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Summer Love Blooms Here!

Summer Flowers = Summer Love

Oh how sweet it is to be in love in the summer. There are so many great activities and parties in the summer, there’s no excuse not to have fun with the one you love.

Whether you’ve just had your first date or you’re going on 50 years, summer is the time to kindle or rekindle the love you have in the seasonal heat. What better way to do this than the always-romantic gift of flowers?

Let’s face it, we’re almost into the dog days of summer where we’ll be spending most of our time indoors beating the heat. Why not bring the romance of flowers inside for your summer love? If your partner is off on business or other reasons, why not send a surprise, summer flower arrangement to let him or her know you care?

Let your summer love bloom with flowers from your local florist. Don’t know yours? Let FSN help with our handy local florist finder; get started spreading summer love today!

How To Be A Good Secret Admirer

Single? Have your eye on someone but just shy to speak to them? Well, we’ve got some great tips for you! How To Be A Good Secret Admirer

A Secret Admirer

There’s something romantic and even exciting about having a secret admirer. Knowing you’ve caught the eye of some mysterious person and it could be anyone! However, in today’s society, it’s easy to find out anything about anyone and can get creepy really fast. Don’t be creepy, be romantic! It can be as easy as signing the card “Guess Who”, but there is so much more possible, why stop there?

NOTE: This is written to guys, but we know girls can be secret admirers too – the only difference is the pronouns.
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Top 5 Trendiest Flowers This Valentines Day

We’ve already discussed this month how Valentine’s flowers aren’t always roses and baby’s breath. Going the extra mile to make it extra personal always pays off in the end. Here we’ve compiled a list of the trendiest flowers for Valentines Day 2013 (Coming up Feb 14th) that doesn’t include roses! If you don’t know your honey’s favorite flower, I can almost guarantee she’ll love one of these!

Light Pink Alstroemeria 5. Alstroemeria

Alstroemeria is a beautiful and delicate flower that kind of resembles a lily mixed with a gladiolus. Their big, showy blooms come in many beautiful colors and are used by florists in so many creative ways.

These flowers work well in many styles of floral arrangements, especially in traditional or garden-style designs.

 4. CarnationPurple Carnations

Carnations have made a huge comeback in recent years with the appearance of bright new colors and styles. Florists have also found incredibly creative ways to showcase this ruffly flower. And you’ve got to love their long-lasting abilities!

Carnations come in so many unique and vivid colors now, as well as different sizes and styles.

3. TulipTrendy Tulip

The elegance of a tulip is undeniable. Even it’s champagne glass-like shape echos romance. Even their flower meaning is about love. Red tulips mean declaration of love and yellow tulip mean hopelessly in love; what more can you say on Valentine’s Day?

Tulips are available in many different colors and also sizes. Their stems are unique in the fact that they can be bent and shaped in many ways, this gives florists many more artistic options.

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Florals End Quarrels!

Florals End Quarrels

In the dog house? With the stress of recent holidays and the new year, it’s understandable many loving couples are finding themselves quarreling during this time. It’s perfectly normal for couples to have disagreements, and sometimes making up can be worth the whole conflict.

Before things get too heated, step back from the situation and ask yourself, “Is all this arguing worth it?” More than likely, it’s not. When we stay mad, it affects our mind, body and more. Being angry makes it hard to stay focused and be productive.

Instead of staying mad at each other, take the higher road and apologize or come to a compromise. Show her she is more important to you than any squabble. Do something extra special and out of the ordinary for her, like sending flowers. Not only will she not be expecting it, flowers show her she means more to you than anything you could ever quarrel about. [Read more…]

The Time For Romance Is 11-11-11

11-11-11 Romance With Flowers

It’s the biggest wedding day of the year, November 11th, 2011 (11-11-11)!  But the romance doesn’t have to end at just weddings, why not make 11-11-11 your day of romance and send your sweetie 11 red roses!?

11-11-11 A Rare Date

11-11-11 only comes around once a century! The last time this date sequence occurred was in 1911, and won’t happen again until 2111! Chances are this is your last chance to celebrate, and what better way to celebrate than with romance? Your sweetheart won’t be expecting flowers, or anything on this rare date. Surprise them with a big bouquet of 11 roses.

