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Want A Cool Houseplant? Try Chinese Evergreen

If you’re not really the green thumb but want a houseplant anyway, try Chinese Evergreen. It grows best in a tropical environment (i.e. humid) so a little extra water isn’t going to cause you a world of headaches.

Chinese Evergreen Houseplant

Chinese Evergreen Houseplant

Chinese Evergreen plants love areas with high humidity, partial light, and moist soil. That makes Chinese Evergreen (Aglaonema vittata) perfect for people who live in humid tropical climates. Even if they live in a dryer area, Chinese Evergreen is the perfect plant for a large bathroom, decorations in a spa, rainy climates like the Pacific Northwest, or someone who just tends to overwater things. These plants cannot tolerate dry air so be careful to avoid areas with a draft.

Chinese Evergreen plant care isn’t especially difficult. However, it does require some attention. This plant can be grown as a houseplant or in a shady outdoor garden. Wherever grown, the soil around the Chinese Evergreen must be kept evenly moist with a small drying time between watering to avoid fungal problems.

Chinese Evergreen thrives in areas with no frost and partial sunlight. They do not perform well in direct sunlight as moisture is more quickly removed from the environment under these conditions. Areas of the home like the kitchen or bath are perfect for Chinese Evergreen as the evenly moist climate will stimulate growth.

Need an eco-friendly gift for someone? The greenest gift of all is a houseplant like Chinese Evergreen. When you buy a Chinese Evergreen houseplant, you know that your eco-friendly friend will love the gift. It’s beautiful, easy and a constant reminder of the need for a green lifestyle.

More than just the eco-friendly niche, Chinese Evergreen houseplants are great gifts for a wide range of people. Anyone who remains in their home at length will enjoy the touch of nature that Chinese Evergreen provides. As it requires only a fair amount of attention, this will provide homebodies with something fresh to nurture and love. As a garden plant, Chinese Evergreen exists as part of a beautiful landscape for outdoor parties and garden visits. Know someone who keeps their home on the warm side and tends to overwater plants? This is the houseplant for them.

I Can’t Think of A Corny Joke About Corn Plant

I racked my brain trying to think of something clever for the title of this blurb about corn plant (Dracaena fragrans massangeana) but failed. Whether it has the backing of my corny titles or not, Corn Plant is one of the best gift ideas you could consider when shopping for houseplants. I can’t think of a corny joke but here are three reasons why corn plant is the houseplant you need.

Corn Plant Houseplants

Corn Plant Houseplants

A Plant By Any Other Name Would Sound…Less Like A Delicious Vegetable??

Buying corn plant houseplants can go a long way for the person wanting to give a unique gift. It has a unique name and appearance. More clever people than I can think of funny card messages to go along with a plant called “corn plant.” If you want a gift idea out of left-field, try corn plant houseplants.

Popular Veggie, Popular Plant, Popular Gift Idea

It’s well-known that houseplants are great gift ideas. Many are easy to care for even for beginners. Corn plant is one of those anyone-can-do-it houseplants that requires a small amount of love but provides a large return. If you want a gift that you know will be well received but is unique enough to be remembered, send corn plants.

Corn Plants Provide A Taste of The Tropics

Though not a tropical houseplant, corn plants have that look. Whether growing as an evergreen shrub or a small tree, corn plants have very woody stems and elongated leaves that resemble something you’d see on a California boardwalk. This less traditional appearance makes corn plants perfect for the summer season where tropical plants and flowers are hot hot hot gift ideas.

Want to hear more reasons why corn plant houseplants are fun gifts? Contact your local florist today!

If you own corn plants or have recently sent this gift, please let us know what you think of corn plants by commenting below!

Croton? Isn’t That Part of An Atom?

My science teacher would fall backward in his chair if he heard my title for this post. The humor in that visual image alone is enough to keep it. As much as I’d like to believe that a croton goes hand-in-hand with protons, neutrons, and electrons inside an atom–indeed it does not. It’s a really fun houseplant. Well, as fun as a houseplant can be since they lack frisbee playing skills.

Croton Plant Basket

Croton Plant Basket

What Most People Know About Croton Plants:

Croton (Codiaeum variegatum pictum) plants are tropical plants that thrive outdoors in bright sunlight. They are great patio plants and beautiful additions to walkways and slightly shaded gardens. They like it steamy. We’re not talking sauna-steam here. Croton plants do enjoy areas of high humidity though and must be kept consistently moist. Afterall, tropical locations like beaches or lush forests tend to be very moist places.

