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What Does This Flower Color Mean?

Every flower that blooms communicates an emotional message. The colors of flowers hold special meanings that help us convey our feelings. The next time you go to order a beautiful bouquet think about what you would like to say. Remember what each color stands for and send a thoughtful message!



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Send Red-Hot Flowers To Your Summer Love

Summer love is blooming everywhere. Whether it’s a new summer love or re-kindling the romance through summer activities, everyone is feeling closer together. There is always something fun to do during the summer: trips to the lake, hiking, camping, picnics, out-door parties, etc. These are only better when you’re with the one you love.

Red-Hot Summer Flowers

So guys, how do you spark romance during the summer? Send her red-hot summer flowers! Think about it – It’s Monday, you’ve got big plans for the weekend and you both can’t wait to get outdoors again. Send her red-hot flowers to remind her the weekend is almost here and soon the fun will begin again!

Tip: If you know her favorite color or flower, send her those instead! Take it from a girl who knows, we love it when our guys pay attention to the little details.

And remember, always always always use a real local florist when sending flowers. Don’t know your local flower shop? Use our handy florist finder to find yours today!

Spark Romance With Fiery Red Roses

For most gals, nothing is more romantic that fiery red roses. Just the sight of a florist bringing a bouquet of red roses into the door is enough to get every lady in the office’s heart pumping! Of course, when they finally sit the roses on one lucky girl’s desk, everybody’s there waiting for the scoop. “What’s the occasion?”, “I didn’t know it was your anniversary!?”

Of course the BEST response is when your honey sent you roses JUST BECAUSE! Romance does not need an occasion. Spontaneously getting roses is one of the sweetest, most thoughtful gifts anyone can give.

Roses come in MANY styles and varieties. Choose a style that fits her personality. Typically red roses are the most romantic, but if your lady has a favorite color, choosing that color for her roses can add a personal touch that would mean the world to her.

Here are just a few examples of red rose arrangement styles. Be romantic, send one today!

Classic Dozen Red Roses Send Romantic Roses Red Rose Bud Vase

Click the flowers above and enter your zip code on the following page to connect to a REAL local florist in your area to send these rose arrangements.

What Is This Flower – Red Spider Lily

Ask the Expert: Ask the Expert: What kind of flower is in this photo?

Red Spider Lily - Lycoris radiata

Red Spider Lily - Lycoris radiata

A friend had this photo sent to her and we really like these flowers but dont know what they are called – S bailey

Plant Expert Reply:

The beautiful flower is called red spider lily.  The common name spider lily is attributed to at least 2 genus Crinum and Lycoris.  Red spdier lily is mostly associated with Lycoris radiata a bulbous perennial with red flowers.  Lycoris radiata (red spider lily) late summer  into early autumn.  It is sometimes known as the hurrican lily because it can be found in many southeast gardens during hurricane season.

What Is This Orange-red Bloom From SW Viriginia

Crocosmia - Montbretia

Crocosmia - Montbretia

Ask the Expert: Do you know what this flower is?
This flower appeared in my mom’s garden in SW Virgina and is in bloom now. She does not remember planting it but we don’t think it is a wildflower either. Any ideas? Jerusha

Plant Expert Reply:

The plant is called Crocosmia aurea, commonly known as Montbretia.  It is a clump-forming cormous perennial that is often used as a cut flower.  I have a variety of this in my garden.  Mine is called ‘Lucifer’, but I’m not sure which type you have. I sometimes cut the blooms and use them with other flowers from my garden in an arrangement for my kitchen.  It is definitely a keeper.  In fact, Monbretia is one of the few perennials my husband says is a must in any garden.

Although Crocosmia will germinate from seed, the only way I have every started the plant in my garden is with the corms.  Crocosmia is nice perennial that comes up every year with out any extra care and the clump will increase slightly each year.  It will bloom off and on June through August. I make sure mine is mulched going into winter and fertilize it occasionally during the growing season.  I basically ignore this plant and it still performs for me year after year.  So enjoy this mysterious flower gift.