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Autumn Arrangements 2015

It is officially autumn and the new season brings new celebrations! Here are some great gift ideas for a loved one that you can get from your local florist!

Vase Arrangement
Hues of orange and red mixed with simple greens make a beautiful combination for any fall tablescape!

Basket Blooms
Whether it’s a birthday gift or just something for the desk at work, a beautiful mix in a basket brighten up a room and gets one ready for autumn!

Simple Card Messages
Writer’s block? No worries! Here are some message ideas to pair with your arrangement!

Have a very happy autumn!

A little gift to prepare you for the beautiful season!

Have a happy birthday and a great fall season!

Head to your local florist and get someone special a beautiful autumn floral gift today!

5 Reason To Send Flowers: March ’15

March marks the arrival of spring! This is the month in which flowers bloom, bringing color to our surroundings after the gloomy weather of winter. Here are 5 reasons to send flowers to loved ones this month!

1. Employee Appreciation Day – March 6th

On this day let your employees know how important they are. Maybe send a bouquet of mature blooms to your assistant, manager, secretary, or even to everyone in your business. All it takes is a single yellow flower! Yellow is a popular choice to show appreciation for a job well done.

2. International Women’s Day – March 8th

March 8th is the day to celebrate the success of women. Treat a lovely lady in your life to let them know how important they are. A single rose represents all that a woman is–delicate, strong, vibrant and beautiful. Let their beauty be mirrored with an astonishing bouquet of roses.

3. St. Patrick’s Day – March 17th

There is no better way to celebrate a holiday than by sending flowers. For St. Patrick’s Day send a beautiful mixture of green and white flowers–maybe even adding a touch of yellow. This will definitely make anyone smile, especially those friends of Irish descent!

4. Spring Day – March 20th

Flowers blossom in spring, bringing color after the cold winter. This is a new beginning for nature, as it comes alive once again. Today, send flowers to the most important person in your life as a sign of a new, happier and colorful beginning.

5. National Doctor’s Day – March 30th

When we get sick, our first phone call is our doctor. They keep us healthy and this is something we should definitely be grateful for. Doctors make us feel comfortable and within days we are ready to conquer the world! Today make some time to give back to these amazing people. There’s no better gift than flowers to express gratitude.

Flowers don’t need a reason to become gifts because they are accepted with a huge smile. Whether it’s a holiday or just because, surprise someone with a bouquet. Head to your local florist today!

Trending: Succulent Corsages

A new trend is breaking its way to the 2015 prom scene. We have seen how the widely popular succulent has been incorporated into wedding decor, bouquets and boutonnieres. Now, the charming succulent is making an addition to corsage trends. We reached out to Elba Feliciano of Flowerama in Lawrence, Georgia to talk about creating these succulent corsages.


Why do you think succulents are trending for prom and weddings?

The younger generation are looking for trendy, chic looks for prom and weddings. They like the non-traditional flowers and like to incorporate a different look and feel to their corsages–as well as wedding bouquets.

Have you made succulent corsages in the past?

We have made several corsages and wedding bouquets with real and artificial succulents.

How difficult is it to make a succulent corsage?

It’s not difficult as long as you know the size and type of corsage you are making.

What type of customers are ordering succulents?

Your young customers for prom corsages and wedding bouquets.

What are some tips you would give a florist who is working with succulents for prom or weddings?

Evaluate how many orders you have with succulents or bridal bouquets and start any prep work before you begin to make the corsage or bouquet. For example, if you are making several corsages, you are probably using smaller succulents (always purchase extra), which will require some wiring. For bridal bouquets, know what other flowers will be used to compliment the succulents. I use artificial succulents that I used prior as a mock up with the flowers to ensure they will provide the look and feel I discussed with the customer.

What are some tips for customers who are considering ordering a succulent corsage?

It’s important to consider the person that will be wearing the corsage when choosing the size of the succulent. Also, the look you are trying to achieve–elegant, rustic, or glamour–will require adding the appropriate accessories or ribbon. For a rustic look, I may use lace, but for a glamorous look, I would add more bling.

What do you like about this succulent trend?

There are different varieties of succulents that allow you to make each arrangement, bouquet or corsage customized with a different look. Succulents allow you to be creative! Artificial succulents work just as well!

It is no surprise that the succulent continues to add a rustic style to 2015 bouquets and corsages. While, it remains to be seen exactly how popular it will be come prom time, we know for sure that this chic plant is here to stay. Check back with the Bloomin’ Blog for more great tips and articles!

Photos courtesy of Flowerama

Customer Corner: Sending Valentine’s Flowers


As we get close to Valentine’s Day, we love hearing from customers about how flowers and shopping locally makes a difference in their lives. Here is one customer’s story about celebrating this special day even though her daughter is miles away from home.