Sure a dozen roses is the standard, romantic gift, but on Friday, November 11th, it’s all about the number 11! Check with your local florist about the possibility of delivering this gift at 11 a.m. for even more 11 fun!

Add Romance With Personalized Flowers

If you know your sweetie’s favorite flower, order 11 of those for a personalized touch. Roses are typically associated with romance, but knowing her favorite flower wins you big points! Who wouldn’t want to be surprised on 11-11-11 with 11 of their favorite flowers — you just can’t go wrong with flowers just because!

Order your flowers now, Friday will be here before you know it!

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Pucker up! It’s Almost Kiss and Make up Day!

Kiss and Make Up DayAugust 25th Is National Kiss-and-Make-Up-Day. And let’s face it, we all have little spats from time to time. Whether you’ve had a fight or an argument with your spouse, family member or friend, Kiss-and-Make-Up-Day is the perfect time to work it out and remember what is important in life. And, Hey! Kissing and making up is the best part of any fight!

Celebrate Kiss and Make Up Day With Flowers!

Sending flowers is a great way to say those words that are so hard to say. I’M SORRY!

Did you know that purple hyacinth means ‘I’m Sorry – Please forgive me’? You see, flowers speak for themselves. (View more flower meanings) Have your florist put together an apology arrangement to make amends. Including a heartfelt note of apology will increase your chances of being forgiven! Just speak from your heart and tell them how you feel, today is a day to make things right. Now kiss and make up!
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Spark Romance With Fiery Red Roses

For most gals, nothing is more romantic that fiery red roses. Just the sight of a florist bringing a bouquet of red roses into the door is enough to get every lady in the office’s heart pumping! Of course, when they finally sit the roses on one lucky girl’s desk, everybody’s there waiting for the scoop. “What’s the occasion?”, “I didn’t know it was your anniversary!?”

Of course the BEST response is when your honey sent you roses JUST BECAUSE! Romance does not need an occasion. Spontaneously getting roses is one of the sweetest, most thoughtful gifts anyone can give.

Roses come in MANY styles and varieties. Choose a style that fits her personality. Typically red roses are the most romantic, but if your lady has a favorite color, choosing that color for her roses can add a personal touch that would mean the world to her.

Here are just a few examples of red rose arrangement styles. Be romantic, send one today!

Classic Dozen Red Roses Send Romantic Roses Red Rose Bud Vase

Click the flowers above and enter your zip code on the following page to connect to a REAL local florist in your area to send these rose arrangements.

Winter Romance: Create Some Heat With a Radiant Bouquet!

With the hustle and bustle of Christmas just ending, now is the perfect time for you to surprise your lady with a little winter romance. She probably won’t admit it, but she did a LOT at Christmas: cooking, cleaning, shopping, gift wrapping, kid wrangling, more gift wrapping, fighting the dog off the presents and keeping the cat out of the tree… the list goes on and on.

Now is the PERFECT time to show her just how much you care. Surprise her with romantic flowers either at home or the office. She will be tickled pink to get the love and recognition from you she really.. really deserves. Sure, she probably got a ton of great gifts from you and the family, but that’s what makes sending flowers so romantic — she definitely isn’t expecting it.

Here are a few great Winter Romance ideas to get you started:

Small Rose Arrangement Cherry Red Tulup Arrangement Pink Rose Arrangement

Red is always romantic — think roses and tulips.
Pink is a great girl color. Choose hot pink for a the fun and funky girlfriend; soft pink for elegant style.
White flowers are a great choice for winter romance theme.
Favorites — to really go above and beyond, ask your local florist to use her favorite flowers in her favorite colors.
Flowers are also great for January anniversaries! (Especially sent to the office, women love that!)

So guys, start the new year on her GOOD SIDE! Send a little winter romance today!

This post is brought to you by local Jacksonville FL florists.
Not in Jacksonville? No worries, Flower Shop Network makes it easy to find a local florist using their handy online directory.

Flowering Up Valentines Day Gift Ideas

Don’t Know What to Give on Valentine’s Day? Your Florist Has the Answer!

Valentine’s Day draws a blank in many people’s minds. Be creative! Don’t be cliché! Be romantic! Make it memorable! Before you know it, February 14th is around the corner and you have nothing prepared! Time to call your local florist.

