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Flower Spotlight: Star of Bethlehem

Many flowers can be used to spruce up a Christmas arrangement, but only the Star of Bethlehem embodies the true meaning of this holiday. Keep reading to learn about the symbolism of this bloom and other fun facts!

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Favorite Flower Arrangement For January

January Flower Arrangement

Can you believe it’s 2012 already? Ring in the new year with Silver Bells — our featured arrangement for January! This beautiful arrangement features flowers in winter colors, accented with unique silver leaves and ornaments.

Everyone’s favorite Gerbera daisies are front and center, reminding us spring is on it’s way! Blue delphiniums really shine when paired with white and silver. Blue flowers are a rare treat, and delphiniums are one of the few naturally blue flowers. Another rare treat featured in this January arrangement, are the uncommon star of Bethlehem flowers. Altogether, Silver Bells shares winter bliss with everyone! [Read more…]

Flower Meanings For Expectant Mothers & New Arrivals

This may sound strange to some, but I recently struggled alongside a friend who was having difficulty conceiving. She and her husband had anticipated children since the early stages of their relationship. However, her age and medical history made it a troublesome ordeal.

"Grace Under Pressure" Pink Roses Bouquet

"Grace Under Pressure" Pink Roses Bouquet

It’s hard to watch a close friend go through something like that. I wanted to help her so we would stay up late talking and praying about the situation. One day she called me in tears because the stress finally became overwhelming. I racked my brain for some way to console her when it finally hit me.

I called up June, my local florist, and discussed an arrangement specifically for my friend. I relied on my guide of flower meanings (I use the FSN flower meanings reference) and found the perfect flowers to express what I wanted to say to her but couldn’t.

Though some of these were out of season, I discussed many flowers with my florist including apple blossom, azalea, peony, Queen Anne’s lace, pink roses, Star of Bethlehem, stephanotis, pink tulips, violets, and yarrow.

I chose apple blossom because it means “promise” and through many nights of prayer we were reminded of the Biblical story of Abraham and Sarah who also struggled with bearing a child. They were promised abundance and were blessed so I wanted apple blossom for encouragement. Azalea means “abundance” so this also seemed fitting of the promise.

I chose the rest of the flowers based on their significance in her life, particularly her struggle with medical issues and a need for peace of mind. The flower meanings of the rest discussed with June are:

  • Peony “Healing”
  • Queen Anne’s Lace “Delicate Femininity”
  • Pink Roses “Friendship”
  • Star of Bethlehem “Hope”
  • Stephanotis “Good Luck”
  • Pink Tulips “Caring”
  • Violets (specifically blue violets)  “Faithfulness”
  • Yarrow “Good Health”

And a year later a child arrived…

The flower bouquet had raised her spirits so much that I decided to send a new baby bouquet when her son was born. I again turned to the flower meanings guide and consulted my local florist, June, about using these flowers: [Read more…]

Know Someone Needing A Dramatic Gift?

They’ll flip when you send them a bouquet featuring lots of amaryllis.

So how did I get from dramatic to amaryllis? Easier than you’d think. The flower meaning of amaryllis is “dramatic”. Now while I wouldn’t recommend sending this to a drama queen as they may get offended and cause a storm of entertaining evenings, this is a really fun gift for someone who has been going through a rough or trying time and needs a pick me up.

The unique flower meaning of amaryllis also makes it easy to recognize that someone has been struggling to have an “even keel” day once in a while. Something always comes up or they never catch a break. I know plenty of people like that, my sweetheart and mother included. Both work their tails off to please and provide for other people with little gratitude in return. If I want them to know what I’m thinking, I’ll make sure amaryllis helps me say it.

Other flowers with special flower meanings that will go well with amaryllis are:

"Melody of Flowers" with Alstroemeria

"Melody of Flowers" with Alstroemeria

  • Pink carnations (gratitude)
  • Black-eyed Susan (encouragement)
  • Cosmos (peaceful)
  • Gardenia (joy)
  • Gladioulus (strength of character)
  • Lisianthus (calming)
  • Pansy (loving thoughts)
  • Star of Bethlehem (hope)
  • Pink tulip (caring)

There are many other flower meanings as you might have imagined. These are just some of the beautiful flowers that represent a special sentiment that will help cheer up your friend or loved one. A sweet card message mentioning their meaning will be a sweet reward for someone very deserving of positive attention. When you contact your local florist for a pick-me-up treat for your friend, ask about using flowers with special meanings for an extra special, meaningful bouquet.