These homemade valentines have to be some of my most favorite treasures. They were created by precious little hands with sweet thoughts and only pure, unconditional love in mind. In more simple times when my children were younger, a quick visit to the local store to buy a box of valentines for their choosing, maybe including some candy hearts, was the perfect way to celebrate. Printing names of their classmates on each one and creating a valentine box, using a cereal or shoebox covered in aluminium foil and heart doilies, was quite a creative assembly.

Times have certainly changed! Now the parent of a teenage boy and a daughter away at college for her freshman year, it is hard to remember those days. Getting to ballgames, worrying about algebra homework or trying to catch up on the latest tweets or snapchats from my daughter (without being deemed a stalker) seems to dominate my time.

Being the parent of a child that lives in another state certainly complicates things. In past years, it was simple to call my local florist and order flowers or balloons. Because I live in a small town, I would usually walk in to the flower shop and select the perfect arrangement myself. I love that personal service and the on-time delivery are all important factors when selecting a florist. Finding a business out of your area is a difficult task and can be overwhelming, especially when the delivery is such a meaningful one.

This will be the first Valentine’s Day since my daughter was born that we won’t be together. All of those memories of homemade valentines, class parties and candy hearts are bittersweet, and sending the perfect Valentine bouquet is essential.

Ultimately, what matters to me is finding a florist that understand the significance of this day. I want someone that I trust to take care of my sweet valentine with attention to detail and personal service. Imagining my daughter receiving some beautiful roses with a smile on her face puts a smile on my face too. I think it’s the perfect way to let her know she’ll always “be mine!”

Read more from our contributer, Tracy Brengard, on the Bloomin’ Blog! Don’t forget to share this post!

5 Reasons To Send Flowers: February ’15

February is the month of love–which means it is the best time to send flowers! From roses to tulips, nothing says “I love you” more than a bouquet of beautiful blooms. Here are 5 reasons you should be sending flowers this month!

1. Send A Card To A Friend Day (and follow it with flowers) – Feb. 7th

On February 7th, make it about friendship! Send your friends a card along with a beautiful arrangement to let them know how important they are. Yellow roses are always a great option because the yellow rose is known as the “Flower of Friendship.”

2. Make A Friend Day – Feb. 11th

There’s nothing better than making new friends! On this day, send flowers to someone you wish to get to know better. You never know what the future holds!

3. Valentine’s Day – Feb. 14th

This is by far the most important day in February and flowers will certainly make your sweetheart’s day. Send an arrangement or a bouquet of red roses to that special someone. A red rose represents true love, but if you are a secret admirer send them red mums or gardenias as a surprise. This will put a huge smile on their face.

4. Random Acts of Kindness Day – Feb. 17th

Everyone needs a bit of kindness. Follow the mantra, “give and you shall receive” on this special day. Bring happiness in the form of flowers to those around you and do t just because you can!

5. Floral Design Day – Feb 28th

February is almost gone and you haven’t sent flowers? Well, this is the perfect day to do so! Head out to your local florist and have them design a beautiful flower arrangement. A custom floral design will sure make that special friend, relative or partner very happy.

Flowers are always great gifts for those whom you love most. It doesn’t need to be February– the month of love– to send a beautiful floral arrangement. This is something that can be done all year long. Head to your local florist and make someone feel special today!



Flower Spotlight – Stargazer Lily


When looking for flowers to dazzle, Stargazer Lilies seem to do that effortlessly. With their vibrant colors and delicious fragrance, it’s hard not to take notice of this oriental hybrid!

Origins and Symbolism
Originating from California in the early 70s, this perennial has added to the already famous legacy of the lily, so it’s no surprise that this striking bloom has a variety of meanings.

Used to congratulate or for sympathy, Stargazers symbolism varies due to their color. Whites represent purity, while bright pinks and reds express aspiration and prosperity.

To Consider
Although this beauty looks beautiful planted or cut, caution is given to those who have feline friends.

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals reports this plant can be toxic to cats, causing vomiting, kidney failure and even death.

Named ‘stargazer’ because their blooms face the sky, these flowers are available late-summer.

Used in arrangements as well as bridal bouquets, they always astonish any receiver lucky enough to gaze at its star-like petals.

Make sure to head to your local florist to find this bloom in an arrangement!

Bridal bouquet photo accreditation to: http://www.weddingandpartynetwork.com/gallery/


5 Best Reasons To Send Flowers In January ’15

January is all about moving beyond the previous year and striding forward with a clean slate. It’s appropriate that snow blankets the world at this time of year. As if Mother Nature is reflecting our sentiments with a visual display. But even in snow you can find flowers, and is there any better way to start a new year than with a bouquet of natural beauty?

Let’s find out all the reasons to send flowers this January!

#1 – New Year’s Day – Jan. 1st

A Beautiful SightIt’s the first day of a new year! Is there any better time to give someone the gift of flowers? Beautiful blooms will convey the love you feel as well as help put a smile on your loved one’s face. And since this day is supposed to be a reflection of what you’ll do all year, who wouldn’t want to always have a handful of fresh flowers?

