find one of us that day but he did and placed them both where he knew I would see them when I got ready to go to sleep.

In hindsight, that’s probably the reason why I love flowers so much. I know it’s a big part of why I absolutely adore him.

Do You Know What Biking And Flowers Have In Common?

Are you into bike riding? I ride my bicycle all of the time. I’m kind of addicted to the feeling of the breeze in my face. The tightness in my abs lets me know that I’m also getting my daily dose of exercise but in a fun way. The burn in my legs drives the feeling home. I never knew that flowers and bike riding had anything to do with each other, but biking with the honey showed me how the two come together seamlessly.

We were biking together at a local state park in June (and every weekend since then) when it just suddenly dawned on me. They may not be cut fresh flowers, but the flowers scattered all over the sides of the path were absolutely gorgeous. We rode a bit farther than we would have otherwise because we were admiring the nature around us. That’s not really like him so I was quite impressed that our surrounding caught him like that also. After all, we’ve been there dozens of times before. It wasn’t until we began biking the paths that we’d walked together before that we discovered just how pretty flowers are whether in a vase or in the woods.

I hope to have a similar experience when I do my other favorite outdoor activity next weekend–kayaking. Even if I don’t, I’ll always have that surreal moment when he and I noticed together that something that we love (biking) was always surrounded by something we take for granted (wildflowers).

Do Flower Shows Peak Your Interest?

Flower shows just seem like the perfect time to chit chat with florists from your area and even some from far away. Being a little bit of  a social butterfly, this prospect definitely appeals to me.

Just think about it. You get to discuss what you love with people who share your passion. You learn, grow and develop your passion and your talents while making new friends. You get to take a break from the rush-rush-rush of the office but you’re not far from the action. With all this in store, who wouldn’t love a flower show?

Network coordinators from Flower Shop Network recently made their trip to the Florida State Florists Association Convention. They returned with great stories. I must admit, I was a bit jealous after hearing what some of the florists at the show had to say! Everyone came back with a smile that was twice as large as when they had left. In light of everything going on today, I find this chance to be inspired by other florists very appealing. I’m ready for the next flower show!

What’s on the agenda for this summer? Flower shows taking place in June/July 2009:

What do you think of flower shows and florist association conventions? Ever been to one? Tell us your favorite stories from the trip!

You Know What Peaks My Interest? UNIQUENESS

I literally see hundreds of flower arrangements every month. After having spent a significant amount of time in the floral industry, my passion for flowers remains but it takes a little bit more than it used to take to make me take a second glimpse…or a third…or tell someone else about it.

I’m not alone in this. All consumers-shoppers-buyers-gift givers want to hit the nail on the head and give the perfect gift. It’s just finding that diamond in the rough that occasionally presents a problem. That’s why we at Flower Shop Network try so hard to regularly replenish your idea bank. I got to thinkin’ about it this afternoon (boy I sound southern today) and realized what really jumps out at people like me when we shop for flowers and gifts. We want something unique. Gift givers want something tried-and-true for the most part but with an edge. In other words, we want the gift that we know they’ll like but with that little extra something that will make them remember the gift, the occasion and the sender.

Need some visual examples of unique flower arrangements and gifts?

Here are a few that jumped out to me:

Tropical Flowers

Tropical Flowers

I have to say that I love the “Exotic Floral Vase” arrangement of tropical fresh flowers. To be honest, it made me want to run out and grab a seafood dinner. (The red anthuriums remind me of lobster pinchers.) It’s uniquely shaped inside a clear vase. The flowers are colorful enough that they need no dressing up. They speak for themselves.

Plus, how often do you really see tropical flower bouquets like this? It’s easy to find a carnation, rose or tulip bouquet. Tropical fresh flowers are unique enough by themselves. This bouquet just has an architectural feeling of clean lines and solid colors that is easy to enjoy whether you are into art and style or form and function.

Flower Animals

Flower Animals

I’ve written before on how much fun flower animals are. Rabbits, puppies. Doesn’t matter. Animal shapes made of flowers are too cute to pass up.

The two little girls in my life are both big animal lovers. Most kids are. That’s why flower animals make great Easter gifts for kids, Valentines Day gifts for kids, even birthday gifts for children. If you can think of an occasion that merits a gift, try sending flowers like these.

Even if you plan to give something else later, this is a fun way to treat your child to something nice at school. It’s always fun to receive gifts in front of classmates. In this way, your child is able to have all of the birthday attention he/she craves and more.

