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Holiday Highlight: Christmas

The Christmas season has already begun, and we’re so excited for all the holiday festivities! Have you put flowers at the top of your nice list for the holiday season? They’re a great addition to all the Christmas celebrations you’ll be having, so we’ve got a few ideas for how to incorporate them! [Read more…]

Flower Spotlight: Poinsettia

The Poinsettia is an icon of Christmas and can be found in many homes across the United States during the holidays. Do you know why the Poinsettia is associated with Christmas? Keep reading to learn more about this beautiful flower and how it became so popular!

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December Flower Spotlight: Poinsettia

As it is in keeping with seasonal tradition, this month’s flower spotlight should be no surprise to anyone. After all, what flower is most associated with the holiday season? None other than the Poinsettia, of course!


Poinsettia Topiary At The BiltmoreThis is yet another plant that comes to us from south of the border, and like the dahlia, it was once important to the Aztecs. Although the dahlia was a food source, (really!) the poinsettia was used to create red dye, and it absolutely should not be ingested.

Safety Concerns

It is commonly believed that the poinsettia is highly toxic, but those reports are overblown. Unless you sat down and ate a large number of plants, the worst you would suffer is possible vomiting and diarrhea.

Flower Symbolism & Mythology

As should be expected with a flower synonymous with Christmas, most of the poinsettia’s symbolism is very religious in nature. The red flower is supposed to symbolize Jesus’ blood, while the white blooms represent purity. The star shape of the blooms are supposed to represent the Star of Bethlehem which led the wise men to the baby Jesus.

Radiant PoinsettiaThe Aztecs also believed the flower represented purity, (Red meant purity to them.) but its connection to Christmas can be traced back to a Mexican legend originating in the 16th century.

The legend says that a young girl was too poor to purchase a gift suitable to leave for Jesus on the church altar. An angel told her to pick weeds from the side of the road, which she did. As she placed the weeds on the altar, red and green flowers burst forth. As of the early 17th century, Mexican monks began using the poinsettia in all Christmas celebrations.


You can find the poinsettia just about anywhere at this time of year, but if you want it professionally worked into a gorgeous arrangement, you’ll have to visit your local florist. They always do the best work and can make even the most abundant flower look uniquely beautiful.

Now when you buy your poinsettia this Christmas, you can share a bit of trivia with your family!

Poinsettias Are Perfect For Last Minute Perfection

Christmas is just DAYS away and if your house isn’t beaming with Christmas brilliance, it’s time to get in gear! Christmas poinsettias can instantly turn any space into a festive favorite. Their big, star-shaped blooms bring back many memories of Christmases past. It’s no wonder they’ve become a staple in our holiday celebrations.

Just check out this (above) beautiful Christmas poinsettia with it’s massive red blooms. Just imagine one of these beauties decorating your dining room. Choose mini poinsettias for a fantastic Christmas centerpiece. It takes only one to spark the Christmas spirit in all of your holiday visitors, but why not get one for every room in your house!? No matter where your guests wander, Christmas follows! Poinsettias are easy, last-minute Christmas decorations for those less-frequented rooms, and much less expensive than buying an entire Christmas tree with decorations.

Poinsettia Topiary At The Biltmore Red and White Poinsettia Topiary From The Biltmore

If you have a much larger area to decorate, bunch several poinsettia plants together, or ask your local florist to create a unique poinsettia topiary. The giant topiaries above are from the beautiful Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina. Christmas poinsettias look fantastic together; just look at how striking the red and white mix is together!

Pink Poinsettia From The Biltmore Estate Upclose Pink Poinsettia From The Biltmore Estate

If your Christmas decorations are not the traditional Christmas colors, no worries! Poinsettias come in a wide range of vivid colors. The above is a unique, vintage pink color and would look fantastic with any pink or vintage Christmas decor. Contact your local florist for the best selection of poinsettia flowers. They will have many types you won’t see in department stores, and they’ll be alive and healthy! (I don’t know about you, but every time I see poinsettias in department stores they just look awful! The blooms are falling off and they’re about half-dead. Not sure what type of spirit those will put you in, but it’s definitely not Christmas!)

If your holiday plans don’t include guests at your house, poinsettias still make great Christmas hostess gifts. Stop by your local flower shop on your way to grandmas, or where ever it is you’re headed, and pick up a luscious Christmas poinsettia. (To ensure you find the quantity you are looking for, call your florist ahead of time, just to be safe! This close to Christmas, you can’t be too careful!)

