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Every Person Has A Story, Let Us Tell Yours With Flowers

What’s your story? What are the biggest accomplishments in your life? You don’t have to be an astronaut to have a great story. It could be your faithful devotion to gardening, crafts or family. It could be your love of hobbies like scrapbooking, reading or climbing mountains. What story do you want to tell?

High StyleIf you’re having friends over, throwing a party, or just want a little pick-me-up for yourself, why not let your florist to tell the story through flowers? Most floral designers are very creative and would love the challenge of interpreting your story through color, flowers and accessories.

These custom arrangements don’t have to be over-the-top or huge, but the subtle, creative ways flowers are arranged can tell more of a story than you might expect.

Here are some examples:

Yoga Guru – A yoga teacher wants to have a very special class with her students. She asks her florist to create something to tell the story of yoga through flowers. The florist creates something like the arrangement to the right. The bamboo-like Equisetum adds an Eastern quality to this arrangement and the way it’s standing tall and used bent reminds viewers of the flexing yoga poses.

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Bingo! The Perfect Funeral Flower Memorial

Funeral Flower Tribute - Bingo!

Jean Everly of Heart to Heart Flower Shop in North Cape May, NJ shared with us the story of a recent sympathy tribute. Who says flowers for a funeral have to be the same? This lady loved her weekly bingo game. This beautiful floral memorial is a great way to lift spirits at such a somber occasion. It is a perfect conversation starter for reminiscing the best memories of the departed.

“She loved her Bingo game. Every week she was there until  her illness took her away. Her friends decided this was the only flower arrangement proper for her service.” – Jean Everly

Have an interesting story from your flower shop or about flowers? Share it with us!

Streeeeetching Creativity With Your Local Florist

“Isn’t it great to be in a business where we are able to be creative!! Sometimes my customers streeeeetch my creativity to it’s limits, but I think that is how it grows!! Love my customers & this business…I think unique requests keep our minds from growing stale!!”Buds ‘N Bows Flower Shop, Crawford GA

Rosy Red Posy Flower ArrangementOne of our great member florists wrote this on our Facebook yesterday, and I just had to share. It’s easy to forget that florists are also artists and love the challenge of creating something truly custom, just for you. From a unique bouquet inspired by your favorite band (Yes, I’ve seen Greatful Dead-themed flowers), to using special items to create flowers that are intimately personal (such as using Grandma’s teapot as a vase).

When you send flowers, take your time and think about what special details would mean the most to the recipient. Not just, what are their favorite colors and flowers, but also think about their hobbies, collections, obsessions or anything else that represents that individual.

Get Creative This Valentines Day!

Valentine’s Day is coming up. What ways can you get creative for your Valentine? Have a girl who likes to paint? Add a few paint brushes in with her flowers. Have a girl who can’t get enough zebra print? Sounds like a MUST for your flowers. All it takes is a little thought and, of course, your local florist.

To custom order something for your sweetie this Valentines Day, DON’T WAIT! Order your flowers today! And always always always use a real local florist! If you don’t know yours, you can use our handy florist finder to find them.

Buying & Sending Flowers For All Types of Customers

Sending Flowers: What Type Of Customer Are You?

When ordering flowers, it’s often for a special occasion or well wishing. For romance, birthdays, get well soons and even condolences, flowers are always intended to lifting the spirits of the recipient.

Sending Flowers? What Type of Customer Are You?

  • Customer On-A-Mission

You know exactly what you want and won’t stop until you’ve got it. Perhaps the person you are sending flowers to has a favorite flower that must be used. Maybe you have a specific centerpiece idea in mind and you must have it. Whether you are shopping in store, online or on the phone, make sure to ask about the specific items your arrangement must include.

A florist keeps a good amount of flowers in their cooler at all times. However, they can’t possibly have them all. When ordering flowers from pictures, such as on a florist’s website, sometimes substitutions will be made if the florist doesn’t have a particular flower. Same goes for vase style, ribbon, etc.

How To Get Exactly What You Want:

Call! To make sure the specific flowers/vase/etc you want get used in your arrangement, call and ask if they have them in stock. If they don’t have them in stock, the florist will explain what will be used to substitute, or how long it will take to get your full request in stock. If you are ordering specific flowers for an event, this is why it’s best to order in advance.


  • The General-Idea Customer

You have an idea of what you want, but haven’t quite put your finger on it. You know you want flowers, you know what the occasion is, but you don’t know the first thing about floral design, so you’re just browsing. [Read more…]

Kids Love Flowers Too! Send A Surprise With Personalized Flowers

Sending flowers to the people you love has always been a great way of showing that you care – it’s a tradition that is loved by many all over the world. Who doesn’t  love a luscious bouquet brought to our doorstep with a little note saying ‘I Love you’ or ‘Happy Birthday’? It is a thoughtful gift that will always bring a smile.

