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Call This Houseplant Rex – Begonia That Is

Begonia Rex

Begonia Rex

Ask the Expert:
Do you know the name of this house plant? Can you identify this house plant. I would like it’s name and any other information you may have on it. Thank you! Linda

Plant Expert Reply:

It is a little hard to tell from the picture but it looks as if you have a Rex Begonia. This herbaceous perennial is only hardy in zone 10 to 11 and therefore treated more as an annual or houseplant.  This houseplant needs high humidity and well-drained soil. You will need to be careful not to over water this plant.  If the roots remain soggy for too long, they will rot. You, also, need to fertilize it quite often during the growing season. Fertilizing should begin in spring and end in the fall.  I recommend a balanced fertilizer just slighlty higher in nitrogen that is water soluable every two weeks.  Rex Begonias need lots of bright filtered light. The optimum day time temperature is in the 70 degree range and the night temperature is in the 60 degree range.  Most normal household temperatures will be sufficient. 

Good Luck with your plant and keep me posted.

Does Rex Begonia Ring A Bell?

Ask the Expert: Identify this possible begonia type plant?

Can you help me figure out what sort of plant this is? It was given to me as a gift, but it did not come with any watering instructions or care instructions. I do not even know what TYPE of plant it is to google the care directions. As you can see in the pictures, it’s on the verge of wilting! I do not want this AWESOME plant to die!! I have attached pictures. Kristin

Rex Begonia in a Pot

Stems of a Rex Begonia

Identify Begonia Plant?

Tracee asks:

I have been trying for months off an on to find the identity of this plant. A small start was given to me as a gift from a friend. She has no idea what is is, as a start was given to her. I have replanted it into a larger pot, and am thinking I need to again. It has really grown well, but I would like to know what it is and a little more about it. Can you help me? Any information that I could get and share with the friend that gave it to me would be greatly appreciated.

rhizomatious-begonia-1.jpg rex-begonia.jpg

Jamie’s Reply: I believe you plant is some type of hybridized begonia; possible in the rex begonia family. It looks like a bloom bud might be forming. If it blooms it should prove to be a hybrid begonia. I hope this helps. I try to find out more about this plant and send you the information. Reply: After consulting with Janet Carson at the Arkansas Extention Service we believe you have a rhizomatous begonia possibly a star begonia (Begonia heracleifolia). The American Begonia Society has culture information concerning this type of begonia. Go to American Begonia Society to find out more about your begonia. Hope I helped.

Tracee responds:

Thank you SO much for the information about my plant. It is DEFINITLY a Rhizmatous Begonia. I did some more research on it, and found a wonderful picture of one that is very much like mine. I guess I have lucked out as far as the care of it, and it’s grown well. I have learned some tips though, so that’ll help when I replant.