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Spark Romance With Fiery Red Roses

For most gals, nothing is more romantic that fiery red roses. Just the sight of a florist bringing a bouquet of red roses into the door is enough to get every lady in the office’s heart pumping! Of course, when they finally sit the roses on one lucky girl’s desk, everybody’s there waiting for the scoop. “What’s the occasion?”, “I didn’t know it was your anniversary!?”

Of course the BEST response is when your honey sent you roses JUST BECAUSE! Romance does not need an occasion. Spontaneously getting roses is one of the sweetest, most thoughtful gifts anyone can give.

Roses come in MANY styles and varieties. Choose a style that fits her personality. Typically red roses are the most romantic, but if your lady has a favorite color, choosing that color for her roses can add a personal touch that would mean the world to her.

Here are just a few examples of red rose arrangement styles. Be romantic, send one today!

Classic Dozen Red Roses Send Romantic Roses Red Rose Bud Vase

Click the flowers above and enter your zip code on the following page to connect to a REAL local florist in your area to send these rose arrangements.

Just In Time For The Fourth — Our Favorite Red, White & Blue Flowers!

Red & White RosesRED is ROSES

When we think roses, our mind almost instantly pictures RED! Red roses are synonymous with passion, and what better emotion captures feelings during the celebration of the birth of our great nation?

Add roses to your 4th of July decor, either mixed with other flowers, or all on their own. Red roses are strong, proud flowers and look impressive no matter how they are used.

Blue Larkspur Flower ArrangementBLUE is LARKSPUR

Larkspur, or delphinium is the official flower for July, and it’s true-blue variation is perfect for our 4th of July list! The delicate blue spurs of this flower stalk are some of the richest blues you’ll find in the flower world.

You can pair larkspur to compliment your flower mix, or use them alone as a true-blue stunner. As you can see by the arrangement to the right, larkspur looks absolutely gorgeous when paired with white flowers.

White LiliesWHITE is LILIES

The lily is definitely a favorite among garden flowers, and flowers in general. Everyone loves the giant blooms. White lilies are perfect for our theme, (although we almost picked calla lilies!)

Lilies made the list because their star-like blooms make the perfect Fourth of July flowers. They also remind us of bursting fireworks! Again, they look stunning on their own, but mix them with other flowers and you’ve got a fantastic flower display!

Mixing it Up — The Perfect 4th of July Flowers

Why not take all 3 of our favorite red, white and blue flowers and create a perfect flower bouquet for the Fourth!? I can see it now: the tall larkspur shooting out of the base of red roses and white lilies. Who wouldn’t want it as their 4th of July centerpiece?

Contact your local florist and see just what all they’ve got in mind for the 4th! Find your own favorite red, white and blue flowers!

The Patriotic Meaning of Red & White Roses Rages On

Celebrate Unity With Red & White Roses


Red & White Roses Represent UnityRed and white roses are gorgeous. They are beautiful whether variegated in these colors or bunched together. Why not celebrate independence and unity at the same time with a red and white bouquet of roses?

The flower meaning of red and white roses is what drew me to them. With a patriotic spirit, I came across “unity” and knew that this flower meaning would be one of the most important yet. Political views aside, we can all agree that a very critical need in this country is the sense of unity.

Many of our forefathers declared “united we stand, divided we fall” and knew exactly what it meant. Having separated from a country once loved, the spirit of patriotism began with those brave people who knew that to be free we must be one force with one mind, one common goal, and one heart.

White Roses Help Express Unity

Patriotism will never be out of fashion. Unity will never go out of style. Celebrate patriotism, not just with fireworks and funnel cakes, but also with red and white roses. Let it be a symbol of the unity that keeps this country great and not the petty differences that divide people. Have a loved one in the military who is serving overseas? This Independence Day is especially important to them because they are fighting for our right to be unified and independent.

There are many ways to show appreciation for the troops. Wear a white rose next to a red rose on your shoulder or a rose corsage. Send a red rose to your loved one away from home. Even if it’s a picture sent via email, you can still celebrate with them by wearing the same or complementing color on your shoulder. Later, send them a picture of  you with wearing your rose. What an excellent way to share a meaningful moment.

Have an idea for how to wear a red or white rose? Let us know how you plan to celebrate the holiday by commenting below!

