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Golden Pothos? Wasn’t He A Musketeer?

I hope that many who read this are chuckling because they know that Golden Pothos is actually one of the most versatile and popular houseplants. Easy to care for and pleasing to the eye, Golden Pothos is the exact opposite of Porthos, the colorful and arrogant character in the famous book by Alexandre Dumas.

Golden Pothos (Scindapsus aureus) plants are great gift ideas for those just getting started with gardening or caring for houseplants. When I say that Golden Pothos plant care is easy, I mean even black thumbs have a shot of maintaining a healthy plant. Golden Pothos plants thrive in the low light levels of a home, near windows, under bright fluorescent lights, or in the full light of the sun in a garden or as a patio plant. Pothos plants can be grown indoors or outdoors. They can be trained as climbers or cared for as houseplants.

I hardly think that it is a stretch to say that it is easy to grow Golden Pothos houseplants. Even watering your Golden Pothos requires minimal effort. Less is more because of a shallow root system. Because less soil must be penetrated to reach the roots, less water is required. The soil around Golden Pothos should be kept evenly moist but not wet so an occasional watering does wonders for the plant. Most pest and pathogen problems are causes of excessive watering or location and can be easily remedied.

For these reasons I say, “Bravo!” to sending a gift of Golden Pothos plants to your friends. Houseplant experts will enjoy going back to the basics. Beginners will enjoy learning the basics. Regardless of expertise, Golden Pothos are also popular for their beauty and dynamic addition to the décor of any room. How can anyone go wrong with this gift idea? Oh that’s right. You can’t.

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Plant Propagation for Golden Pothos and Parlor Palm

Ask the Expert: how and where do you snip the flower for replant  one is a golden pothos, other is a parlor palm i want replant.