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Have You Claimed Your Bing Listing?

Bing Getting Started

It’s very important to make sure all of your information is correct and consistent across all web profiles and listings. If you have not claimed your Bing listing, what are you waiting for?

Claiming your Bing Local listing is another of the FREE services that you can use to make your shop’s presence known and control the information that search engines see about your flower shop. It’s as simple as that. Actually, FSN has made it even easier for florists. We have a Checklist for Claiming Your Bing Listing you can print out to keep the information you provide for your own records. We have also recently updated (just yesterday!) our Complete Guide to Claiming Your Bing Listing that will walk you through, as a florist, with examples and screen shots.

FSN is committed to helping florists promote themselves and their businesses, both on and off the web.

5 Ways You Can Ensure Your Business Visibility Online

Importance of Online Business Visibility

Trust is a major component of the algorithm used by the search engine. As a result, search engines look for consistency when evaluating your business on the web. Consistency in your NAP info (Name, Address and Phone number) is a critical component in establishing this trust. More importantly, trust is a crucial factor when consumers are purchasing products online.

5 Things Business Need To Do

1. Establish Official NAP Information

NAP information is your Name, Address and Phone number. The search engines are confused when your name has different versions. [Read more…]

What Is Pinterest & How Can It Work For Florists?

Pinterest Explained

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a Virtual Pinboard. It lets you organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web. People use pinboards to plan their weddings, decorate their homes, and organize their favorite recipes.

Other reasons people use Pinterest:

  • Express yourself through pictures and images relevant to your life.
  • Remind yourself what you want to do, buy or revisit
  • Share or recommend things you think others should know about
  • Learn and explore specific or random topics.
  • Search and discover new or specific things to do, buy, look at or read.
  • All Pinterest members are active parts of the online word-of-mouth marketing team.

Best of all, you can browse pinboards created by other people. Browsing pinboards is a fun way to discover new things and get inspiration from people who share your interests.

Pinterest Example

[Read more…]

Setting Up Your New Google+ Business Page

Setting Up Google+ Plus for your Business

So, we all heard the buzz surrounding Google+ Plus when it came out a couple of months ago, however they weren’t allowing businesses to set up profiles back then. Well, as of this week, Google+ Business Pages can now be created. FSN is here to help you set up your own Google+ Business Page. Please read over this post carefully to make sure Google+ is right for you.

Advantages of Google+ (Plus) For Your Business

I know exactly what you’re thinking… “I have a Facebook Page, why on earth do I need a Google+ page too??”

To be honest… there aren’t a whole lot of reasons for florists to use this new social network, except for one big one: It’s Google. Google is by-far the main search engine people use when looking for something online. Listing your business information on Google+ very well could boost your rankings. There is currently no way to know for sure, but I could definitely see your Google profile and G+ Page being connected together in the future.

Remember: the key to social networking is being where your audience is; this is likely not Google+. While tons of people signed up for Google+ in the beginning, the activity level began sinking fast. With the addition of Business Pages, this may change, but for now Google+ is full of tumbleweeds.

Advice on Getting Started With Google+

  • My advice to you is to join Google+ as a user and see how many friends, family members and acquaintances add you to their circles. This will give you a good indication of how many people you know are using Google+.
  • Go ahead and set your business up on Google+ and see what sort of activity it generates.  This will also tell you how much time to invest in this new social network. That way if Google+ does end up taking off as a network, you’ve already got a jump start and claimed your business’ name. (And who knows, it just may help to elevate your rankings! *fingers crossed*)

Setting Up A Google+ (Plus) Business Page

Setting up your business page is actually pretty simple, just follow along with the images below. [Read more…]

5 SEO Tasks For Success

For any search engines, like Google and Yahoo, to consider your business relevant, they need information about your company. The following tasks will help you get your information to the search engines.

5 SEO Tasks For Success____ Claimed Your Local Information in the following Places:

Be sure to include your Flower Shop Network eCommerce URL as part of your information. All FSN websites orders are 100% yours. Make sure your information is consisted every where.

____ Create keyword based Meta Information for every page of your website.
Select keywords that are relevant to the page. On Christmas page concentrate on one or two relevant keywords like Christmas flowers. For more information about meta information check out CComponents Google Uses To Determine Organic/Local Ranking

____ Encouraged online reviews.
Search engines value reviews. Encouraging reviews in all of the places where you have claimed your local information.

____ Exchanged links with other local business.
Links from other reputable websites act like a vote of authority to the search engines.

____ Participated in social media.
Being active in an online social community like Facebook is an indicator to Google that you are more relevant.

Do you have a website through FSN? As a free service with your website, FSN will help you claim your Google Places and Set-up a Facebook business page for your shop. Call your FSN representative for [Read more…]

FlowerShopNetwork.com And The Cutting Edge Of Search Engine Technology

Brock and Loranne Atwill owners of Flower Shop Network recently attended the SMX Advanced Expo in Seattle, Washington, hosted by Danny Sullivan, an expert in the SEO field.

While attending the conference, they attended seminars concerning search engine optimization techniques, strategies and technology. In addition to seminars and training, they networked with many SEO industry peers. Highlights of the conference were sessions with Google’s Matt Cutts as well as panel discussions with industry leaders from Yahoo, Microsoft, SEOmoz and Netconcepts as well as many others. Brock and Loranne feel it is important to stay abreast of the ever changing climate in which we must compete and do business on the internet. This is just one of the ways FlowerShopNetwork.com stays on the cutting edge of search engine technology to ensure their retail florists members have the best visibility possible on the internet.

Brock and Loranne of FlowerShopNetwork At SMX Advanced