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Amazing Prom Flowers, Dresses, Formal Wear And A Hummer Limo

Things sure have changed since my prom days. My sister-in-law just sent me pictures of my nephew’s prom. Oliver went to prom last week with his girlfriend, Courtney, and as is custom these days, it was a group affair with a Hummer limousine to boot.

When I say things have changed I mean everything: the hair styles, the prom dresses, formal wear for the guys — even the prom flowers!

When I was in school the pin-on corsage was the only option we had for prom flowers. Now, prom flowers are a fashion accessory, not just a nice gift from your date. Prom-goers embellish their purses, shoes and necklaces with flowers for prom. They use the wrist corsage like a piece of jewelry! In fact, one of the girls in my nephew’s prom group had a flower ring. Not a ring in the shape of a flower, but a flower ring.

Flower Ring & Prom Wrist Corsage

I have never really wanted to relive my youth, but I wish I could go to prom just so I could wear one of these cool wrist corsages and flower rings.

Prom Transportation

The transportation to prom is another thing that is completely different. I rode to prom in a Toyota Corolla, not the most prestigious of vehicles in 1983. Now, they arrive in limos and not just any limo, but a Hummer limo!

Two Couples Departing For Prom In A Hummer Limo

My nephew, Oliver, is on the right side with his girlfriend, Courtney, and his friends, Whitney and Dustin, are pictured on the left. I think the colorful prom dresses, fantastic tuxedos, amazing prom wrist corsages and the limo are a huge part of the whole prom experience, but the most important thing last weekend was the memories Oliver and friends made that will last him a lifetime.

If you want to see more pictures of the gorgeous prom dress and prom flowers, I know that several are posted on Wedding and Party Network. If you have prom pictures you would like to share, Wedding and Party Network lets users submit pictures to their site!

Florists Can Blossom During Prom Season

It’s hardly news to anyone that prom remains one of the biggest events in a teenager’s life. These young adults, with their mass of disposable income, spend months planning the perfect evening for themselves and their prom dates. To them, prom would be incomplete without the perfect dress or tuxedo, shoes, hair, ride, and matching corsages and boutonnières. This is where the florist can make the difference between fancy trimming and shabby accessories.

Prom Wrist Corsages

Florists often pass on prom business while many realize this sudden inward cash flow to be a profitable staple from year-to-year. The March 2008 issue of Floral Management includes an article that showcases some of the reasons florists may want to reconsider this youthful venture. Teenagers still have extreme purchasing power and choose to spend a hefty chunk of it on prom and homecoming. Being the chosen local florist is not only a profitable honor in that year but for the remainder of that teenager’s life. Taking the time to nurture the desires of your young customer will bring him or her back for their wedding, birthday, anniversary, and other floral needs.

Now that you are assuredly on the prom flowers bandwagon, here are some tips for making this prom season a big hit.

  • Be prepared! Phone a contact inside the local schools for the event dates, colors and themes, and other things that may make preparing easier.
  • Make the most of the Internet! This generation’s prom goers are increasingly tech-savvy. Most are more comfortable shopping online initially. This is a convenient trend as it reduces many costs to the florist including manpower and sales tracking.
  • Spice it up! Proms and prom attendants are now decorated to the hilt with lavish colors, sequins, glitter, boas, anklets, jewelry, and other accessories to make every vision of the evening a creative statement about themselves.
  • Show off your ideas! Let your customers see a line of possibilities first, then sell a more personalized version if necessary. Be creative! Make it fun! Organize a Corsage Bar!
  • Get your customer involved! A popular practice among florists is to let the females bring in their dresses to get a better match or to test different ideas.
  • Get to know formal wear and dress shop owners! An alliance with local dress shop owners is a fabulous way to get your name known. The customers are already in prom shopping mode and reminding them about their need for prom flowers while in the store can’t be beaten as the way to stand out.

When attracting prom customers be sure to capitalize on word of mouth. Parents, siblings, neighbors, and friends have a huge impact on who the teenager is likely to choose. You’re likely already the best around so let them know! Also, great tips for targeting young people in your area may come from the same people that give you the color scheme, themes, and dates of the proms. These people are sure to know where these young people hang out and where they’re going for their prom needs. Now you’re ready to take center stage as the go-to florist for prom and homecoming needs!