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Color Their World with Carnations

Roses may be the giant of the floral world, but carnations are the backbone. Carnations come in a range of colors. They have a mild fragrance, and are lovely alone or as accent flowers. They are the official flower of Mother’s Day, and have been treasured for thousands of years. [Read more…]

Keep Calm with These Relaxing Flower Colors!

Ready for spring to arrive? Enjoy a little slice of nature with some flowers from your local florist. Add an extra calming element to your arrangements with flowers in these colors! [Read more…]

Flower Spotlight: Rose

The rose has been a classic symbol of love for many years. This bloom has earned the title of the most popular flower in the world. Many countries rely on the rose as a vital source of income. Want to learn more about this amazing bloom? Keep reading!

[Read more…]

Gardenia Proclaims Joyous Surprise As Their Flower Meaning

Stuck Inside All Winter? Celebrate Spring With Gardenias!

It’s no secret that being inside all winter can be a bummer. Sometimes winter weather isn’t as fun as it could be. Well, good news! Spring is in full affect now. I’m sure you’re dying to know how I plan on celebrating it. I know I would be if I were you. (Just kidding.) I’m celebrating with gardenias.

Why gardenias you ask? The flower meaning of gardenias is “joy.” Pure and simple. Joy is one of the most wonderful feelings ever. Anyone who has ever felt a second of joy knows that it’s a feeling to be craved and sought. I want to surround myself with joy and joyous people. Now that winter has gone into hibernation and spring has sprung, it’s time to kick off my joyful shoes so I’m buying potted gardenias from my local florist!

Flowering plants are well and good (I love them!!) but sometimes it’s more fun to send flowers to put a spring in the step of a friend. When you want to celebrate spring with your buddies, consider sending flowers such as casablanca lilies. This the meaning of this premium flower is “celebration.” Perfect!! Perhaps you’re wanting something more festive. Believe it or not, “festivity” abounds with baby’s breath. There are many arrangements that incorporate these flowers. It’s easy to get the party started for Spring with arrangements like these from a local florist.

Know the meaning of your favorite flower? Share it below along with why this flower is your favorite. Not really sure what the flower meaning is? Ask away! Simply log in and comment below.

Oh The Excitement of the Pennsylvania State Flower!

Do you like bold flowers? You know, ones that make a rather dramatic statement. I do! As with most things in my life, boring just will not do. I began reviewing some of the state flowers when I ran across the Pennsylvania state flower. That’s when I knew that it would just have to be this month’s state flower highlight.

Photo courtesy of 50states.com

Photo courtesy of 50states.com

The mountain laurel (Kalmia latiflolia) is incredibly beautiful. There is no mistaking this flower for another. It has its own unique personality. It stands out because it’s different but in such a way that it’s mesmerizing. In other words, this is me if I were a flower. Just kidding.

I know a lot of people that go out of their way to stand out while blending in. I mean by this that they have the same qualities as other people, but enhance the ones that most people overlook. Some dress differently. Others wear dramatic makeup. It is this desire to have differences appreciated that I love about these people. It is also the same thing that made me instantly blog about the mountain laurel.

Pennsylvania florists are rather advantageous as far as the mountain laurel is concerned. While the rest of us have to visit Pennsylvania or see pictures to view the flower, florists in Pennsylvania need only look out their windows at the countryside to catch a glimpse. Lucky, lucky them!

Regardless, it’s easy to get lost in the inspiration that comes from looking at flowers like the mountain laurel. If these flowers could talk, the mountain laurel would surely say these inspiring words about creating unique flower arrangements:

  • Be bold! Make a statement.
  • Don’t be afraid to express individuality and creativity.
  • Empowerment is amazing. Live confidently, well assured that your worth is immense.
  • Be sweet and endearing, but conformity is boring. Feel free to stand out!

I try to live by these credos which is why I absolutely love this flower and know that you will too!

How Sharing Your Heart Starts With Daisies

It’s a new year and a new beginning, so why not welcome a renaissance with daisies. These pretty flowers represent innocence and purity; in other words, just what you want to carry with you throughout the year! Easy to find and easier to love, daisies are also great gifts for those familiar with flower meanings.

The new year begins with parties and resolutions but rarely begins with a thoughtful bouquet of flowers. Whatever the resolution is this year, arrangements of daisies decorating a favorite room will be the daily reminder that sees that resolution to completion. How? By understanding the flower meanings of daisies.

"Lazy Daisy and Delphinium" Arrangement

"Lazy Daisy and Delphinium" Arrangement

The most common resolution pertains to weight loss. Perfect for daisies! Flower meanings like “purity” help daisies bring the purity of mind and body into focus. With a frequent glance at the beauty of daisy arrangements, the purity and beauty sought will be difficult not to remember and work toward.

Daisy flower meanings also represent a very special emotion, loyal love. Daisies are a true and honest way to say that the love you feel for the recipient is as loyal and faithful as can be. Affection like that is irreplaceable. Express your loyal love to your sweetheart or even very close friend with a bouquet of daisies.