What Most People Don’t Know About Croton Plants:

I’ll admit it. Croton plants are pretty awesome to have around. They are strikingly colorful so they draw attention to otherwise neglected spaces. They are a break from more traditional houseplants due to their bold form and presentation. They have “that little something extra” that makes them easy to remember and easy to love. I mean, come on. They’re beautiful! If you’re asked to identify a list of 12 houseplants (croton among them) but all the others are standard green houseplants, you’ll probably mark down Croton first because its distinctiveness makes it the easiest to remember.

This unique characteristic also makes it the perfect gift for someone who likes standard gifts with an edge. Sending houseplants is always a hit. Sending a colorful tropical plant is a can’t miss gift for someone who likes a bit of quirkiness every now and then. The occasion is almost irrelevant. If you are in the mood for a unique gift idea, consider sending croton plants. Even if you want to snatch up a few of these babies for yourself, it’s easy to do when you contact your local florist.

Own a croton plant or received one as a gift? Let us  know what you like about it!

Stop Cycling Through Houseplants–Try Cyclamen Instead!

Looking For Something Different But Still Comfortable?

Here’s Why I Recommend Cyclamen

You know how it goes. Sometimes you want to buy one thing over and over and over because it’s comfortable. It’s familiar. It’s safe. Then again sometimes you want to cycle through every option available until you find the thing that’s comfortable, familiar, safe. I’m that way with gift-giving and I know I’m not the only one. It’s not just limited to gift ideas though. I’m like that when I begin to decorate my home. Though not a big fan of change, I get bored easily and need to find something that I’ll like better. Something that suits the new me. Something comfortable, familiar and safe but different. After all, I don’t want things to change too much!

Buy Cyclamen Blooming Plants

Buy Cyclamen Blooming Plants

Reasons Why You Will Like Cyclamen

Reason #1 To Try Cyclamen: Cyclamen (Cyclamen persicum) is a beautiful blooming plant.  The colorful blooms make it easy to enjoy. It adds a splash of color to the decor but is not busy or bold. It’s just…plain…pretty.

Reason #2 To Fall For Cyclamen: When you send cyclamen plants what you do not realize is that you might as well be sending perfumed petals because that’s what the recipient is getting. Cyclamen is a very fragrant plant when in bloom. It’s not an overwhelming scent so it’s ok to send to most people with sensitive olfactory senses (people that get sick around strong smells). If you want a fresher environment, call up your local florist or stop by and pick up Cyclamen plants for yourself. The fragrance is well worth it.

Reason #3 To Buy Cyclamen: This particular flowering plant is a mound forming plant which basically means that it grows in a neat little contained area. If you want a plant for your office or apartment, cyclamen is a great option because it is not overbearing. It’s not in-your-face and overwhelming. It’s the perfect size for decorating small spaces. It can also be grouped together or bought in larger sizes to decorate large spaces. It’s one of those can-do blooming plants that seems to satisfy every spacial requirement.

Reason #4 To Give Cyclamen A Chance: Cyclamen blooming plants are not hard to take care of. They’re about as easy as any other flowering plants which means keep them watered during growing season (mid-winter to spring), give them a fair amount of light, and keep the soil moist but well drained. Again, cyclamen plant care requires the same amount of attention as most other blooming houseplants. Whether sending cyclamen to a newbie or a seasoned houseplant expert, cyclamen is a good gift idea.

Doesn’t Everyone Love Easter Lilies?

I’d be thrown off if I ever met someone who didn’t like Easter lilies. I’m sure this person would have a good reason, but I can’t think of one off hand. Easter lilies are just that cool! Though not really a “plant” per se, I have decided that these springtime favorites should be the featured plant profile for March.

Buy Traditional Easter Lilies From A Local Florist

Buy Traditional Easter Lilies From A Local Florist

Easter is coming up soon. It’s one of my favorite times of year. Spring weather is gorgeous which means blossoming flowers, warm rain showers, and blogs that randomly break into rhyme. With Spring comes Easter and with Easter comes Easter lilies.

Everyone loves the Easter lily (Lilium longiflorum). It’s no surprise. It’s great! My favorite thing about Easter lilies is that they bring to mind so many different memories for each person. It doesn’t matter who is looking at them. Each year provides another memory and another reason to send Easter lilies to a loved one.

My favorite memory involving Easter lilies takes place in church. (Go figure, right?) My mother always loved attending the sunrise services held each Easter Sunday. One particular morning started out rather chilly because of a morning breeze.

We warmed up quickly, at least warmed our hearts, as my good friend and pastor began a short sermon. He began to discuss the many flowers that we see each Easter on the altar. After finishing the sermon he gave each of us a small Easter lily to drive his point home. We were all duly impressed. This simple gesturer along with the memory of his words solidified my opinion of the beautiful flowers.

