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Fresh Spring Marketing Ideas For Florists

Ideas For Spring Flower Specials

Create special edition spring flower arrangements available to your customers for a limited time, like one or two weeks. Promote these on your website, Facebook, direct mail and any other social media outlet you may use. Create one special per week. Make sure your customers understand there is a deadline for ordering one of your specials to create a sense of urgency and excitement for these unique flower designs. It also shows your diversity and artistry to your customers.

Garden-Themed Special

– Use spring garden flowers such as hyacinths, daffodils, and tulips. Include items like seed packets, shovels, or even plant markers with encouraging messages written on them. For the container, use a cute watering can. (Check thrift stores!)

Spring Flower ArrangementSpring-Themed Special

– Again use a good assortment of spring flowers. Use a blue-painted coffee can (recycled) as your container. Paint a white horizontal stripe a couple of inches from the top and bottom. Use white cardboard cut into pointed strips to create picket fencing to go around your coffee can. Then simply hot glue them to your can leaving a unique, picket fence container, 100% recycled!

Birds & Bees Special

– Spring means romance is in the air! Don’t leave your love birds out, create a spring-themed romantic arrangement. Create an arrangement using spring flowers. Cut a heart out of cardboard and cover it, front and back, with small spring flowers. Use bird and bee floral picks if available to complete your Birds & Bee special. Promote this as something a guy could send to his lady at work!

Kite-Themed Special

– Create a kite by making an ‘X’ with left over stems. Glue diamond-shaped thin paper or fabric, to the tips to create the main part of the kite. For the tail, use thin wire with tiny bows glued to it. Have this kite flying high [Read more…]