Flower Meanings That Guarantee A Happy Holly-day

While we normally highlight the meanings of flowers, there is also much to be said with special foliage such as myrtle, holly, fir, pine and moss. These are often used in holiday flower arrangements and create a wonderful ambiance that helps set the arrangement apart from the rest. While others are trolling through stores in search of the perfectly generic gift, contact your local florist to create a holiday arrangement that is both unique and meaningful. Holidays mean the world to some people. Show those people that they mean the world to you with these unique gifts.

Traditional Christmas Holly

Holly brings out the fun of an Old Fashioned Christmas!

People of all ages recognize holly as one of the premier decorations of the holiday season. What people don’t know about holly is that the primary flower meaning of holly is domestic happiness. It’s hard to turn away any opportunity to wish domestic happiness on someone. Another meaning of holly is defense or protection. Holly is the perfect gift idea for wishing a safe and happy household over someone. For that matter, wish yourself a safe and happy household by decorating your home with holly this Christmas.

Christmas Myrtle

Myrtle makes the Red and White Stripes arrangement a holiday hit!

Myrtle is a widely recognized foliage that is blessed with positive flower meanings. Myrtle may be especially recognizable to Jewish couples as it is a Hebrew emblem of marriage. For other couples, myrtle represents love. It is always a good time to show someone that they are loved by you. Sending an arrangement such as the Red and White Stripes Christmas flower arrangement is a wonderful way to express many wonderful feelings of love, luck, fascination and holiday cheer.

Your local florist can help create majestic flower arrangements, bouquets and even gift baskets for the holidays that use foliage with sweet flower meanings. The best gift idea this year isn’t in a store; it’s in a flower shop.

Celebrating Friendship And Hope With The Iris

Everyone in my life can attest to my deep love of the Fleur-de-lis symbol. Fleur-de-lis literally means flower of the lily but is often represented by the iris which is a member of the same scientific class. I read about flowers all day and it’s hard to turn off the research button when I get home. One night I was lazily clicking through the Internet when I saw one of the fleur-de-lis decorations on my desk. I knew what the symbol and its flowers means to me but I had no idea what the rest of the world felt they came across colorful iris flowers.

Iris Flowers Arrangement Iris flower arrangements bring regal beauty to your home.

It just so happens that I knew exactly where to find information about the iris as Flower Shop Network has a large list of flower meanings. Convenient? Yes. Helpful? Even more so. I quickly discovered that when you send iris arrangements from a local florist you’re saying “Your friendship means so much to me” or “My compliments.” As part of the fleur-de-lis, the iris represents faith, wisdom, hope and valor. I’m not a particularly emotional person but I know that I would certainly swoon if my beloved ever sent me a bouquet of flowers that speak these great things of me.

What’s great about the iris is that it fits the personality of almost everyone. People who thrive around colorful things love the many vibrant colors of the iris such as brilliant blue, purple, white, red and more. Those who care about décor know that iris have a distinctive appeal and unique impression in a room. Iris flowers are very versatile in that they can be both an accent piece and a focal point. There is no end to the creative uses of iris flower arrangements.

Chrysanthemum’s The Word For November!

The word is out about the birth month flower for November.

Corny puns aside, the Chrysanthemum is the official birth month flower of November. Chrysanthemums are a wonderful gift because the flower meanings of Chrysanthemum are love and cheerfulness. Who wouldn’t want to wish someone a happy birthday with such positive greetings?

I remember sitting around the yard after a Thanksgiving dinner with my family. Just before sunset but before the turkey coma, most of the children and a few of the adults would gather in our front yard to work off the large meal. We could always count on my mother to have lavish fall decorations adorning our yard. Pumpkins, bales of hay, oddly cheery scarecrows, and a heaping helping of chrysanthemums flowed about the yard such that it always seemed like the place to be during harvest time. [Read more…]

Somewhere Over The Rainbow of Blooms Lies Your Next Gift Idea

I won’t deny it. I’m a huge fan of color in the things that surround me. Deep reds, bright blues, the shades of green that inspire me to shout, “Catch me lucky charms!” and nearly every vivid color in the rainbow thrills me to the core. Upon reflection, it’s probably this giddy effect that makes me love the “Rainbow of Blooms” arrangement almost to animated glee. Almost.

Rainbow of Blooms Arrangement Dance it up with the “Rainbow of Blooms” vase arrangement!

I seem to recall merrily making my way down the hallway after seeing the colorful way that delphinium, carnations, lilies, roses, and alstroemeria were designed together in the arrangement. It’s amazing! My love of carnations is by no means a secret but watch the hot pink carnations pop next to the striking blue delphinium or the yellow gerbera and roses. You’re very likely to do a dance yourself or give some lucky recipient a reason to cha-cha in their living room over your tender expression of affection.

It’s no surprise that someone familiar with the meanings of flower colors may become quite animated over the messages inside the “Rainbow of Blooms” arrangement. The yellow gerbera and roses express friendship and celebrate brilliance. The blue delphinium express peace, trust, and tranquility. Who wouldn’t want to know how comfortable you feel around them? The pink carnations are fun as they represent romance, sweetness and sincerity. Give her these and you won’t have to say “I love you and I mean it” because you are already saying it with flowers. The greatest of these is love. Sending flowers says, “I love you.” Sending flowers says, “I need you.” Sending flowers says it all.