Do you have a favorite memory that involves Easter lilies? Share it! We always love to hear how your life has been touched by flowers.

Top 5 Reasons To Get Down With English Ivy

Enjoy English Ivy Plants

Enjoy English Ivy Plants

Oh yeah. There’s a lot to love about English Ivy (Hedera helix). From stem to stern (pardon the pun) there are many reasons to choose English Ivy as your next houseplant. When considering giving a gift to someone that you love, ask your local flower shop to send this awesome plant.

Want to know what makes English Ivy an awesome houseplant? Here are your top 5 reasons to get down with Hedera helix.

  1. English Ivy is highly available. ~ Your grandmother has it. Your mother has it. Your aunt’s cousin’s brother received it as a gift. Chances are great that you’ll be able to buy English Ivy houseplants from your local florist.
  2. English Ivy (Hedera helix) is easy to remember. ~ Sci-fi lovers will enjoy how Hedera helix sounds like a character name from Star Wars or The Matrix trilogy. Do I sense a funny card message with this gift?
  3. English Ivy plant care is simple. ~ Part of the reason English Ivy is popular is because it’s easy to care for. Even the most forgetful of us can remember how to care for this plant. Plus, English Ivy plant care information is available 24/7 from Flower Shop Network! Ta-da!
  4. Diversity reigns with English Ivy. ~ It’s true. Like a meeting of the United Nations, English Ivy can represent every part of its world. This plant can be trained as a climber against a supporting pole, seen trailing across yards and gardens, left to bring green beauty as an indoor houseplant, or climbing walls. Not many other houseplants are able to serve in so many locations.
  5. Because I said so. ~ Just kidding! English Ivy comes with my recommendation but it stands on its own as one of the most popular, diverse and beautiful houseplants around. It’s the perfect gift idea for plant lovers!

When shopping for unique gifts that keep giving throughout the year, consider English Ivy plants from your local flower shop. They are well worth the phone call!

Shuffle To Your Local Florist For Schefflera

Shuffle Toward Scheffleras

Shuffle Toward Scheffleras

Actinophylla to arboricola, Schefflera plants have long been among the favorites in the houseplant world. They’re popular, easy to care for, and show a lot of love in return.

January is the month when the Christmas tree comes down (for most people) and that empty feeling begins to set in. It’s not empty because of the passing of the holiday or anything like that. It’s that longing need to fill the space where the tree stood with a natural substitute that has more staying power. To keep those non-holiday blues away, I fully recommend schefflera plants.

Silliness aside, schefflera houseplants are very cozy and inviting additions to any room. Caring for schefflera houseplants is rather simple for those who have had houseplants before. Beginners shouldn’t be scared. A little t.l.c. goes a long way with this plant. Need a little more information about schefflera before stopping by your local flower shop? Flower Shop Network has the schefflera plant care information that you want along with plant care information for many other popular houseplants.

One thing to note about schefflera plants is that they tend to require a lot of light to become vibrantly green. If you live in an area with very gray winters, try keeping your plant in rooms with a lot of light though not very near the source as the heat can be damaging. With all of the post-holiday parties to come, light and sound will invariably make it to your schefflera. The tree may be down but the natural beauty of indoor plants lives on!

Why I Pine For Norfolk Island Pine

Send A Holiday Norfolk Island Pine

Send A Holiday Norfolk Island Pine

Until recently I did not realize the impression that norfolk island pine houseplants can have on someone. I decided to visit Aunt Cathy one day and stepped into her office for some chit-chat. In a corner of the room stands this incredible plant that towers over a small file cabinet. It certainly adds a grand atmosphere; that’s for sure!

Well there are many reasons why Norfolk Island Pine (Araucaria heterophylla) plants are so popular, especially during the holiday season. You can place these plants in an office, a corner, or in brighter lights. The room can be slightly cool, normal, or warm. Norfolk Island Pine thrives in all of these environments.

Bright fluorescent lights of an office work just as well as the incandescent bulbs of a home or the natural sunlight of a patio. It’s a pretty versatile plant. Most people wanting to send the gift of a houseplant gravitate toward Norfolk Island Pine for this reason.

Caring for Norfolk Island Pine is a breeze compared to plants of similar stature. I was rereading some plant care information about Norfolk Island Pine houseplants and had the following reactions:

  • “Keep the soil surrounding the plant evenly moist.” Uh huh. Can do.
  • “Norfolk Island Pine requires ample light but never direct sunlight.” So you mean I don’t have to keep transferring it inside and outside of my house to make sure it has enough light? Score!
  • “Another unique use for this popular plant is for bonsai, the Asian art of sculpting miniature trees.” I’ve been needing a new hobby. And short trees. I definitely need short trees.

