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National Rose Month

There’s nothing more classic and romantic than a beautiful bouquet of roses. Whether it’s for an anniversary, birthday, or national holiday, roses are always a great way to celebrate! But how did the rose become so significant? [Read more…]

Celebrate National Best Friends Day

Sometimes we don’t give enough credit to the ones that pick us up when we’re down and put a smile on our faces. True friends are always there for us no matter the distance. Show your besties how much you care by sending them something special on June 8. [Read more…]

Flower Shop Network Celebrates Petal It Forward

FSN Celebrates Petal It Forward

Flower Shop Network was extremely proud to be part of this year’s #PetalItForward event organized by the Society of American Florists. Seeing the smile on people’s faces as they received flowers was truly the highlight of the day. It was a beautiful reminder of how much happiness a simple rose can bring into a person’s life.

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Celebrate the Romantics

August is Romance Awareness month! There are so many ways in which we can celebrate and unleash our romantic side because whether we want to admit it or not, we all have one! You can treat your lover to a nice dinner, be courteous and say “hi” to a stranger on the street, or better yet – send flowers!

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Rose Facts and Superstitions

There are many interesting facts and superstitions about the stunning rose! We all know it signifies love and that it is the most popular flower in the world, but there’s much information most of us aren’t even aware of! Keep reading to learn some pretty cool stuff about roses!

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June is Rose Month

Romeo and Juliet. Titanic. Alice and Wonderland. Beauty and the Beast. What do these famous titles have in common? Roses! If you’ve ever read or watched these books and films, you will notice how roses play a significant role. [Read more…]

Flower Superstitions

Friday the 13th is considered to be a very unlucky day in some parts of the world. This is the day many people remain highly conscious of what they do, being careful not to break a mirror or spill salt on the table. But, did you know flowers also carry a lot of superstitious beliefs? Here are several beliefs about flowers, some of which…are kind of weird.

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Flower Spotlight: Rose

The rose has been a classic symbol of love for many years. This bloom has earned the title of the most popular flower in the world. Many countries rely on the rose as a vital source of income. Want to learn more about this amazing bloom? Keep reading!

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Roses Reign Supreme

For as long as history has been recorded, roses have always reigned supreme. Their undeniable beauty is evident, but why are roses so highly regarded over other blooms?

According to fossil evidence the rose is over 35 million years old! This ancient flower was grown for thousands of years throughout Asia before ever seeing the Western World. The beautiful bloom frequently appears in poems, art, music, literature, and even ancient religious documents. The symbolic history of the rose is what has kept this star alive.

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Flower Spotlight: English Rose


Roses are classic, beautiful and perfect for any occasion, but what really stands out is the English Rose. Perfect for gardeners that like to think outside the box! Here is a brief history of this astonishing bloom.

Origins and Symbolism

Introduced in 1969 to England by David Austin Rose (another name for the rose), the English Rose combines elements from both old and modern roses. David Austin wanted cupped, rosette-shaped flowers with many petals and a wide variety of colors, including yellow–which is not very common among old roses. In order to create what is no known as the English Rose, David Austin crossed Gallicas, Damasks, Portlands, and Bourbons with Floribundas, Hybrid Teas, and Mordern Climbers.

To Consider

The David Austin Roses are classified as shrub roses and make great landscape plants. These roses can be grown in warm climates (southern parts of the United States), but some varieties, such as the ‘Graham Thomas’ need cooler climates. Roses are non-toxic and safe to grow for pet owners.


English Roses bloom several times a year depending on the variety and climate. These roses come in different soft pastel colors, such as pinks, peaches and apricots. There are also yellow, white and dark red varieties. Some of the fragrances are damask, tea scents and citrus. The Constance Spry, which is the first English Rose, has an unusual scent described as “myrrh.”

English Roses can make beautiful cut flowers with just a few disadvantages. Most have very short stems and the petals can be very delicate, not lasting very long when cut. The ‘Evelyn’ and ‘Abraham Darby’ varieties, however have many petals and make great cut flower arrangements.

This rose is perfect if you are looking for something unique and romantic. Head to you local florist and have them create a beautiful arrangement with the exquisite English Rose.