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The Friendly Florist That Will Just Make Your Day!

One of the joys of my job is that my faith in people and their good nature is daily validated by Flower Shop Network’s network coordinators. I recently learned of Fuqua and Sheffield Florist, a full service florist delivering flowers in Richmond, Virginia. The positive influence of these great people is so contagious that I couldn’t help but pass it along to you.

Lyle and his team light up the room even over the phone. Every employee seems delighted with life and genuinely excited about the work that is being done. Sending flowers from Fuqua and Sheffield Florist is a refreshing drift back to a time when working in a flower shop was invigorating and exciting because every new customer was a chance to let out the artistry and creativity of the designer. Each new face was a new opportunity for something bigger, better, and a brighter smile. This kind of enthusiasm is electric with the employees here and no doubt a direct reflection of the bubbly and pleasant rapport between Lyle and his customers. It is nearly impossible to keep from smiling after speaking with any of the wonderful people at Fuqua and Sheffield Florist.

There is a saying that it takes a dozen positive encounters to counteract the effects of one negative encounter. Lyle and his team are setting out to reverse that belief by delivering one intensely fun-filled experience after another. Passionate and driven, it’s instantly a treat to work with the team on creating romantic wedding flowers, beautiful birthday arrangements, sincere sympathy arrangements and any other floral dream in the imagination. How fun! After just one conversation, you know that Fuqua and Sheffield Florist will deliver the flowers that draw emotion from anyone—and be passionate about it!

There remains to be seen an occasion where Lyle and his team created an arrangement without vigor, drive, and contagious energy. Passion about flowers goes a long way, but when a whole team of people absolutely radiates happiness and enthusiasm—that’s impossible to keep to myself.