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Flower Superstitions

Friday the 13th is considered to be a very unlucky day in some parts of the world. This is the day many people remain highly conscious of what they do, being careful not to break a mirror or spill salt on the table. But, did you know flowers also carry a lot of superstitious beliefs? Here are several beliefs about flowers, some of which…are kind of weird.

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Flower Spotlight: Rose

The rose has been a classic symbol of love for many years. This bloom has earned the title of the most popular flower in the world. Many countries rely on the rose as a vital source of income. Want to learn more about this amazing bloom? Keep reading!

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Roses Reign Supreme

For as long as history has been recorded, roses have always reigned supreme. Their undeniable beauty is evident, but why are roses so highly regarded over other blooms?

According to fossil evidence the rose is over 35 million years old! This ancient flower was grown for thousands of years throughout Asia before ever seeing the Western World. The beautiful bloom frequently appears in poems, art, music, literature, and even ancient religious documents. The symbolic history of the rose is what has kept this star alive.

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Flower Spotlight: English Rose


Roses are classic, beautiful and perfect for any occasion, but what really stands out is the English Rose. Perfect for gardeners that like to think outside the box! Here is a brief history of this astonishing bloom.

Origins and Symbolism

Introduced in 1969 to England by David Austin Rose (another name for the rose), the English Rose combines elements from both old and modern roses. David Austin wanted cupped, rosette-shaped flowers with many petals and a wide variety of colors, including yellow–which is not very common among old roses. In order to create what is no known as the English Rose, David Austin crossed Gallicas, Damasks, Portlands, and Bourbons with Floribundas, Hybrid Teas, and Mordern Climbers.

To Consider

The David Austin Roses are classified as shrub roses and make great landscape plants. These roses can be grown in warm climates (southern parts of the United States), but some varieties, such as the ‘Graham Thomas’ need cooler climates. Roses are non-toxic and safe to grow for pet owners.


English Roses bloom several times a year depending on the variety and climate. These roses come in different soft pastel colors, such as pinks, peaches and apricots. There are also yellow, white and dark red varieties. Some of the fragrances are damask, tea scents and citrus. The Constance Spry, which is the first English Rose, has an unusual scent described as “myrrh.”

English Roses can make beautiful cut flowers with just a few disadvantages. Most have very short stems and the petals can be very delicate, not lasting very long when cut. The ‘Evelyn’ and ‘Abraham Darby’ varieties, however have many petals and make great cut flower arrangements.

This rose is perfect if you are looking for something unique and romantic. Head to you local florist and have them create a beautiful arrangement with the exquisite English Rose.

15 Hot Summer Flowers

Summer begins Saturday June 21st. If you enjoy having seasonal blooms on your table or in your home, check out this list of some of the most popular summer flowers available June through August. Your florist may not have all of these on-hand every day, but they should be available if you give her a couple days notice.