Why We’re Passionate About The Red Rose

The Flower Meaning of The Red Rose

Probably the most widely recognized flower in the United States is the red rose. It is beautiful and floods the street on Valentines Day. Anniversary flower arrangements also carry a lot of red roses. Any romantic evening begins with a bouquet of red roses. Ever wonder why this is?

Express Passionate Love With Red Roses

Express Passionate Love With Red Roses

The flower meaning of the red rose is “passionate love.” You almost expect to hear something like that when talking about the flower meaning of the red rose. It’s so much in our minds when selecting something sweet and special that choosing something else seems inept.

Just think about it for a second with me. When people discuss putting flower petals around a jacuzzi or on a bed, what type do they usually opt for? Roses. All of us can easily finish this phrase. “I would like a dozen _____.” While “donuts” is probably just as appropriate, the answer here is “roses.”

I’ll finish this blurb by saying that the flower meaning of red roses was aptly chosen. This is just one more reason why sending a bouquet of roses is a great way to tell your sweetheart that you have passionate love for him or her. When it comes to talking about feelings, sometimes it’s just easier to show it. Roses help express one of the best feelings ever–passionate love.

What do you think about red roses? Do you have a romantic or funny story about receiving/sending red roses? Please share! It’s simple! Just log in and type your comment below.

Did You Know That There Are Zodiac Flowers For Aries?

If you caught last year’s blog about Aries zodiac flowers, this will be a great reminder. If you missed that post, you’re in for a real treat!

"Timeless Tulips Bouquet" of Flowers

"Timeless Tulips Bouquet" of Flowers

Zodiac or astrological flowers are usually sent to someone with a birthday that falls under a particular zodiac sign. These are not flowers that florists stand over like shamans. They have no tom foolery attached. They simply represent the same general qualities that people possess who are born within that time frame. For April, these flowers are tulips, red roses, and amaryllis.

I’m sure you’re wondering (as I did at first) what tulips, red roses, and amaryllis have to do with the Aries zodiac sign. There are a few qualities that Aries are said to possess that can easily be seen in these flowers. For example, Aries are generally innovative people full of ideas and energy. They put the “get up and go” in most situations. This makes sense since Aries is the first sign in the zodiac. Aries tend to be daring, impulsive, desire first place or the most attention and want to work without restriction. Here’s what their astrological flowers have in common:

"Loving Embrace" Arrangement with Roses

"Loving Embrace" Arrangement with Roses

Tulips: Tulips are the perfect zodiac flowers for Aries because they are beautiful, full of charm, and are second to none in many arrangements. They stand out above the crowd with a stunning simplicity that can’t be matched.

Red Roses: Ah, the truest signs of romance. Red roses arrangements are sent for many occasions. Whatever that event may be, it’s almost always the sight of the red roses that gets the night up and running. They conjure up visions of romantic events. They’re the dreamer’s flower. They’re also great for many different occasions which goes hand in hand with the Aries tendency to start many projects.

Amaryllis: Absolutely gorgeous amaryllis are a fiery flower that couldn’t be more perfectly placed with another zodiac sign. Aries is the god of war, i.e. a very fiery character that lives in the moment with a fierce intensity. People falling under the Aries sign are said to have these characteristics, however sublimated. For the fiery Aries in your life, there is no better addition to a birthday flower arrangement than amaryllis.

You’ll Be Amazed By The Red Roses Design of Lori at Flowers Insolita

Lori, lead designer at Flowers Insolita of Huntington New York, recently walked away with high marks and awards in a contest organized by an online community of floral professionals. “Flower Chat” asked the participants to create a non-traditional arrangement of a dozen roses just to see a few creative ways to forego the spring vase and baby’s breath this year. After seeing Lori’s arrangement, I’m not at all surprised that her dozen roses design received the praise that it did.

Lori’s dozen roses arrangement mesmerized audiences with an incredible display of balance, beautiful color, tranquil and inspiring appeal, and clever use of materials. This truly stunning arrangement inspires anything but the traditional idea of a dozen roses arrangement in a way that is so awe-inspiring that you may want to schedule your lunch break around looking at and discussing this design. Yes–it’s that good.