#2 – Houseplant Appreciation Day – Jan. 10th

A day to appreciate your houseplants? It sounds crazy, but it’s true! If there was ever a better day to give someone a living plant, I certainly don’t know what it would be. Give someone the joy of a lovely plant to keep them company in their office, garage or anywhere else they may be. Plants clean the air and just look fantastic. Everybody deserves one!

#3 – Martin Luther King Jr. Day – Jan. 19th

Bright Winter SkyA great day to celebrate a great man who struggled to bring peace and equality into a harsh world. Give your friends and loved ones the gift of flowers and a reminder of the honor this day is owed.

#4 – January Birthdays

Birthdays are a great time to receive flowers and plants. Flowers are gorgeous and help make any day brighter while plants will be cherished and cared about for years. Talk about the gift that keeps on giving!

#5 – Beat the Winter Blues

Wonderful WhiteSnow is beautiful, but sometimes all that endless white can start to grate on the nerves. That’s the perfect time to contact your local florist and order up some tropical blooms or other colorful arrangement to break the monotony of winter with a splash of spring!

You never need a reason to buy flowers. They’re great anytime! But it never hurts to have a reminder of all the great things flowers are good for.

Why are you buying flowers this month? Let us know in the comments below!

Celebrate This Veterans Day with Flowers

Veterans Day is Tuesday November 11th, 2014!

This holiday is all about honoring each and every one of the men and women who serve or have served in any branch of the armed forces. Can there be any better reason to give the gift of flowers?

All the RageMade in the USAPatriotic Memorial

Honor Them With Flowers

Flowers are the perfect gift for any occasion, and they have a language all their own. Couple that with the talent and skill offered by your local florist and you have something personalized and beautiful that says exactly what you want to say exactly how you want to say it. Your local florist can create a themed arrangement, one featuring the veteran’s favorite flower or even one as a memorial to a fallen loved one.

Red White & BeautifulRainbow of BloomsRed White & True Blue

Personalize with Local

When you buy local, you have the option of being as detailed in the process as you like. You can outline what you want down to the smallest detail or just tell them to make it beautiful. You can choose from what’s available or have a custom piece made just for you. When you shop local, you know you’ll get what you paid for and more!

We use Veterans Day to say ‘Thank You’ to those who fought and still fight for our daily freedoms. Shouldn’t you say it with flowers?

October Flower Spotlight: Alstroemeria

These gorgeous flowers are native to South America though some varieties have now been naturalized to the US. There are two species of Alstroemeria, one native to Chile and one to Brazil. The Chile species grows in winter while the Brazil species grows in summer. That makes it the perfect flower for our October spotlight as this month falls squarely between the two!


Light Pink AlstroemeriaThe Alstroemeria was discovered by Baron Claus von Alstromer. He collected seeds from the flower while on a trip to South America in 1753, and sent them to his teacher, Linnaeus, who then named the flower after him. Because of its South American origins, it is also known as the Peruvian Lily, Parrot Lily or the Lily of the Incas!


The Alstroemeria is often associated with friendship because of the way its leaves grow. They grow upside down, twisting and turning evoking the twists, turns and growth that friends experience over time. It can also mean prosperity and fortune. This flower is often found in everything from bridal bouquets to corsages and boutonnieres. It is also the perfect gift for a friend or someone going to a job interview or embarking on a new venture.

The Alstroemeria is a gorgeous bloom that should be available this time of year at your local flower shop. Go by and order a gorgeous arrangement featuring this magnificent bloom!

Celebrate Your Labor Day with Flowers!

Labor Day honors the contribution of America’s workforce to the greatness of this nation. The strength of every nation is found in the men and women who comprise its working class and our country is no different. The beauty of America is that almost everyone is now or has been one of those individuals. Take this chance to say, “Thank You” to those whose hard work helps or has helped make our own lives easier, and maybe take a little time for yourself too.

Tranquil LightCasa Blanca LiliesHeavenly Garden Blooms

Flowers for Everyone

Just as Labor Day is a near universal holiday, flowers are a universal gift! They are wonderful for helping decorate the backyard for a neighborhood barbecue. They look elegant on the picnic table during a cookout. And they are a great way to show your appreciation to anyone. So head down to your local florist, and let them work their magic. They can put together a stunning arrangement in any theme you like. And whether buying for yourself or someone else, your local florist will make it great!

Last Day for White

If you are making flowers part of your Labor Day celebration, why not go with white? After all, it’s the last day to wear the color until Easter so why not take it out for one last spin? An all-white bouquet or arrangement is gorgeous, and the stylistic choice is certainly fashionable.

Labor Day is a day to relax and take time off from the very work it celebrates. This year, relax with the natural beauty of flowers!