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Breaking The Mold in Your Floral Designs

Break The Mold With Modern Flower Designs

Robbin Yelverton is BACK with even more wise words for us flower lovers!

Sometimes when things around the flower shop are hectic, it’s easy to fall into the slump of creating the same types of arrangements over and over again. Well, it’s time to BREAK THE MOLD! Robbin is here to show us how to use the same materials we would use to create a “roundy-moundy” flower arrangement, and turn it into something more stylish!

People like to see things they’ve never seen before, whether it be film, art or flowers. Instead of ‘Oh, well that’s pretty,’ make your customers say WOW! and want to show it off to all their friends!
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Picture Perfect Floral Designs

FSN President Loranne Atwill and floral artist Robbin Yelverton, AIFD, AAF, CF, PFCI, led a hands-on workshop at the Great Lakes Floral Expo earlier this March. This workshop was a little different than the ones you usually see at state floral shows because it dealt more with photography than design. Attendees learned techniques they could use to take better photos of their floral designs.

Flower Photography Tips

Class Description:

You have a Website… now you want to put your own custom designs on it. The arrangements look wonderful, but the pictures just don’t do them justice – sound familiar? Learn great tips to making Web-worthy designs and photos in this session! You will make an arrangement in class, then learn how to photograph it for quality pictures for the Web.

No matter what skill level or type of camera, Robbin gives actionable ideas for getting the most out of your flower photography attempts.

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Big Congratulations to the National Floral Designer of the Year!

Robbin Yelverton - National Florist of the Year

Congratulations to Robbin Yelverton AIFD, CF, PFCI

Over the weekend (Oct 2-4), the National Alliance of Floral Associations had their annual conference in Columbus, Ohio. The National Floral Designer of the Year competition also took place at this event! The competition was fierce, but Robbin Yelverton AIFD, CF, PFCI came away with the win! Robbin is co-owner of Blumz… by JRDesigns in Detroit/Ferndale MI. Big congratulations go to Robbin from everyone here at Flower Shop Network!

Florists: We would also like to say ‘thank you’ to ALL florists who attended this or any other florist association convention this year. (Maybe even more than one!) It is very important to get out and support your industry! You will take away years worth of fabulous ideas, tips, trends and more from just one day at a convention like this! We got to meet a lot of you at the conventions we were able to attend, and hope to make even more friends next year!!

Photo courtesy of the Michigan Florists Association‘s Facebook Page. Don’t forget to mark your calendars for their conference, The Great Lakes Floral Expo, coming up in March!

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