Kids Love Flowers Too!

It’s a great gift idea for a child that is too far to visit, in school all day or just for the kid who loves a fun surprise! You hear a knock at the door – “Sweetie, it’s for you” hollers the parent as the child runs to the front door to see a bright arrangement of happy-go-lucky flowers with their name one it! Who wouldn’t squeal with delight?!?

Personalized Flower Arrangements for Super Smiles!

When choosing flowers for your kid-o, make sure to include their favorite characters, themes, or sports. Your cookie-monster would flip for a little monster of their own – made of flowers!

Little Monsters - Flowers For Kids

And, the girly girl, who loves everything pink will be walking on air when she receives a bright pink vase of flowers with butterflies, fairies and everything PINK! You just can’t go wrong with flowers!
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Floral Design With You In Mind: How To Order Custom Flowers

When you think flowers, you might think of sending flowers for Valentines Day, or maybe as a thank you or get well gesture. But floral design has come a long way, and it doesn’t always have to be sent as a gift.It’s not just about flowers for you anymore, it’s about flowers for me. Flowers in your home as fresh decorations. Get to know your florist. Take them an example of your style such as a swatch of paint,  a throw pillow, or even a picture and have them match your style exactly!

Nothing lifts the spirits and puts a smile on someone’s face like the beauty of flowers. Why not have them displayed in your most high-traffic areas? This is especially ideal if you are throwing a party or even having a small get-together. Your local florist can either create a floral arrangement to match your home, or a themed arrangement to match your party.

So How Do You Order Custom Flower Arrangements?

It’s so easy. First, find a local florist, if you don’t already use one. Flower Shop Network makes it easy, just type in your city in the top of our site, choose and state and click go! This will bring up a list of real florists in your location.

Using a local florist directly ensures you get the BEST bang for the buck: professional service, quality design and the freshest flowers!

Next, pick up a phone and call them or go into the store and meet them. Explain to them your type of decor and what colors you use most. If you use mostly blues with orange accents, make sure they know which colors are the most dominate. You might even offer to email them a photo of the room your decorating. If you’re visiting the shop, take a few items from the room for your florist to use as inspiration.

If you have ideas in mind, or photos of arrangements you’ve seen in magazines, share those with your florist as well! Here’s a little secret: most florists are VERY creative people and love a challenge. Tell your florist if you have any favorite types of flowers. If you have a bit of an art background, you might even suggest design elements to match your style. such as: asymmetrical, minimalistic, geometric, etc.

Many florists also offer custom orders from their website. Most of the time there is a description box for you to explain what you are looking for in a custom floral design. Here, type what you are looking for and any special requests you might have.

Here’s a tip: If you are ordering flowers for yourself or someone special and don’t have a preference on how it looks, the Designers Choice is a great choice! This let’s the florist be creative and do whatever they want. Florists will often use the best flowers and their favorite accessories to make something truly unique and special.

So remember, next time you can’t decide while browsing flower arrangements online, or looking for something completely YOU, custom flower arrangements are your best option for fabulous home decor.

This post is brought to you by local Nashua, NH florists.
Not in New Hampshire? No worries, Flower Shop Network makes it easy to find your local florist with their handy online directory.

Valentines Day Tips From Those In The Know

One of our florist friend’s daughter published a fantastic article to Yahoo called, Valentine’s Day Flowers: Demystifying the Experience. It was so good, we just had to mention it on the Bloomin’ Blog!

Tips For Sending Valentines Day FlowersRachael Priest is a freelance writer and daughter of Paula Wagnon, owner of Buds ‘N Bows Flower Shop in Crawford, Georgia. Growing up in a flower shop gives her plenty of insight into the craziness of Valentines Day from a florist standpoint. Her tips are best for easing the stress of sending flowers.

Rachael gives excellent tips for consumers who are planning to order flowers for Valentines Day. Whether you are ordering flowers online or over the phone you can use these tips. There is even a section for sending custom flowers and under special conditions, such as sending Valentines Day flowers to your child at school. These tips are good practices to use when ordering flowers, even if they are not for Valentines Day!

What was Rachael’s key to ordering flowers? ORDER EARLY! It’s always best to order flowers early for the freshest flowers and on-time delivery. This is especially true when ordering custom or specific orders.

So before you order your Valentines Day flowers, make sure to read Rachael’s article!

Great article, Rachael! Thanks for the mention as well!

This post is brought to you by Flower Shop Network. Find your local florist with our online directory!