Unique Shapes

Unique Shapes

I know. Essentially it’s just a few pieces of greenery wrapped, tied and trimmed to form a special shape. However, that’s the difference between a regular gift and a unique gift. I probably wouldn’t have looked twice at a simple pink rose bouquet in a tall pink vase. I looked multiple times at the “You Have My Heart” Valentines Day arrangement simply because it uses heather in a unique way. That’s all it takes to make someone pause for a moment. Give them what they want and then a little extra.

Not to be cheesy, but forming unique shapes and lines with flowers is enough to make an ordinary gift into an Extraordinary gift. All it takes is that little extra. Ok, I guess I failed on the cheesy scale but the point is the same. Unique shapes just work.

Unique Containers

Unique Containers

It’s not just the container that makes me like arrangements like the “Candy Bouquet” gift basket. However, it had a huge role. Unique vases and containers make it fun to send flowers. You just want to be there when your buddy receives the gift and smiles.

My friends know about my sweet tooth so candy gift baskets are right up there on the list of “give to Brynn” gift ideas. Candy bouquets can come in many containers though. They can come in a bag and I’d be happy but I wouldn’t be thrilled until I saw a smiling container staring back at me.

Unique containers and vases work wonders when sending flowers also. The containers become keepsakes that the recipient can store for years and think of you every time it’s taken out. I want my friends to think of me and know that it was that little something extra that brought me to their minds.

What Peaks Your Interest About Flowers?

I tend to talk a lot about what I like and what works for me and mine. However, I’m much more concerned with what you like and what works for you and yours. This month I would like to see what really tickles you about flowers. If you are a florist, please share what you like about or what made you choose the floral industry.

I want to know what moves you, what drives you, what about your area drew you to flowers, what makes your local flower shop stand out, what makes your area stand out in the floral industry, and what makes your heart skip a beat when you see or hear it.

Though these are not the boundaries by any means, here are some examples:

  • Funny/sentimental card messages
  • (Florists) Stories about sweet customer interactions
  • Design techniques that catch your eye
  • Something nice that you did to counteract the effects of a natural disaster
  • Anything happy that makes you feel good.

It’s not just the opportunity to put words on a page. It’s not an attempt to fill space on the Internet. It’s a chance for you to BRAG about yourself. Keep points! Take score. You’re at the top of your game or climbing there fast for a reason. Want to share a great idea with others? Find something that you like and you’re sure someone else will love it? Share it with us. You may even see a whole blog or Networker article about what peaks your interest.

Let the world know what moves you. Log in to comment below or email me at bjackson@flowershopnetwork.com

Riddle Me This: What Piques Your Interest?

Hip Hop Into Easter Because "Somebunny Loves You"

Hip Hop Into Easter Because "Somebunny Loves You"

What gains a second look from me?? To be honest, I prefer edgy versions of an original product. Some prefer subdued versions and others delight in the raucous. Whatever it is, there is something to be said for floral industry creations that pique our interest.

Those of us who work in the floral industry take great pride in the trendy new creations that come out of it. The thing that caught my attention recently is a fabulous new trend. I absolutely love how many florists are forming animal shapes out of flowers and accessories. It’s so cool!!

I’ve noticed this trend a lot lately. The Somebunny Loves You arrangement is a particular favorite of mine for this reason. Every chance I get to splash this Easter flower arrangement up is a chance that I take. However, we’re not the only ones doing this. I was browsing the photos at Wedding and Party Network when I stumbled across a puppy formed of daisies. Props to The Garden Girls Flowers & Gifts for being so creative!

Enjoy Kisses & &quote;Puppy Love&quote;

Enjoy Kisses & "Puppy Love"

For me it’s very much the same as staring at the face of an innocent puppy. They are so cute and charming! How can you resist them? It’s the same feeling when I see flowers arranged to look like a puppy or other cuddly animal. It’s an irresistible appeal.

Animal flower arrangements are awesome gifts for kids. What kid wouldn’t be entertained with a flower animal? Besides, parents love that there’s less clean up! Anyway, check out these types of arrangements. I think you’ll be impressed!

Piques My Interest is a new monthly blog featuring floral industry creations that, well, peak interest. Know of something that grabs your attention? Email me the what-where-why and it may make next month’s feature! bjackson@flowershopnetwork.com