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Zodiac Signs and Flowers: Libra


Libras are very charming and elegant, so what better way to impress them than to buy them flowers? They hate feeling alone, so this is the perfect gesture to show that you’re there for them. [Read more…]

Zodiac Signs and Flowers: Virgo

virgo zodiac sign and flowers

Do you know someone who is a perfectionist, is intelligent and has a very kind heart? Sounds like you’re friends with a Virgo! Virgos can come off as very shy at first, but once their trust is earned, an incredible, lifelong friendship is created. Here are some ways that will help you establish that forever friendship with a Virgo. [Read more…]

5 Best Reasons to Send Flowers in September

Not that you ever need an excuse, but in case you were looking for some ways to justify the expenditure, here are 5 GREAT reasons to send flowers in September! And remember, your local florist is always your best option.

Cascading SplendorEnjoy FallAll Hail to Fall

1. Labor Day – September 1st

Labor Day is a great holiday for flowers because it, like flowers, is for everyone. It’s a day to celebrate the contribution of the nation’s workers, and aren’t we all workers? Yes, I think we are. So buy some flowers for yourself. Buy some for your family. Buy some for everybody!

2. Grandparents Day – September 7th

Flowers for Grandma! A green plant for Grandpa! They are the ones who ensured you were good and spoiled as a child. Don’t they deserve some floral love on their special day? I’m just going to let your conscience answer that one for you.

3. Patriot Day – September 11th

A day to honor and commemorate those lost on September 11, 2001. Flowers are not only a celebration of happiness. They can also be beautiful memorials and natural bringers of comfort. A floral gift is the perfect way to say, “I remember.”

4. First Day of Autumn – September 23rd

The sweltering heat of summer is finally giving way to cooler temperatures. A lovely bouquet is always the perfect way to welcome in fall’s explosion of color. The leaves turn, the harvest is gathered and Mother Nature prepares for a long winter’s nap.

5. Gold Star Mother’s Day – September 28th

A day to honor those mothers who lost a son or daughter serving in the armed forces. It’s a beautiful memorial fitting of a beautiful floral arrangement.

September is a great month for flowers and a great month to visit your local florist. There are celebrations, commemorations and memorials, and flowers are the perfect gifts for each of these cirucumstances. Whether for joy or sadness, make a point to give flowers to someone you love.

Perfect Flowers For September Birthdays

Sending flowers to someone on their birthday is always a special surprise! Beautiful flowers will create birthday memories to hold close to heart, especially if your recipient works at a desk job. There’s just nothing better than your beautiful birthday gift greet you with it’s bright and cheery colors every morning as you walk into your office. It’s like celebrating a birthday week instead of just a birth day!

For an September birthday, celebrate the end of summer with warm colors and a mix of summer and fall flowers.  Office flowers are an instant mood changer, and bright, cheery flowers always do the trick!

How do you send flowers for a September birthday?

September’s Flower

The official birthday flower for September is the aster. It’s a cute little accent flower, but when sent for a September birthday, the aster makes a big impact! Ask your florist to add extra asters for your September birthday buddy! Below are examples of beautiful arrangements with asters you can send from your local florist.

  "Cup O' Cheer" Spring Flowers Bouquet from Flower Shop Network. Aster Flower Arrangement  September Flower Arrangement

(Simply click an arrangement above and add a sending zip code. Flower Shop Network will connect you to a real local florist to send the order. It’s that simple!)

September’s Birthstone Color

If asters aren’t your style, choose flowers in September’s birthstone color — Sapphire blue. Blue flowers are very rare in nature and sending a blue-themed flower arrangement makes it obviously September! [Read more…]

Forgot What The September Birth Month Flower Is?

Fret not, dear blog reader. I have your answer.

The September birth month flowers are the aster and the morning glory. Oh yeah, beautiful and meaningful. Good stuff. If you were a reader last year you may remember “Mark September With An Aster-isk”, our friendly reminder blog about the birth month flower of September. You may also remember that September can be quite a headache for my family! With three birthdays on the same day stuff gets really crazy toward the middle of the month.