Because Norfolk Island Pine houseplants come in a variety of sizes, these plants make excellent gift ideas. If your friend needs a colorful way to decorate an office nook, send them a Norfolk Island Pine plant. If your loved one wants to fill out a sunroom with more greenery, give this plant.

Another great thing about this plant (as if these weren’t enough reasons) is that it has a lot of great qualities that people look for in a holiday gift idea. Norfolk Island Pine plants are easy to care for so you are not putting a burden on your loved one with these plants. You’re lightening up their scenery. You can find these plants in many sizes. In this way, it’s easy to satisfy the recipient whether the plant is for an office, an indoor living space or somewhere else. Because I’m a bit quirky, my favorite thing about sending houseplants for Christmas is that you can wrap a pretty red bow around the baskets of the green plants. Now you’re talking quick and simple gift wrap in Christmas colors.

Let’s review:  1) Caring for Norfolk Island Pine doesn’t require much effort. 2) You can’t get more simple but appropriate with the gift wrap. 3) This plant thrives in many environments. 4) Big enough or small enough for most homes and offices.

What’s not to love!?

Point The Way to Poinsettias!

Top Six Reasons To Decorate With Poinsettias This Winter

Stunning Poinsettias Add Holiday Cheer In Many Ways

Stunning Poinsettias Add Holiday Cheer In Many Ways

1.  Colorful poinsettia blooming plants are every bit as beautiful a decoration as mistletoe at holiday office parties, but minus the creepy coworkers trying to wrangle a kiss beneath the berries.

2.  Consider this your good fortune when Christmas shopping for grandma. She’ll love the way a poinsettia plant reminds her of her involvement in the Red Hat Society!

3.  Arriving with a handful of poinsettia plants is a great way to convince coworkers that you are preparing the decorations for the first-ever office Christmas pageant. Let everyone know that the worst singer in the office was hand selected to be the star soloist. Once the room has scattered, you’ll have ample time to decorate your office with poinsettias.

Perk Up The Holidays With Holiday Poinsettias

Perk Up The Holidays With Holiday Poinsettias

4.  Poinsettia care doesn’t require a lot of extra effort. You’re busy during the holidays so finding extra time to care for your poinsettias, often called pointsettias, isn’t in the time budget. The good thing is that with poinsettias, you don’t have to. So run, run Rudolph to your local florist and pick up poinsettias for a splash of holiday cheer.

5.  Poinsettia flowers come in many eye-popping colors. Red poinsettias, pink poinsettias, white poinsettias, and sometimes even blue poinsettias can be added to your holiday decor for a stunning look.

6.  Not just for use in Christmas flower arrangements, single poinsettia flowers make great hair accessories. No, really. It’s a popular trend to wear flowers in your hair. What more festive flower could you wear in your hair around the holidays than a poinsettia? If people start to water your head, that’s their own issue.

How Green Schefflera Houseplants Beautify Your World

I get lazy around the holidays and very much enjoy the chance to relax with my family and friends. This is probably the biggest reason why I chose to highlight the Green Schefflera plant this month. Schefflera plants (Schefflera actinophylla or Brassia actinophylla) are easy to care for and easy to love. Ask almost anyone and you’ll hear the same resounding praises about buying Schefflera houseplants for beginners or sending Schefflera as gifts.

The world is such a green place to live right now with a rise in eco-friendly activism. Certain members of my family have bounced onto the environmentally friendly bandwagon. It’s very hard to shop for someone who is so particular. The great thing about houseplants is that you cannot find a more green gift—literally! Beginners or seasoned houseplant experts love Green Schefflera plants and can always find fun new ways to decorate their homes with the wonderful houseplant.

Though I prefer a different kind of green gift, there is one thing that strikes my fancy about my Schefflera plants. They flourish in my home with little effort from me. I’ll put that in a way that deserves more fanfare. Green Schefflera plant care is simple enough for everyone. Schefflera plants require only very basic attention. Water occasionally, make sure it receives adequate light, repot in the spring and you’re done!

Green Schefflera plants add an unparalleled ambiance to any room. Going to work is just a bit more fun when you are able to look forward to gazing at Schefflera plant all day. The rich green color of Schefflera houseplants adds pep to boring rainy days. It’s almost a certainty that whatever your mood, Schefflera plants make it better. Easy care and a more fulfilling environment. What more can you want from a houseplant?

Green Schefflera Houseplant Green Schefflera plants make great gift ideas!