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South Carolina Florist Association Convention 2012

We had such a blast at the South Carolina Florist Association‘s annual convention this past weekend! The show was themed “Inspiration for Innovation” and it was just that. With great presentations, competitions and opportunities for networking, this was the place to be for florists.

Bernard of Rosewood Florist, Columbia SC Flower Shop Network Trade Show Booth

Check out the amazing floral design in the Flower Shop Network Booth! It was created by Bernard (pictured left) from Rosewood Florist in Columbia, SC. It was filled with lush hydrangeas, gorgeous gladiolus, bells of Ireland, roses and much more!

FSN Booth Arrangement

Here is a closer view of the FSN booth arrangement before it was put into the booth.

Streetlight Flowers For Competition Streetlight Flowers For Competition

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What Is This Blue Flower Found In Upstate South Carolina?

agapanthusAsk the Expert: what kind of flower is this
I have no idea what kind of flower this is.  The flower had not bloomed in the past few years.  I live in upstate SC and this plant is always green and never dies even in the winter it still had very bright green leaves.  I cannot identify it. Melissa

Plant Expert Reply:

Since I can’t tell by the picture the true structure of the plant and it’s foliage, I am basing my identification on the bloom only. I believe the plant you have is an Agapanthus (African Blue Lily).  However, I’m not sure which type of Agapanthus it is.

Agapanthus is a genus of about 10 vigorous perennial species, some of which are evergreen.  They are clump forming with large strap-shaped leaves. Agapanthus needs fertile, moist but well-drained soil.  Full-sun is required for good summer blooming.

Your blooming issues could be lack of sunlight, phosphorus deficiency, or the plant could be buried too deep. A change in any of these conditions could stimulate blooming.

This flower identification question wsa brought to you by local South Carolina Florists

Purple Flowering Weed Takes Over Charleston Yard

Spring Vetch - Vicia sativa

Spring Vetch - Vicia sativa

Ask the Expert: Can you ID this weed?
I live in Charleston, SC and it is taking over my yard this spring.  It has a purple flower.
THanks. Mac

Plant Expert Reply:

What you have is called Spring Vetch (Vicia sativa). In most places it is considered a weed. To get rid of it in your yard, you can spray 2 4 D or a Greenlight product called wipe-out. These products will kill the broadleaf weeds in your yard, but they will not harm the grass.  Your local garden center and nursery in will have this product on the shelf. They will be able to tell you how to mix it and when to spray it in your area.

Caution: 2 4 d or wipe out can only be used in yards. It can not be used in shrub beds.

This weed identification question was sponsored by the local florists in Charleston SC.