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What is this July Blooming Pink Flower from a Bulb?

TrgridiaAsk the Expert: Do you know the name of this flower?

A friend gave me a bulb to be frozen and planted in spring. It blooms once a year in July and then dries out.

Thank you,


Plant Expert reply: The plant you submitted to the Bloomin Blog for identification seems to be a type of Tigridia. It is sometimes referred to as tiger flower or shell flower. I think yours is a Tigridia pavonia. The blooms only last for a single day. They are in the Iridaceae family and are native to Mexico and Guatemala. I hope this information helps. Please let me know if I can help with anything else.

Have A Good Day,


Reply From Nora: Thank you very, very much. It is great to be able to contact you and learn so much!! Every so often I learn about the indigenous plants in my country and it feels great!

Greetings from Mexico,


Get Your Pink On This October

Think Pink - Breast Cancer Awareness Month

"Think Pink" Flowers for Breast Cancer Awareness MonthOctober is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the time of year the whole world turns PINK! Because breast cancer can almost always be cured with early detection, it’s very important to keep up awareness. This is why we THINK PINK in October.

How can you help promote awareness this October? The first step is easy – wear pink. It can be anything from wearing a pink ribbon or corsage, to a full-on pink suit. When someone asks you about your pink, explain to them that you are helping save lives!! 1 in 8 women will be stricken with breast cancer in her lifetime. Until there is a cure, breast cancer awareness and early detection is the key. With early detection, we all win!

Remember these key steps to awareness:

  • Know your risks.
  • Get screened.
  • Know what is normal for you.
  • Make healthy life choices.

Real life heros: If you know someone who has championed their fight with breast cancer, send them Think Pink flowers this October to let them know how happy you are to have them in your life.

Local Florists Promote Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Pink Roses For The CureBreast Cancer Awareness Month is something florists do not take lightly. Many go above and beyond to do their part to raise awareness of this disease in their own creative ways.

Here are just a few of the ways florists all across the nation are helping out:

  • Bayberries Flowers & Gifts in Caldwell Idaho is giving $5.00 to their local breast cancer screening center for every “pink” arrangement ordered through the 20th of October.
  • Clark Flower & Gift Shop in Clark, SD is doing a ‘”Bra”vo For A Cure’ Decorated Bra Contest during the month of October for Breast Cancer Awareness. So far, they’ve got 32 entries, and have them displayed in the front window of their store. (photo below)

We have having a People’s Choice vote during October for the winning entry with a $1 donation per vote. Proceeds will be donated to the local Relay For Life. Also, we took photos of all our entries & put a photo album on our Facebook page. The entry that gets the most likes during October will win a prize.

We also have pink rose specials for the month, & are donating $1 for each pink rose sold to our local Relay For Life. We are also giving out [FSN’s] Think Pink flyer to customers during October. It’s fun to watch people looking at our window display; laughing and having fun with it. We got so many cute entries. The decorated bras will be donated for an auction to be held later to benefit our local Relay For Life

[Read more…]

Think Pink This October

Breast Cancer Awareness Flyer

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the time the whole world turns PINK! Because about 1 in 8 women in the US will develop breast cancer over the course of her lifetime, but this doesn’t have to be a death sentence. The good news is, with early detection, there is a 95% survival rate! So if you’re over 20, male or female, don’t forget to check yourself regularly!

In 2010, there were more than 2.5 million breast cancer survivors in the United States alone. This is a fact we should all be excited about. Cancer is a scary subject and hearing stories of survival are always encouraging! The battle with breast cancer is a fight we CAN and WILL win! All it takes is reminders, awareness and a little PINK!

If you know someone who has championed their fight with breast cancer, send them Think Pink flowers this month to let them know how happy you are to have them in your life.

We have added a PDF download of the above flyer here: Breast Cancer Awareness Free Flyer

What Is This Plant With Unusual Pink Flower And Silver Leaves?

Ask the Expert: Can you tell me what this plant is received this plant as a gift what is it and how do i care for it. J

Flower Shop Network
Plant Expert Reply: Although the plant has a Sansevieria look, it is actually a type of  Bromeliad. This particular plant is a Aechmea fasciata. With a bloom that lasts 10-12 weeks, it grows to an average 24-27”. It thrives in medium to high light.

For more information about Bromeliads, read our blog post Tropical Bromeliad Basic Houseplant Care or check out the specific care information for the Aechmea fasciata.