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FSN’s Bloomin’ Newsletter For December


Christmas Is Here At Last

We couldn’t possibly have a newsletter in December without making it all about the holidays! Here, we have highlighted some of our favorite posts from this month. So keep reading for great Christmas ideas, tips and fun!

FSN’s Favorite Flower Arrangement For December

Fun Christmas Flower ArrangementAt Christmas, All Roads Lead Home — Don’t Forget To Bring Flowers! This Christmas, take home a gorgeous flower arrangement, in a style everyone will love! Whether it’s for mom, the wife, girlfriend, family or friends — everyone is sure to love Seasonal Style. This is our hands-down favorite for this month! It’s unique colors and shiny Christmas ornaments make this a holiday flower arrangement you won’t soon forget!

If you can’t make it home for Christmas, flowers make the perfect gift! Simply call up your hometown, local florist, or use Flower Shop Network’s handy local florist directory to find a local florist. They will create a spectacular design, (this one’s great, but pick your favorite!) and deliver it right on time to the one you love!

Glitz & Glam: This Ain’t Your Momma’s Christmas Decor

Are you tired of the traditional red and green we see every year at this time? You’re not alone. Many people are opting for a more quirky Christmas look. This year, opt for the Glitz & Glam Christmas!

Contemporary Christmas Tree Contemporary Christmas Wreath

For this outrageous look, channel your inner child and go wild and crazy when selecting your Christmas decorations and ornaments. Pick bright and playful contemporary colors like hot pink and electric blue. Use over-sized Christmas ornaments and trendy Christmas tree picks to take your look to the next level (literally).

See more Glitz & Glam Christmas Decor…

Point The Way To Christmas With Beautiful Poinsettias! [Read more…]

Point The Way To Christmas With Beautiful Poinsettias!

christmas-poinsettiaIt’s THAT time of year again.. Hopefully the holidays didn’t sneak up on you too fast. If they did, the fastest way to get yourself into the Christmas spirit is to START DECORATING!

THE BEST Christmas Poinsettias

Poinsettias are hands-down THE Christmas houseplant. Point yourself towards your holiday florist to find the best selection AND the most varieties of Christmas poinsettias. Poinsettias that come from your local florist are often far better quality and come in a LOT more colors than you would normally find at a department store. Your local florist will know the correct poinsettia care and will be able to help you keep it looking healthy and festive throughout the holiday season.

Don’t forget Christmas at the office!

Easily add a dash of Christmas spirit to your office by bringing in a radiant Christmas poinsettia. Set it on your desk or in the office lobby. Brighten any mood with peeks away from the computer monitor and at your lush, Christmas plant. Poinsettias are great for the office, especially if you don’t have much room to put up traditional Christmas decorations. Who knows, maybe staring at your festive plant will bring on the holiday VACATION a little faster?!

Sending Poinsettias To Grandma

The poinsettia is a fantastic houseplant to send to Grandma, Aunt Lucy, Ex-Uncle Bob or whoever else you have on your extended family’s gift list. You can’t leave them out, but driving all the way to their house is just too much! That’s exactly why poinsettia’s are great gifts! Sending holiday flowers through real local florists is so easy! You can use the local florist directory (here at Flower Shop Network) to find a real florist in the area you wish to send a poinsettia. Then send and feel great knowing you’ve sent the freshest, most beautiful holiday flowers available.

The Poinsettia Is Poisonous Myth

Send Christmas Poinsettias From Your Local FloristThis is a very widespread myth: the poinsettia is poisonous and can harm your children or pets. Believe it or not, the poinsettia is actually quite harmless to both children and pets. No plant has been tested more than the poinsettia for toxicity, but all tests come up negative or very low. POISENDEX, the source of poison information for the majority of poison control centers, says: to get sick a 50-pound child would have to eat more than 1¼ POUNDS of poinsettia leaves… which would be 500 to 600 leaves.

Even so, you should never place a plant on the same level as small kids and pets. Although the plant might not hurt them; they can sure do a number on the plant! The ASPCA’s website does list the poinsettia as slightly toxic to dogs and cats, saying it can cause irritation in the stomach and mouth, but does point out it is generally over-rated in toxicity.However, The American Veterinary Medicine Association of America (AVMA), does not include poinsettias on it’s list of plants that are a threat to animals.

More About Poinsettias

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Ask The Expert: Do You Water The Poinsettia From Oct. to Dec.?

