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What Are These White Spots On My Eleagnus?

Ask The Plant Expert:

What are these white spots on my eleagnus? Are these harmful and how do I get rid of them.  Thanks!!

Flower Shop Network Plant Expert Reply:


What you have is an infestation of an insect called scale.  You will need an insecticide to get rid of it.  I recommend Malathion.  Your local garden center & nursery may have an insecticide specifically for scale. Whether you use Malathion or another insecticide be sure to follow the directions for eliminating scale.

Hope this information was helpful.

Does My Plant Have Stem Gall?

Ask the Expert: what are stem galls?
I have tiny “cobwebs” at the stem end of my croton and I notice no new leaf growth and many leaves falling off. Could these be stem galls? Or what else could these cobwebs be and how do I get rid of them and ensure they don’t come back? Madelon

Plant Expert Reply:

Stem gall is an abnormal growth on the stem of a plant. It can be cause by various parasites: fungus, bacteria, insects, mites.

However, you probably have cottony scale. It is an insect. You will need an insecticide for houseplants. Your local garden center should carry one.

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Brown Seed On Schefflera Could Be Brown Soft Scale

Ask the Expert: schefflera problem
I have a schefflera plant which I take outside during the spring and summer months. It grows like crazy. Last year i noticed these brownish seed like things on many of the leaves. I cut it way back, and again this year thoughs seed like things are covering a good portion of it. I don’t know if its a bug or disease problem and haven’t been able to find anything that describes this problem. Stephanie

Plant Expert Reply:

Brown Soft Scale

Brown Soft Scale

It sounds like you might have an insect called brown soft scale. I found this picture of Brown Soft Scale From University of Florida” Does the brown scale look like the brown seed on your schefflera?

You will need to spray an insectide on your plant to kill these insects.  You will need one that is safe to use on houseplants.  Your local garden center should have one.  You can also try insecticidal soap which can be found at your local garden center.

What Are These Dark Bubbles On My Peace Lily

Ask the Expert: Is my peace lily diseased or dying? My peace lily has little dark bubbles all the way up and down the flower stem and the leaves have a sticky substance on them. Jeanne

Plant Expert Reply:
Have you noticed any tiny insects on the back side of the leaves? Aphids usually attach themselves to the back side of plant leaves and suck the life out of them. During this process the aphids secret “honeydew” a waste product that presents itself as a sticky substance on the top side of the leaves. The dark bubbles could be an infestation of an insect called scale. If you can pick the bubble off and turn them upside down, you should be able to see that it is an insect. Both of these pest can be eradicated with an insecticide. Once the insects have been eliminated your Spathiphyllum (peace lily) will make a full recovery.

Cottony Webby Substance on Houseplant

Cottony Cushion Scale

Cottony Cushion Scale

Ask the Expert: what is the cottony/cob webby build up?
I have a Anthirium I have had it for a few monthes and it has been doing fantastic until i discovered That i was over watering it. I have now cut down on watering it and have been keeping a very close eye on it and it seems as though over night it has some sort of web like build up in the almost dead bloom. I guess it might be dust but it really doesn’t look like it and for it to build up that fast, I just want to know if this is normal, if i should remove it, or cut the bloom off altogether. Tiffany

Spider Mite Webbing

Spider Mite Webbing


I am attaching pictures to help with identification.  If it looks like the first picture (from Arizona Cooperative Extension) which is cottony cushion scale, you will need an insecticide that is safe for houseplants.  Your local garden center should have Fetilome whitefly & mealbug killer for houseplant – or at least something similar.

The second photo (from CSU/Denver County  Extension Master Gardener) is caused by a spider mite. You will need an insecticide that will get rid of spider mites. Again, your local garden center should have this product.

Hopefully your problem looks like one of these.  There are many insects that can cause this problem.  This ususally happens when the plant has been in a stressful situation like over-watering.  Once you apply the proper insecticide and correct the water issue the plant will bounce right back.

Good Luck and keep me posted.

Does my lucky bamboo have a skin condition or something worst?


Picture of scale from the Univeristy of Florida Lyle Buss This is a picture of Scale Insect (Photo from Lyle Buss The University of Florida)