How Your Florist Can Help

Valentines Day Tulips With FernsA florist can help you create a custom creation, inspire you with new Valentine’s Day gift ideas, or steer you toward the ideal, customized gift for your loved one! Whether your special someone is eight or eighty, your local florist has the perfect gift!

Dim the lights, light a few candles, and bring a dozen roses for the perfect romantic evening. The rich, heavenly smell and the deep scarlet red of the roses ooze romance. It’s nearly impossible to envision a traditional, romantic Valentine’s Day without presenting your loved one with a gift that has been a symbol of love throughout the ages.

Don’t Forget Your BFFs on Valentines Day

If your love for someone is more like Lucy and Ethel and less like Romeo and Juliet, yellow roses signify friendship. Also, any cheery bouquet of a favorite flower will bring a smile to face of a dear friend. Daisies, tulips, and lilies are bright, sunny blooms that will show your best pal they are special to you. You and your florist can team up and bring a smile to the face of a friend who is always there to return the favor!

Going Above & Beyond

If a bouquet alone doesn’t seem like enough, then it’s time to get creative! It’s as simple as taking your loved one’s interests and incorporating them into a spectacular personalized gift! For example, if your other half is loves food, ask your florist to incorporate gourmet treats such as Valentine cookies into the arrangement or create a gift basket to make a gift to treat all the senses! The delightful smell of flowers, the dazzling arrangement, the mouth watering delicacies, and the proof that you took the time and effort to create something so unique will mean the world to your Valentine.

Send A Gift That Shows Their Interests

Florists can incorporate almost any interest into a Valentine’s Day arrangement. Most florists have already designed arrangements and gift baskets complete with stuffed animals, candy, and balloons. They can also take into consideration a favorite color or flower and create a spectacular bouquet to match! However, sometimes it takes going that extra mile for someone when you want to make a Valentine’s Day gift to remember.

Dating a musician? There are numerous musical touches your florist can add to personalize your arrangement. Sheet music, decorative music notes, and replicas of their preferred instrument are all available and easily incorporated to create a song in the heart of your most beloved musician! It’s little touches such as these that transform the traditional into something truly extraordinary!

Proposing? Your florist can also slip in a ring box, a special photo, a darling teddy bear, or whatever gift you have in mind. Everything looks better surrounded by professionally arranged flowers! A teddy bear can hold tickets to a play, a love note, or a balloon. Imagine your loved one sitting at work on the 14th and receiving an adorable bear holding two tickets to her favorite play!

Gift Ideas Keep Love Blossoming

Valentines Day BalloonBalloons are another great option to send to your partner at work, a child at school, or anyone else who you think deserves something fun and festive for their Valentine’s Day! Young or old, a jolly balloon will make their day! Your florist is stocked with balloons ranging in colors and messages. Everything from the saccharine to the silly can be sent to your loved ones via your favorite florist!

Married or single, going out or dateless, young or old, Valentine’s Day can be wonderful for everyone! No matter the budget or the message, your florist can create something truly exceptional for the people in your life you care about the most! Send a little love to those who make your heart skip a beat everyday!

Romantic Valentine Ideas For The Six Phases of Love

Valentine’s Day will be here soon, so naturally the thought of love is on everyone’s mind. But, so many questions need to be answered: What kind of flower should I send? What are some romantic ideas and gifts? Should I send a unique flower arrangement? Do I need a valentines gift idea?

Velentine Arrangement with AnthuriumWhen it comes to Valentine’s Day, everyone has pondered those very questions. Everything will fall in to place if we answer two questions:

  1. Do we love someone?
  2. What phase of love are we at in our relationship?

The answer to the first question is easy. You either love someone or you don’t. So with that question out of the way, what does question number two mean? Think about your life: it goes through stages and therefore, so does your love life.

Phase 1: Puppy Love

PUPPY LOVE is junior high school carefree and clueless love, with gestures that are low key and effortless. Puppy love doesn’t need elaborate romantic valentine ideas; just simple and fun. Sending a girlfriend or boyfriend a carnation in a bud vase or a fuzzy teddy bear is the perfect puppy love Valentines gift.