Rainbow of BloomsSavannah StyleCelebrate the Day

Sensational Summer Flowers

  1. Begonia – These are beautiful flowers that come in large variety of colors. They are native to tropical climates, but can be grown in colder regions of the world during the summer months. This flower traditionally means, beware or be cautious. Sound advice if you are planning on giving these flowers as a gift to your significant other.
  2. Chrysanthemum – These flowers have a long and storied history dating back to before the 15th Century BCE. So if you’re looking for blooms with a little gravitas, these are the flowers for you. They traditionally mean joy or optimism.
  3. Orchid – These delicate blooms represent love, luxury, beauty and strength. They have long been coveted flowers because of their fragile beauty and long lives.
  4. Gardenia  The perfect choice for the secret admirer or the smitten would-be lover. This flower traditionally means secret love and is a wonderful way to let someone know you’re thinking of them.
  5. Gerbera – A popular choice, this flower means innocence, purity and cheerfulness. For more information about the Gerbera, check out our March Flower Spotlight!
  6. Hyacinth – A wonderful flower for professing your devotion, the hyacinth traditionally means constancy. Its name comes from an unsurprisingly tragic tale from Greek Mythology, but then what Greek Myth doesn’t end in tragedy?
  7. Hydrangea – These make a wonderful gift to give after you’ve had a sincere apology accepted. The traditional meaning of hydrangea is heartfelt emotion and gratitude for being understood.
  8. Iris – The iris is another flower whose name hails from the Greeks. It stands for faith, hope, wisdom, courage and admiration.
  9. Lily – The lily may be a flower that has grown alongside mankind as long as there has been a thing such as mankind. As such, it has many different meanings depending on the culture you’re coming from. For detailed information on the lily, check out our April Flower Spotlight!
  10. Lilac – Oh, those flower loving Greeks, they named another one! It should come as no surprise that so many summer flowers have names that come from the Greek isles. After all, the Mediterranean climate is sort of … summery. The lilac is perfect as a gift from a student to a teacher or from you to your child as the flower traditionally means youthful innocence.
  11. Magnolia – The magnolia tree is a common site throughout most of the South during the summer. It is a gorgeous white blossom that means splendid beauty and dignity and is perfect for that singular love of your life.
  12. Marigold – The marigold is a gorgeous flower that comes in bright, vibrant oranges and reds. It should then come as no surprise that it traditionally means passion and creativity. This makes it the perfect gift for that relationship in the heat of its life.
  13. Peony – The peony is lovely flower that means good fortune and a happy marriage. It is generally considered synonymous with the 12th wedding anniversary. For more information on peonies, check out the May Flower Spotlight!
  14. Poppy – The poppy has a gorgeous bloom and means beauty, magic, consolation, fertility and eternal life. It makes a good gift for many different situations, and its versatility makes it popular.
  15. Rose – I’m sure you’re more than familiar with this extremely popular flower, but it is a summer flower and it’s popularity makes it impossible to leave off this list. Roses have many different meanings based on their color, but the most commonly known is red which means romantic love. For more information on roses, check out our February Flower Spotlight.

Sweet Georgia PeachSun-Drenched ColorHooray For Summer

Summer is definitely the season for flowers, and as always, the best place to get those flowers is from your local florist. Don’t neglect yourself this warm summer season, buy some flowers for you or a loved one and enjoy the best that nature has to offer!

Give a Game of Thrones Themed Arrangement

If you watched the Game of Thrones season 4 premier, (Don’t worry if you have yet to see it, we won’t spoil you here.) you may have spotted some lovely red, white and blue flowers gifted to the Khaleesi. (If you didn’t see it, click this link for a non-spoilery image!) That got us to thinking, what would make a better gift to a fan of the show than giving them an arrangement inspired by that scene for their very own?

Red Protea PincushionBlue RoseWhite Aster

Finding the Right Flowers

I know what you’re thinking, “Put together an arrangement based on some flowers glimpsed for a few brief moments on a tv show? That’s impossible!” but you’d be wrong. In fact, the secret to creating a similar look is in the flowers used. Fortunately for us, our very own Mandy Maxwell used her sharp vision to discover and name those flowers for you. They are:

  • Pincusion Protea – Red
  • Rose – Blue – This does not occur in nature. The rose has to be dyed.
  • ?White Aster? – White – She wasn’t positive on the white flower, but if this isn’t the exact one used, it has a similar look and would work in a pinch!

The Art of Local

Step 2 of this flower theme creation is to walk into a local flower shop and be ready to give your florist some details regarding what you’d like to see. Your local florist is also a local artist, and they are often not only happy but even excited to face a challenge.

Still, this won’t be quite as challenging as it could be. The flowers involved are all very popular blooms and the florist shouldn’t have any trouble getting her hands on some. The biggest hitch you might run into would be the blue roses as they would most likely have to be a special order. But hey, your Game of Thrones fan is worth it, right?

So get ready to “Wow!” that rabid Game of Thrones fan, especially if she’s also a fan of flowers (and really, who isn’t?) No time better than now to head over to your local florist and place that order!

