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3 Great Ideas For Summer Entertaining

Backyard BBQs, pool parties, picnics — you name it, it’s happening now! Summer’s here and EVERYONE’S outside enjoying the sun!

The Patriotic-Themed Summer Party

Just because the 4th will come and go, doesn’t mean you have to put away your patriotic decor! You’ve got the perfect party theme! Decorate your porch, yard or rented pavilion with everything red, white and blue. Find 4th of July themed party supplies like hats and glasses to force everyone into the festive spirit! (Once the 4th is over — think: clearance, clearance, clearance!)

For food, think traditional American — hamburgers, hot dogs, and anything else that cooks on a grill! Adorn your desserts with fresh strawberries, cherries and blueberries on top of white icing for a delicious red, white, and blue treat!

A party just isn’t a party without beautiful table decor. Ask your local florist to create a patriotic floral centerpiece for your guests to enjoy, just like this one by one of our great members, Hart Floral.

Summer Garden Party

Yellow Aglow - Garden Party CenterpieceGardening has quickly regained it’s status as a favorite pastime all over the world. Between you and your friends you are bound to have at least one garden, flowerbed, or … well, just a tree will do. Use a simple card table with a nice table cloth for your focal area, garden parties tend to be fairly small.

Pick a color palette to stick with when decorating for a more ‘designer’ look. It can be all one color or several. Also, it’s a good idea not to mix and match bright colors with pastels. For decoration ideas, browse through an aisle in your garden center. You could use terracotta pots, mason jars, or watering cans as containers for your party snacks and finger foods. Kid’s shovels could be used as serving utensils.

Your garden party menu should be light, finger food-type entrees. You could even do garden-themed foods, like mudslide pie or cupcakes with cookie crumb ‘dirt’ ontop. (Depending on the age of your guests, use gummy worms!)

Ask your local florist to create a garden themed centerpiece for your party. Be sure to tell her what your color scheme is! You just can’t have a garden party without FLOWERS! Your local florist can hook you up with all sorts of summer flowers to use in your garden party decor!

Transform your garden party into a grown-up tea party.. or invite the kids to join. Decorate your table in the girliest way possible — think: beads, feathers, pearls, jewels. Find inexpensive china or other dinnerware from your local thrift stores. Doesn’t match? Not a problem, just gives it character! The possibilities are endless!

Our sister site, Wedding and Party Network, did a post all about garden parties not too long ago, check it out: Candle-lit Garden Party On A Budge

Hawaiian Luau Party

Aloha! Hawaiian Luau Parties are great for hosts with pools! Encourage everyone to don their grass skirts and coconuts! For luau decorations, think beach and tropical, tiki masks, torches and Hawaiian leis

Luau food is easy! Have a fruit tray with lots of tropical and citrus fruits. Set up a make-your-own-shish kabob table and let everyone customize their own kabob for grilling. If you’re really brave, go for a whole hog cooked in the ground.. (Hey, I said you had to be brave… I know I’m not brave enough!)

The key to a Hawaiian Luau Party is a good lei! Contact your local florist and ask about fresh flower leis, they look great, smell great and will be memory you will never forget!

What Hostess Gift Should I Bring To The Pool Party?


Come on. Did you ever expect me to say anything besides “flowers”? Hostess gifts are easy to pick out when you have time to go shopping. Those of us with a busy day job and our second job (family) don’t have much time to go look. Personally, I can’t stand shopping. Don’t want to do it. Bringing along a bouquet of flowers that matches the theme of the party is simple enough, quick, inexpensive and tasteful. The best a gal could ask for!

My local florist is awesome. I can say “pool party hostess gift” and she’ll come up with something perfect for the occasion. Maybe even a mermaid on the enclosure card. Being with Flower Shop Network, I get to meet some of the most creative florists and floral designers in the country. I’m constantly impressed by their floral designs. If you’re lucky enough to have a talented florist nearby, make great use of that opportunity!

"Indian Summer" Is Perfect For The Poolside Table!

"Indian Summer" Is Perfect For The Poolside Table!

So picture it. You’re walking up in your little bathing suit and cover-up. You have a towel and some sunscreen in a bag over your shoulder. You’re rocking the shades and own the look. So what’s missing? The hostess gift.

I was explaining one aspect of “southern hospitality” to my friend’s daughter last night. She’s new in town and we had just met so I wanted to get her a gift. I explained that just like arriving to a party, you never show up anywhere empty-handed especially if it’s your first time. First impressions matter. Incidentally, she was attached to my hip the rest of the night.

In the same way, it’s important to keep a cool hostess gift handy for occasions just like this. Pool party hostess gifts may not be the first thing on your shopping list every week but keep your local florist in mind when it does come up. You’ll feel great knowing you gave a gift that they liked. They’ll feel good knowing how polite you are and that you appreciated their hospitality. You’ll feel wet because of the pool, but it’s the summer flowers that will make a splash.