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Flower Meanings For Expectant Mothers & New Arrivals

This may sound strange to some, but I recently struggled alongside a friend who was having difficulty conceiving. She and her husband had anticipated children since the early stages of their relationship. However, her age and medical history made it a troublesome ordeal.

"Grace Under Pressure" Pink Roses Bouquet

"Grace Under Pressure" Pink Roses Bouquet

It’s hard to watch a close friend go through something like that. I wanted to help her so we would stay up late talking and praying about the situation. One day she called me in tears because the stress finally became overwhelming. I racked my brain for some way to console her when it finally hit me.

I called up June, my local florist, and discussed an arrangement specifically for my friend. I relied on my guide of flower meanings (I use the FSN flower meanings reference) and found the perfect flowers to express what I wanted to say to her but couldn’t.

Though some of these were out of season, I discussed many flowers with my florist including apple blossom, azalea, peony, Queen Anne’s lace, pink roses, Star of Bethlehem, stephanotis, pink tulips, violets, and yarrow.

I chose apple blossom because it means “promise” and through many nights of prayer we were reminded of the Biblical story of Abraham and Sarah who also struggled with bearing a child. They were promised abundance and were blessed so I wanted apple blossom for encouragement. Azalea means “abundance” so this also seemed fitting of the promise.

I chose the rest of the flowers based on their significance in her life, particularly her struggle with medical issues and a need for peace of mind. The flower meanings of the rest discussed with June are:

  • Peony “Healing”
  • Queen Anne’s Lace “Delicate Femininity”
  • Pink Roses “Friendship”
  • Star of Bethlehem “Hope”
  • Stephanotis “Good Luck”
  • Pink Tulips “Caring”
  • Violets (specifically blue violets)  “Faithfulness”
  • Yarrow “Good Health”

And a year later a child arrived…

The flower bouquet had raised her spirits so much that I decided to send a new baby bouquet when her son was born. I again turned to the flower meanings guide and consulted my local florist, June, about using these flowers: [Read more…]

The Romance Of Flowers: How To Choose The Best Flowers For Your Sweetie

Flower Romance Consists Of More Than Roses!

flower-romance-for-valentines-dayYes, roses are traditionally considered the most romantic flower.

However, this isn’t always the case. Though it seems hard to believe, many men and women do not care for roses or favor other flowers more highly.

When you’re in a pickle about which romantic flowers to get your sweetheart, don’t be discouraged. Try these ideas instead:

Choose A Flower With A Significant Meaning

The instant joy felt when receiving flowers is a memory not quickly forgotten. Often, parents send their children the same type of flower each year to celebrate a birthday, special occasion or Valentine’s Day before boyfriends and girlfriends enter the picture.

romantic-tulipsCarnations, orchids, tulips, daisies and other popular cut flowers are given as tokens of love and affection on these occasions. Growing up with those memories, the flowers sent are revered through adolescence and into adulthood.

When considering Valentine’s Day gifts, anniversary flowers, or birthday flowers this year, do your best to learn if a particular bloom has a special significance to your sweetheart.

Instead of the traditional “because it’s expected of me” gift, your sweetie will enjoy the “it’s truly because I care” gesture. The little things go a long way, and this is the “extra mile” sort of gift that will dazzle.

Select Fresh Flowers With Special Meanings

The sweetest thing someone can do for their lover is to personally select the flowers that go into a romantic bouquet. Taking the time to learn about flower meanings, flower color meanings and personal significance to the recipient is the most amazing part of any gift. When ordering a romantic flower bouquet from your florist, consider the following flowers. Each has a special flower meaning. (Hint:  Include the flower meaning on the card and watch her eyes light up!)

  • Holly = domestic happiness
  • Larkspur = beautiful spirit
  • Lilac = first love
  • Orchid = delicate beauty
  • Red Tulip = declaration of love
  • Yellow Tulip = hopelessly in love

Talk with your florist about using flowers with significant meanings. The best gift of all is the gift that shows how much you care.

Romantic Flowers She’s Sure To Love

There are some fresh flowers that never fail. Many of the flowers below are [Read more…]

Need Birthday Flowers For A Leo?

When it’s time to shop for a birthday gift for a Leo, strike “trip to the mall” off of the list. Instead, call your local florist and ask about zodiac flowers for a Leo. This is a unique gift that they probably aren’t going to get twice. The creativity of zodiac flower arrangements shows that you’re paying attention to the birthday boy or girl and really wanted to go the extra mile for a cool gift this year. Well you did! At least, you will have when you contact your local florist and talk about zodiac flowers in a birthday bouquet.

So what flowers qualify as Leo zodiac flowers and astrological flowers? Here are the most popular blooms for Leos:

Orange Carnations Are Always Fun!

Orange Carnations Are Always Fun!

  • Carnations (yay!!!)
  • Amaranthus
  • Peonies
  • Anthuriums
  • Cacti
  • Sunflowers
  • Venus Fly Trap (though you’ll have to go farther than your local florist to find this TRULY unique gift)

So when it comes to shopping around for a birthday gift for your loveable Leo, look to your local florist. They have just what you need this year — zodiac flowers!

The Beauty Of White Peonies

Despite the wind, the rain (the massive rain) and the unseasonably cool temperatures, my peonies have been beautiful.

Since I like to share, here are a couple pictures from my garden.

White Peony Bloom

White Peony Bloom

When you enlarge the picture you can see the water droplets on the peony petals.

White Peonies In Vase

White Peonies In Vase

I cut five peonies from my garden and placed them in a ginger jar. I made sure to shake out all of the ants first. I love being able to cut flowers from my garden. Fortunately, when I don’t have anything blooming I can turn to my local florist for flowers. I think I’ll use this vase of peonies as my dinner table centerpiece.