Lori’s design does not limit the roses to a single vase but instead spreads their beauty across zen-inspiring materials that instantly take the viewer on a trip through his or her mind’s eye to a meditation room in the middle of a tropical garden during the early morning. The gorgeous way that these roses are designed is so clever and interesting that any woman would be lucky to receive something so unique from her sweetheart. Every other woman receive roses this year? It’s ok. The lucky woman to receive something so spectacular would still feel incredibly special and as unique as the design.

Way to go, Lori! Way…to…go.

Valentine’s Day Romance Ideas

With Valentine’s Day coming right up on February 14th, romance is in the air. For men, women, and rotund, winged-cherubs alike, it’s the time for expressing our love and affection for those who are most important to us. And naturally enough, sending flowers is one of the best romance ideas of all.

Flowers Make A Lasting Impression

Surveys conducted by the Society of American Florists indicate that 84% of women remember the last time they got flowers. So guys, if you want to make a lasting impression on your romantic partner, flowers are a clear choice. Perhaps surprisingly, the same SAF surveys showed that men place a high value on romance; more than 85% believe that simple romantic gestures such as giving flowers are important to a relationship. Saying “I love you” has become a fundamental sign of masculinity as men are becoming emotional heroes as well as action heroes. A clue to the ladies: your men enjoy receiving flowers too!

Roses Are The Most Romantic Flowers of All

Roses for Romance!Flowers, of course, are the universal symbol of romance… an idea which has long withstood the test of time. They touch the hearts of all of us, and we all know that roses are the most romantic flowers of all. Your local florist can offer you lots of choices among roses this year; check out the new variety, “Red Intuition”, which features clear red petals flecked with darker red markings….and exotic looking beauty! Or the dramatic “Black Magic”, with luxurious, velvety petals in a dark burgundy hue.

Valentines Day Flowers (That Aren’t Roses)

Beyond the traditional roses, bouquets of fresh spring flowers can present more possibilities for romance ideas. Tulips, freesia, iris, daffodils and hyacinths are abundant at this time of year and can bring a bright burst of color to the hearts of your loved ones. Many of these blossoms are sweetly fragranced as well. Ask your florist to include a rose or two in the arrangement, or send it along with a small box of candy or a cuddly teddy bear to underscore your romantic message.

When To Send Valentines Day Flowers

Consider sending your flowers early in the week especially if they’re being delivered to a place of work so they can be admired and enjoyed for several days more. That will help ensure a timely delivery, avoiding the last-minute crunch of Valentine’s Day itself, and ratcheting up the envy factor among your beloved’s co-workers… public pronouncements of love are always effective.

Go Above & Beyond With Valentines Day Flowers

More romantic floral notions: have flowers waiting on the breakfast table or on the car seat before work; have a centerpiece delivered to a restaurant in advance of a Valentine dinner; hide a ring box or a bracelet within a fresh floral bouquet; or send theater tickets tucked into a basket of blossoms.

Your local florist can help you with other ideas for romance. Don’t wait until the last minute….call or visit soon and let Cupid’s arrows fly.

Speak The Language of Love With Flowers

Have you ever pulled the petals from a daisy, one by one, while reciting “he loves me, he loves me not……” until only the yellow, button-like center remained (and you had your answer)? As if by some powerful magic, flowers seem to know the secrets of the heart.

Flowers Know The Secrets To The Heart

With Valentine’s Day approaching, it’s interesting to note that flowers have always been associated with romance, well before human beings first started pulling their petals off… even before we noticed them, for that matter.

Red RosesConsider: Flowers are the reproductive mechanisms of the vast majority of the plants on earth. They exist solely to assure the procreation and propagation of their species by distributing pollen and dispersing seeds. Consequently, they have developed a wide range of seductive characteristics designed to lure their would-be pollinators.

Virtually everything that we find appealing about flowers the shape, the fragrance, the color, the texture evolved as a means of effective flirtation with an animal suitor. All of those alluring properties that speak directly to our own hearts, spoke first to the birds, bees, bats, and butterflies who are the vehicles of floral lovemaking, carrying potent grains of pollen from virile anther to receptive stigma.

There is even a certain species of orchid whose flower parts very closely resemble the female of a particular kind of wasp. When a male wasp spots it and buzzes in for an “intimate encounter”, he unwittingly gets himself dusted with pollen before he flies off, frustrated, in search of another paramour. You get the picture. Love can be a tricky business.

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