Phase 2: Young Love

YOUNG LOVE is high school sincere and public love. Valentine’s Day is the biggest day of the year for young love. A girlfriend or boyfriend in the young love phase wants outward displays of love and affection that are cute and fun.

Romantic ideas for young love are:

  • A balloon bouquet tied to a box of chocolates.
  • A large unique balloon tied to a stuffed animal.
  • A singing or animated stuffed animal.
  • A teddy bear wrapped around a rose bud vase.

Whether sending a balloon, stuffed animal or flower arrangement to your girlfriend or boyfriend, remember with young love it’s all about exposure. So, make sure your romantic Valentine’s gifts are delivered to school; in front of as many people as possible.

Phase 3: True Love

TRUE LOVE is a genuine developing love. Romance is a must; not only at Valentine’s Day but all year long. True love wants grand romantic gestures and spontaneity. Flower arrangements are always a romantic gesture and paired with the unique or extravagant, just what the true lover desires.

Whether it is Valentines Day or any other day, true love will be delighted with these Valentines ideas:

  • The fourteen days of Valentine’s Day (a different unique flower arrangement sent every day from February 1st thru February 14th).
  • Chocolates in the shape of roses.
  • A beautiful flower arrangement with ‘Stargazer’ Lilies.
  • Flower petals leading to his favorite game chair where beverages, snacks and a night of sports TV await him.
  • A basket of treats sent to his office with the promise of a romantic adventure.
  • A vase of roses with strategically placed theatre tickets or engagement ring.

In True Love, it is all about romancing them, so make sure your romantic gift ideas are thoughtful and spontaneous.

Phase 4: Newlywed Love

NEWLYWED LOVE is a committed and idealistic love. Life is one big romance with the ideal husband or wife. Sentimental and elegant are the essence of Valentine’s Day romantic ideas and gifts for Newlywed love.

Of course flowers are romantic, but don’t stop there! Newlyweds have so many romantic options:

  • Send him a spa basket and a promise of a personal masseuse.
  • A special picture of the two of you in a beautiful frame.
  • Send a flower arrangement that matches the bridal bouquet from your wedding.
  • A single long-stemmed rose draped with a bracelet or necklace.
  • A bouquet of her favorite flowers.
  • An elegant keepsake box with fresh flowers.

Every day for newlyweds is like Valentine’s Day, but it can be special with a little thought and planning. Remembering all the firsts in the relationship can give the newlywed love a creative way to be elegant and sentimental.

Phase 5: Marriage

MARRIAGE is a “for better or worse” love. Romance in marriage is sometimes pushed aside for other demands in life and not always celebrated. The great thing about Valentine’s Day is it gives the marriage an opportunity to stop and smell the roses, literally. Marriage needs romantic ideas that show admiration and appreciation. Celebrate Valentine’s Day with romantic gift ideas such as:

  • A dozen red roses.
  • A unique flower arrangement (containing a rose or special flower for every child).
  • A spa gift basket containing foot massaging crèmes and a foot massage promise.
  • A hobby basket with snacks and items relating to their favorite hobby.
  • A bottle of wine and flower bouquet and an invitation to a night out.
  • A bubble bath surrounded with aromatic candles and a plate of chocolates.

Admiration is the key to everyday love. This love needs to show appreciation with romantic ideas and gifts, especially on Valentine’s Day.

Phase 6: Sweetest Love

SWEETEST LOVE is a rare and unique creature. It is a love that spans years of sorrow, laughter, joy and commitment. This love knows what romantic ideas are all about. They know that:

Gifts for your sweetest love:

  • A single rose or gerbera daisy is the fundamental romantic gift.
  • A unique flower arrangement can show appreciation.
  • A funny balloon bouquet can bring joy.
  • A sentimental gesture of any kind is always wonderful.

Visiting the phases of love over and over with your wife or husband is the key to their happiness. With the Sweetest Love, there is always room for romance not only on Valentine’s Day but every day.

Valentine’s is a great holiday with endless possibilities to show someone how much you love them. Have you answered the questions and are still struggling with romantic ideas? Contact your local professional florist; they are always willing to help.

Click Here to find a local florist to send one of the romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas mentioned above.

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