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Flower Spotlight: Sunflower

Sunflowers are a popular flower all around the world! These bright and beautiful blooms bring a ray of sunshine to anyone who receives them. Learn more about their origin and meaning, along with some interesting facts. [Read more…]

Send Sunshine & Sunflowers

Season to Send Sunflowers

No matter how hot it gets, summer is always a favorite time of year. The outdoor fun, cookouts, shorts and flip flops — what’s not to love? As summer draws to a close, its easy to catch the blues. This year, savor summer til the very last drop.

A great way to do this is by bringing the joy of summer indoors to enjoy at all times. How? Sunflowers! The sunflower is named after its huge, fiery blooms, whose shape is often used to represent the sun.

Adding sunflowers to your decor will bring you happiness and warm-summer feelings during all hours of the day. They are also a great decor addition as we descend into fall.

Think of where you could use a little sunshine, perhaps the office? Of course! Pamper yourself with a little sun; send yourself sunflowers! It’s okay to spoil yourself once in a while.

Summer Sunflowers

Sending Sunflowers

Think of others who may need a little summer pick-me-up; grandparents, relatives or friends you have not spoken to in a while. It’s time to let them know they’re on your mind by sending sunflowers.

Sunflower Symbolism

  • If you live in Kansas, your reason for sending sunflowers has just doubled! It’s the Kansas State Flower!
  • Live to ‘Go Green‘? The sunflower is the symbol for the green movement.
  •  Dating an art lover? Send her sunflowers in appreciation of the Van Gogh series.
  • Did you know the sunflower is native to the Americas and was originally domesticated in present day Mexico? Sunflowers make the perfect hostess gift at your next fiesta!

If you want to send sunflowers, contact your local florist. You can use FSN’s handy Local Florist Finder to find yours today!

Greet The Summer Sun With Sunflowers

Sunny Day GreetingsCan you believe summer is already here?! The first day of summer starts June 21st! What better what to greet the hot, summer sun than with beautiful golden sunflowers?!

It’s oh-so easy to tell how sunflowers got their name. Their round, disk centers and petal rays give them a gorgeous sun-like appearance. Now you can bring the summer sun into your home with a bundle of beautiful sunflowers.

Sunflowers For Summer Parties

Use Sunflowers to easily decorate for your summer parties and get-togethers. Use them as your main centerpiece, buffet table decor or simply use them as an accessory for your home. Their bright, vivid colors will glow in any room!

If you are attending a party, take a bouquet of sunflowers as your hostess gift! Sunflowers look great and give a summery feel to any space.

Sunflowers At The Office

If you need a little pick-me-up around the office, have a bright and cheery sunflower arrangement delivered. Why not treat yourself to a little luxury once in a while, and bringing summer inside to a sometimes dreary office can make a world of difference.

No matter how you use them, sunflowers create an instant smile. Be sure to order yours from a real local florist!

Favorite Flowers: Truely GRANDparents Day!

This September, FSN’s Favorite Flower is the Season For Sunflowers bouquet in the Grandparents Day album. This stunning combination of sunflowers, carnations and roses will delight any GRANDparent!

Send them sailing through memories of golden sunflower fields, picking red roses and other wondrous memories of summer.

For grandparents who live a long distances from us, sending flowers is a great way to say “You are truly GRAND,” and fill them with love and appreciation.

So remember, Grandparents Day is September 12, 2010!

Use Flower Shop Network‘s fantastic directory to find a real local florist near you!

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