*Blue Rose image taken from 3rdbillion

*White Aster image taken from Power of the Flower

Flower Spotlight: The Rose

You’re probably familiar with the red rose as it’s one of the most popular and most recognizable flowers in the world. It’s used as a symbol of passionate love and given as a precursor to countless first dates, by husbands to angry wives and as a staple gift for Valentine’s Day, but red is not the only color nor is passionate love the only meaning a rose possesses.

My Sweetie BouquetRomance of RosesRavishing Dozen

Rose Colors and Meanings

  • Red Rose – Romantic love. As a gift, they tell the receiver “I love you,” and “I desire you,” but they also stand for beauty and perfection. With those inherent meanings, it’s no wonder that this color rose is the perfect gift for a lover.
  • Dark Red Rose – This color means unconscious beauty. It also means that the giver is ready for a commitment. A bouquet of these flowers should come with a ring.
  • Pink Rose – A symbol of grace and elegance, the pink rose is commonly given as an expression of admiration, appreciation or joyfulness. These flowers are much less serious a gift than their red counterparts.
  • Yellow Rose – This flower elicits the feelings of joy, friendship, warmth and happiness. Perfect for a close companion.
  • Lavender Rose – A gift that means enchantment and love at first sight. In many ways, the lavender rose is as appropriate for Valentine’s Day and lovers as its red sibling.
  • Orange Rose – Another perfect rose for your lover, the orange rose symbolizes desire, passion, excitement and enthusiasm.
  • White Rose – Often used for marriages and new beginnings, the white rose stands for purity, innocence, honor and reverence.

The rose, like all flowers, is multi-faceted in meaning. Flowers are a language all their own, and one can tell any story they choose with a handful of the right blooms. This Valentine’s Day, don’t just buy the standard rose merely because it’s traditional. Contact your local florist and buy the rose that expresses your feelings most completely.

Feeling Romantic? Send Your Sweetie a Rustic-Rose Fall Arrangement!

Rustic Roses For Fall RomanceSpring isn’t the only season for romance. Fall is the perfect time to show your sweetie how much you care. The weather’s turning cold — time for cuddling under blankets and sipping hot cocoa. Start the mood off right by bringing home a bunch of rustic roses!

Roses are the traditional gift of romance and can make any occasion seem much more special. Starting your night of cuddling, cocoa and movies off with roses creates the perfect mood for romance. Sometimes the simplest nights are our favorite times spent with others.

For days to come your sweetheart can enjoy this beautiful token of love and be reminded of a special evening the two of you shared together. Roses are a great flower to press and create a keepsake for everlasting memories.

This fall, create a little romance with rustic fall roses. Whether it’s a bouquet bunch or a professionally designed arrangement, flowers make any occasion a special occasion.

Remember, always always always go to your local florists for flowers. You’ll get quality, long-lasting flowers and help your community all at the same time! Your florist will also be able to choose the most fitting selection of flowers for your occasion and budget.

Get Ready for National Rose Month

June is National Rose Month

We’re so close to June and the sunshine season of summer I can already feel it! (It could just be the 90°+ temperatures outside.) When the weather starts heating up outside, everyone starts spending more time in the cool of the indoors. Enhance your indoor fun this summer with a bouquet of beautiful roses from your local florist.

Decorate an end table, the dining room table or the fireplace mantle with beautiful, fresh roses from your local florist! Have them delivered as a treat for yourself, or pick them up from your local flower shop — either way you can never go wrong with flowers! Flowers make everyone happier, and add color and cheer to any room.

Sending Roses for National Rose Month

You might also use National Rose Month as an excuse to send roses to a special friend or family member. Roses come in such a variety of colors, why not choose one to match their birth stone or favorite color, just to make them even more extraordinary. [Read more…]

Send Her A Dozen For 12/12/12

Send Her A Dozen For 12/12/12

Today’s a very special day — 12/12/12! This unique date is a once in a lifetime event, as it only happens once every 100 years! Isn’t that enough reason to celebrate? Why not send your sweetheart a dozen (12) roses to observe this special event? Just think how excited she will be to receive surprise roses!

Peach & White Roses Pink Roses Send Romantic Roses From A Local Florist

Be sure to contact your local florist when you ask for a dozen roses!