Mom is great. She’s one of my favorite people in the whole world and I’d be lost without her. That’s a great (and true) sentiment for the card, but you can’t really package that. Oh wait, yes you can! It may not come in a box but a birthday bouquet with aster is a package that she’ll be happy to receive! I’m thinking that showing it off to her friends at work will be fun for her given the type of women she works with. If I can make her day better, why not? So this year I’m sending Mom the gift that she loved last year — asters.

Ask Your Florist About Aster This September

Ask Your Florist About Aster This September

Now the other Virgo in my life is a bit harder. I tend to stop by game stores a lot when shopping for him but I’m pretty tired of staring at electronics. By the time I muster up the courage to go shopping, the last place I want to be is somewhere that will take a lot of time. Plus, I can never remember which games he has so I get a gift card. It’s a little impersonal (or so he said last year) so I don’t want to repeat that experience.

My Love may be brutally honest but he has a point so I’m sending him aster flowers instead. It’s kind of payback for the comment about the gift card. Plus, his daughter loves playing with flowers and dirt and bugs and grass so we’ll have a lot of fun planting morning glory in the backyard. This may not be the ideal way to send birth month flowers of September. Given that not everyone lives in a fairytale world of romance and lollipops, I’m sure I’m not the only one who finds this a funny alternative.

Regardless of your intent, you really can’t go wrong with birth month flowers. They’re just too cool! Plus they’re really unique so  you don’t have to worry about someone copying your idea. It’s all yours. Be your own with aster and morning glory this September.

Mark September With An Aster-isks

My mother is a Virgo. I’m dating a Virgo. Oddly enough, their birthday is the same day. Suffice it to say that gift giving in the Jackson family becomes very difficult around September 15th. I’m quite taken with birth month flowers as unique birthday gifts because it blends the traditional with the creative. This is a very endearing quality after three years of finding a unique gift for a man and a charming birthday gift for a mother all on the same day!

My fellow is fairly easy to please when gift giving is involved. His birthday is a fairly major occasion but finding a way to make him feel completely special on that day is difficult when we also celebrate Mom’s birthday on that day. Not this year! The two birth month flowers of September are aster and morning glory. My sweet pleasant beloved makes a point to call me from work every morning just to say good morning. For this reason, the birthday gift for him becomes *drum roll* … the morning glory! Coupled with a few wish-list gifts, a packet of seeds of this birth month flower will add a dash of whimsy to the traditional gifts. I’m still learning to knit so that I can watch him fake excitement over an ugly multi-colored sweater for next year. For this year, flowers and game consoles will do.

My mother is amazing. She’s the most incredible woman in the world (except for your mother, of course) and that near grasp of perfection can grind away at the nerves when birthday gift shopping. My mother either has everything, wants nothing, or won’t specify. Well, she’s not getting an option this year. My mother is an avid vegetable gardener. She also landscapes her yard and my grandfather’s yard to give them immaculate appearances. I know that she loves flowers and loves decorating her home with the flowers from her garden. This year she’s getting a bouquet of aster for her home and, since morning glory is typically a garden flower rather than a cut flower, a few started morning glory to add to her collection of incredible garden flowers.

Wonderful. I’ve finally found a way to satisfy all of the people in my life with September birthdays just by incorporating the September birth month flowers into a unique birthday gift. Thankfully October is all about me. Just kidding.

Contact your local florist for a unique birthday gift for your September friend!

Flowers Associated With The Months Of The Year

Ask the Expert: Where can I find a flower related to each month? Betty


Here are a list of birth month flowers.

  • January – carnations or snowdrops
  • February – violets or primrose
  • March – jonquil – daffodils – narcissus
  • April – sweet pea or daisy – gerbera daisy
  • May – Lily of the Valley
  • June – rose
  • July – larkspur – delphinum
  • August – gladiolus or poppy
  • September – aster or morning glory
  • October – marigold – calendula
  • November – Chrysanthemum
  • December – Paper white narcissus or poinsettia

There are, also, flowers associated with the astrological months. Let me know if you want a list of those as well. I have attached some picture of particular birth month flowers.

orange carnation in a vase Carnations

Vase of Daffodils Daffodils
gerbera diasies in a vaseGerbera daisy

Roses in Vase Rose

Yellow Gladiolus in vase Gladiolus

stem of purple asters Aster

Basket Chrysanthemem Chrysanthemum

red poinsettia Poinsettia