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Is it to Early to Think About Valentine’s Day?

Jenny’s (Oak Hill Florist in Scarborough, Maine) “Thoughts of Valentine’s Day” post on Monday was interesting. First, it proves what I always thought: Florists never rest – they are constantly trying to make the next holiday or flower arrangement better for us. Second, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and the earlier we prepare for it, the better it will be for us and our special someone.

Jenny had a good point when she said “… men – you don’t have to buy roses for Valentine’s Day.” Roses maybe the Valentine’s Day flower and considered the flower of love, but contrary to popular opinion they are not the favorite flower of every woman. I like roses; I even have some in my garden, but if you really want to excite me give me “Star Gazer” lilies, gerberas or tulips. Over the years, my husband has sent me roses, “Star Gazer” lilies, gerberas, tulips and mixed flower arrangements – I loved them all and have wonderful memories associated with each one. Flowers, in general, are always a wonderful gift for Valentine’s Day or for any other reason; you can never go wrong by sending roses. But if you really want to make an impression, find out what her favorite flower is and send it. The key to flower giving is to create a memory that will last forever.

We always refer to the act of flower giving as men sending and women receiving. Jenny brings up a good point – men love flowers too – they just have a hard time admitting it. Of course, my husband loves flowers – after all he grows bedding plants for his nursery and landscaping company – but he adores fresh cut flowers. He is the one who make sure that we have fresh flowers in our home at all times – he either cuts them from the garden or pops into the flower shop and picks up a few stems. (If you want to create your own arrangement, your local florist is a great place to pick up flowers by the stem.) I’ll be honest; I haven’t sent my husband flowers before, but this Valentine’s Day, flowers sound like the perfect gift.

Although the new year may have just begun, it is never too early to think about Valentine’s Day. So, start looking for great Valentine’s Day gift ideas now. I love to hear other people’s Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas and I’ve even copy a few over the years. Flower Shop Network has several newsletters with Valentine’s Day gift ideas:

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Help someone else create a magical Valentine’s Day by sharing your ideas. Remember “Love is in the Air” enjoy it.