Bromeliads are members of the Bromeliaceae (bro-meh-lee-AH-say-eye) family. Pineapple is the most well known Bromeliad. This versatile family contains a wide range of plants; some that look like a pineapple and some that look very un-like a pineapple. They do best indoors in cooler climates, but can be used outdoors in warmer climates (where the temperatures never freeze). They are general easy to grown with long lasting blooms.

This plant identification questions was brought to your by Pensacola Florists. Not in Pensacola FL? Find a local florist near you with FlowerShopNetwork.com

What Is This Spikey Pink Pinecone Looking Flower

kalmia-latifoliaAsk the Expert: can you identify this plant please. As you can see by the photograph, before the flower opens it looks rather spikey like a pink pinecone but opens into a simple type of bell flower. Can it be grown in Zone 3? Kate

Flower Shop Network‘s Plant Expert Reply:

This flower identification was a hard one for me. So, I contacted Rick Pudwell at the Memphis Botanical Garden. Luckily for me, he was able to identify it. Here is his identification:

It appears to be Mountain Laurel, Kalmia latifolia. I t is a native shrub in the North Eastern U.S. through the Smoky Mountains. It is difficult to grow unless you live in an area with similar conditions.

Mountain Laurel’s cupped-shaped flowers bloom from late spring to mid-summer. It has pink to white flowers with crimson to dark pink buds. This dense bushy shrub is sometimes called Calico bush. They like to grow in moist, humus-rich soil. in partial shade or moist sunny areas.

Blooming Plant With Pink Flowers And Chartreuse Leaves

Blooming Plant

Blooming Plant

Ask the Expert: is this a weed?

Could you please tell me if this is a weed or not?
Thank you very much Emanuela

Flower Shop Network‘s Plant Expert Reply:

If it is what I think it is.  – it is not a weed. I believe this is a Spirea japonica which is a clump-forming decidiuous shrub. Heading into and throughout summer it will be covered with pink flowers.  Did this just pop up in your yard? They are usually propagated vegetaively or from suckers.  How long has it been in your area.

What Is This Flowering Plant With Coral-Pink Blooms

Christmas Pride Ruellia macranthia

Christmas Pride Ruellia macranthia

Ask the Expert: Could you please tell me the name of this flower

This plant was given to us by a friend who does not know the name of it. We think it may belong to the Begonia family, but are not quite sure. It was thought that perhaps its common name was African Rice plant but I don\’t think this is correct Can you help please.

Kind Regards

Plant Expert Reply:
I can’t see the flower detail exactly, but I believe what you have is a Ruellia macrantha commonly called Christmas Pride or Brazilian Rose. This erect soft stemmed shrub blooms fall and winter and occasionally. It is used as a container plant , although in California it is used as a garden plant. They like bright filtered light and high humidity.

This flower identifications was brought to you by the local florists in Elverta California.

What Is This Pink Flower With Grey Green Leaves

Double Flowering Poppy

Double Flowering Poppy

Ask the Expert: What is this flower?
It is a 2.5ft high plant with grey green leaves and cerise pink flowers with pendulous buds which straighten as the blooms open.  Joane

Plant Expert Reply:

This interesting flowers looks like a Papaver somniferum – an Opium poppy.  Most of these poppies have single blooms (meaning the flower has only a single row of petals).  This one is a double flowering poppy – multiple petals.  Blue-green seed pods will follow the flowers.  These seed pods can be dried and are fantastic additions to dried flower arrangements. Be careful not to ingest any part of this plant – it will cause stomach upset.

This question was sponsored by local flower shops across the U.S. and Canada.

Interesting Pink Flower Is A Celosia

Ask the Expert: What is this flower?

Cockscomb - Celosia

Cockscomb - Celosia

It grows along my driveway among a ton of wildflowers….just moved into this place in East Tennessee and have never seen these before. Jan

Plant Expert Reply:
This interesting pink flower is commonly called cockscomb because it resembles the comb of a rooster. The genus name is Celosia. The perennial cockscomb is Celosia argentea and the annual types fall under Celosia spicata. The perennial cultivars of this plant will have either the crested, coral-like heads of tightly clustered flowers (combs) or open, feathery, pyramidal flowerheads. The annual cultivars will display open, compact, erect, cylindrical flower spikes. I am assuming by the look of the flower in the picture it is a Celosia argentea.

An interesting addition to the garden, Celosia is also a versatile flower for decorating. Florists use it both as a cut flower in fresh arrangements and as a dried flower in permanent arrangements.  So enjoy this wonderful flower while you can – a killing frost will put them to rest for the winter.