Poinsettia Plant Care

Poinsettia Plant Care

Ask The Expert: Do you keep watering the poinsettia during October through Dec. when you are keeping it in the dark?

Flower Shop Network‘s Plant Expert’s Reply: Yes, you do continue watering your poinsettia as normal during those months. Water only when the soil feels dry to the touch. Be careful not to over-water it and don’t allow it to stand in water.

How To Make Poinsettias Re-Bloom

Poinsettia flowering is “photoperiodcally” induced, meaning they flower when the nights are long enough. From October 1st through mid-December, poinsettias must have 12-14 hours of darkness and 10-12 hours of natural light daily. Complete darkness is imperative to blooming. Once the bract begins to show color, continue with normal poinsettia care.

Preparing Poinsettia Christmas Gifts To Bloom For Next Season

As soon as Christmas is over, remove the decorative wrap around your poinsettia for better water drainage. Keeping the soil moist, but not soggy, never leave your poinsettia standing in water. For best results, water thoroughly when the soil is dry to the touch.

At the very dawn of spring (late February – early March) cut the stems back leaving 4 to 6 inches to stimulate new growth. Continue with the same watering practice used during the holidays and begin to fertilize. Re-potted in late spring or early summer. Select a pot that is 2-3 inches bigger in diameter and has drain holes. Keep moist and in a sunny location. Rotate the pot about once a week for a symmetrically shaped plant. Read section above for how to get your poinsettia to bloom.

For more information check out our Complete Poinsettia Care and Information Newsletter

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Where Can I Find Poinsettia Retailers In Michigan?

Ask the Expert: Where can i find Poinsettia retailers in MI?
Either retailers or wholesalers that sale Poinsettias fro a fund raisers. At a low price. Harmieya

Plant Expert Reply:

Most poinsettias can be found at a Michigan Flower Shop or Garden Center between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Depending on the quantity, the shop may have a quantity discount.  Keep in mind, this time of year may seem like the perfect time for a poinsettia fundraiser.  Which is partially true – it is a good time to sell poinsettias.  However, on the wholesale level or the bulk quantity level, poinsettias may be hard to come by.

You may be able to find a poinsettia wholesaler who has a fundraising program and an over abundance of stock.  I would check the following places for Michigan poinsettia wholesalers:

The Plant Masters of Suttons Bay in Suttons Bay MI.

Molesta Floral & Greenhouses 2960 Madison SE  Grand Rapids, MI

Wojo’s in Ortonville and Davison MI.

If you can’t find poinsettias this year, plan ahead for next year.  I like to book my poinsettia at least six months ahead.  Good Luck and let me know how it goes.

Poinsettia Cuttings and Heat Stress

Ask the Expert: what can i do when poinsettias got heat stress
it was after  doing root tredem the temp got up to 101c now they are all drooping will they come out of it any help thank you Theresa

Plant Expert Reply:

When poinsettia cuttings have heat stress issues,  the first course of action is to place them under cooler conditions.  Poinsettia cutting should be grown at an 80-85degree day time temperature and a 70-75degree night time temperature.  Keep the cuttings under a shade cloth until they form roots.  Keep the humidity high and give the plants adequate moisture with out over saturating the soil with water.  Soil that is too soggy will not allow the roots to form and will promote the growth of fungus gnats.  Although the plants look wilted many will recover given the right conditions from here on out.

Good Luck and Keep Me Posted.

Plant Care For Poinsettias Planted Outside

Ask the Expert: when do I need to prune my outdoor poinsettia’s?
I have been told they might get damaged if to big in a Hurricane.  So please help me know how to protect them.  Lucky Lady


I assume that you live where the temperature doesn’t go below 45 degrees with no frost (or at least very light frost).  Poinsettias can not live outside where the temperatures drop below 45 degrees and they can not tolerate frost.  Poinsettias (Euphorbia pulcherrima) originate in Mexico and thrive in the heat. They can grow up to 8-10 feet tall but without regular pruning they will become leggy and week. Therefore you need to prune your poinsettias encourage a bushier and stronger plant. You will need to cut old growth back severely in late winter just before any new growth begins. This will encourage the plant to branch which will make the plant bushier and stranger. Several times during the spring and summer pinch the terminal shoots. Stop all pruning your poinsettia around the middle of August.

To get it to bloom follow the same light guidelines for potted poinsettias.

Hope this information is helpful.